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  • Latin name: Calpol
  • ATH code: N02BE01
  • Active ingredient: Paracetamol (Paracetamol)
  • Producer: "Glakso Vellk GMBH and To" (Germany)


In 5 ml of suspension of paracetamol of 120 mg. Sugar syrup, glycerin, sorbite, gum, crimson, methylhydroxybenzoate, fragrance, water as auxiliary ingredients.

Release form

Suspension on 70 and 100 ml in a bottle, is applied a measured spoon.

Pharmacological action

Analgetic, antipyretic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Paracetamol renders the febrifugal and not expressed analgeziruyushchy action. Active ingredient practically does not influence production of prostaglandins in fabrics on the periphery, the gastrointestinal tract and a water salt metabolism does not exert a negative impact on mucous.


It is rather fully soaked up, the maximum concentration of active agent in blood is defined in 30-60 minutes. It is metabolized in a liver. At children of 3-10 years the metabolite paracetamol sulfate is formed, and teenagers have 12 years — the conjugated glucuronide. These metabolites block enzymes of hepatocytes if children have a lack of glutathione and can cause a necrosis of cells of a liver. A drug elimination half-life — 1,5-2,5 hours. During the day with urine about 95% are excreted. Speed of elimination of paracetamol does not depend on age.

Indications to use

  • the postvaccinal reactions, acute respiratory diseases which are followed by a hyperthermia;
  • pain syndrome of weak intensity (head and dentagra, miozita, posttraumatic pains).


  • children till 1 month;
  • functional disturbances of kidneys/liver;
  • hypersensitivity.

Side effects

Children's Kalpol, application instruction (Way and dosage)

How to accept drug?

Syrup Kalpol (suspension) is appointed to children from 3 months to 6 flyings. Apply inside, washing down with water, 1 hour later after food, 3-4 times a day. Suspension should not be dissolved. Apply a measured spoon to the accuracy of dosing. Kalpol's dosage according to age: 3 months — 1 year — 2,5-5 ml, 1 year — 6 years — 5-10 ml. For the purpose of decrease in temperature to accept no more than 3 days and till 5 days as anesthetic. Further reception is coordinated with the doctor.


Overdose is shown by perspiration, pallor, stomach aches, nausea. In several days pains in a liver, disturbance of its function are noted. In hard cases — a liver failure, encephalopathy and a coma.

The gastric lavage is recommended, enterosorbents, methionine reception inside and introduction of N-Acetylcysteinum are appointed (antidote).


The risk of a hepatotoxic action at reception of barbiturates, antidepressants, Phenytoinum, alcohol, phenylbutazone and rifampicin increases. Nephrotoxic action at joint reception with salicylates increases. Paracetamol increases toxicity of chloramphenicol, strengthens effect of anticoagulants and reduces effects of uricosuric means.

To avoid use together with other paratsetamolsoderzhashchy drugs.

Terms of sale

It is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature is up to 20 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.


Acetaminophenum, Taylenol, Panadolum of the Baby, Infantas, Prokhodol.

About Kalpole

At the choice of an antipyretic for the child its safety and convenience of use is always considered. Means of the choice are drugs with active agent paracetamol, for example, Kalpol for children. It possesses the central febrifugal action, unlike other NPVS does not cause side effects from a stomach.

Kalpol's use causes decrease in temperature in 1 hour and 3–4 hours last. More for a long time paracetamol in candles works (Tsefekon-P is issued under the name). According to many parents who gave to the child Kalpol children's, drug not really effective, besides often causes allergic reactions. Most likely, reaction at children to excipients.

  • "… In general, not bad, but it is insufficiently effective at high temperature!!!".
  • "… There was a terrible allergy though the child not the allergic person".
  • "… Ambiguous drug. If temperature after an inoculation reduces well. If the disease, then not really reduces and for a while".
  • "… For couple of days I to the child reduce temperature. The truth we combine Kalpol-sirop and candles Efferalgan for the night".


  • Kalpol suspension for children of 100 ml
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