Potassium orotate

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  • Latin name: Potassium orotate
  • ATH code: A05BA
  • Active ingredient: Orotovy acid (Orotic acid)
  • Producer: Pharmstandard of joint stock company (Russia)


Tablets contain orotovy acid (in structure drug it contains in a form of potassium salt).

Release form

It is made in the form of tablets on 0,5 g which are packed on 10 pieces. Also is issued in granules especially for children.

Pharmacological action

Potassium Orotat is nonsteroid anabolic means. In an organism under its influence there is a stimulation of synthesis of nucleic acids, appetite improves. Also the HP makes the diuretic and regenerating impact on an organism. Under the influence of drug portability of cardiac glycosides improves, regenerative and reparative processes become more active, the metabolism is stimulated. Potassium Orotat promotes products of albumine in a liver, and also fixing of magnesium on ATP in a cell. Participates in processes of lipid metabolism and carbohydrates.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

At the use inside in a gastrointestinal tract 10% of a dose are soaked up. In a liver active ingredient is processed into orotidin-5-phosphate. Out of an organism it is brought by kidneys in the form of various metabolites.

Indications to use

Tablets are applied in a complex with other drugs, in particular with cardiotonic means, vitamin complexes, etc. Indications to Potassium use Orotat the following:

  • diseases of a liver and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways which developed owing to organism intoxication (an exception — cirrhosis with ascites);
  • myocardial infarction, myocardium dystrophy, heart failure of chronic character of II and III stages;
  • dystrophy, hypotrophy;
  • anemia;
  • muscular dystrophy in the progressing stage;
  • disturbances of a heart rhythm;
  • regular high exercise stresses.

Also indications to use of medicine are defined at other diseases, in that case when it is necessary to stimulate anabolic processes.


It is impossible to apply medicine at such diseases and states:

Carefully drug is used at a renal failure, and also at pregnancy and feeding of the child by a breast.

Side effects

As a rule, medicine is transferred well, but allergic reactions, in particular a dermatosis in certain cases can be noted. After cancellation drug such effects quickly disappear.

If there is such need, reception of antihistamines is appointed. Also dispepsichesky manifestations can be noted. At Potassium reception Orotat in high doses can develop liver dystrophy. Such phenomenon is characteristic of the people keeping to a low-proteinaceous diet. In that case it is necessary to consult with the specialist.

Application instruction of Orotat Kaliya (Way and dosage)

If to the patient Orotat was appointed Potassium, the application instruction has to carefully them be observed in the course of all course of reception of tablets. It is necessary to accept means inside or in one hour prior to food, or 4 hours later after meal. A dosage for adults — 0.5-1.5 g daily divided into 2-3 receptions. Therapy continues 20-40 days, sometimes treatment lasts even longer.

If there is a need of repeated treatment, after a monthly break the repeated course of therapy is appointed. In an individual order if necessary the daily dose of means can be increased to 3 g.

The application instruction of Orotat Kaliya provides that at treatment of children the dosage is calculated so: 10-20 mg of means a day rely upon 1 kg of body weight of the child. This dose is divided into 2-3 receptions. Treatment has to last from 3 to 5 weeks, in a month in need of it repeat.

Potassium Orotat is often combined with other means. How to accept Inosine and Potassium Orotat, it is necessary to ask the specialist who will appoint the correct scheme surely. Inosine is a metabolic drug which often is accepted with Orotat Kaliya.


The expressed symptoms at overdose of means were not observed, strengthening of side effects is possible.


At a concomitant use of Potassium Orotat reduces toxicity of cardiac glycosides a little and improves portability their organism.

Absorption of drug in a gastrointestinal tract is reduced by the enveloping and knitting drugs, in particular Sukralfat, Algeldrat, De-nol, etc.

At simultaneous use of it of HP and Cyanocobalamine, and also folic acid efficiency of influence of Potassium Orotat increases.

Means worsens assimilation by an organism of iron, sodium of fluoride, tetracycline. In turn, peroral contraceptives, insulin, muscle relaxants, diuretics, GKS reduce efficiency of influence of Potassium Orotat.

Terms of sale

Tablets are implemented according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store potassium drug at a temperature which is not exceeding 25 °C, the place has to be dry and dark.

Period of validity

It is possible to store tablets 4 years.

Special instructions

Means can be applied to treatment throughout a long time.

Potassium Orotat cannot be applied as means to kaliyzameshchayushchy treatment.

Potassium use Orotat practices sport, in particular, there is a lot of information on use Orotat Kaliya in a bodibiling. But doctors nevertheless advise athletes: how to accept drug, it is previously necessary to consult on the specialist.


Similar therapeutic impact on an organism of the patient is exerted by the drugs Orocidum, Potassium orotovokisly, Dioronum, Oropurum. It is not necessary to confuse drug with Orotat Kaltion.


  • Potassium orotat 500 mg No. 10 of a tabletkiavv Rus of joint stock company
  • Potassium orotat 500 mg No. 30 of a tabletkiavv Rus of joint stock company
  • Potassium orotat 500 mg No. 20 of a tabletkiavv Rus of joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Potassium orotat tbl 500 mg No. 20, Sti-Med-Sorb Oaorossiya
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  • Potassium orotat 500 mg No. 10 of the tab. Lubnyfarm (Ukraine)
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