Calcii chloridum

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  • Latin name: Calcii chloridum
  • ATH code: B05XA07
  • Active ingredient: Calcii chloridum (Calcium chloride)
  • Producer: Moscow chemical pharmaceuticals of N. A. Semashko, Dalkhimfarm, Novosibkhimfarm, Synthesis of joint stock company, Pharmstandard-UFAVITA, the Biochemist, the Armavir biofactory, Ozone of Ltd company (Russia), Sishui Xierkang Pharmaceutical Co. (China)


One ampoule of 5 ml contains 500 mg of Calcii chloridum, and also water for and as an excipient.

Release form

Injection solution. In ampoules of 5 and 10 ml, on 10 ampoules in boxes.

Pharmacological action

Drug renders antiinflammatory, disintoxication, antiallergic, haemo static action, promotes decrease in permeability of capillaries.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Calcium chloride — what is it?

What is calcium chloride, Wikipedia answers a question that this medicine which is applied to treatment of a hypocalcemia in conditions which demand fast increase of level of calcium in blood.

Substance represents calcic salt of hydrochloric (chlorohydrogen) acid. Its formula — CaCl2. A crystal lattice of calcium chloride — ionic.


Drug promotes completion of deficit of Ca2+ without which process of transfer of nervous impulses cannot normally be carried out, muscles cannot normally be reduced (smooth and skeletal), activity of a myocardium, blood coagulation process, forming of a bone tissue is broken.

Effect of calcium chloride is also directed to prevention of development of inflammatory reactions, decrease in permeability of cells and walls of vessels, increase of ability of an organism to resist to infections. Besides, drug considerably strengthens phagocytosis (in particular if it decreases after reception of chloride sodium).

The calcium chloride entered intravenously is stimulated by sympathetic department VNS (vegetative nervous system), has moderate diuretic effect, strengthens release of adrenaline adrenal glands.


About 20-30% of the solution accepted inside are absorbed in a small intestine; speed of absorption depends on pH, features of a diet, presence of vitamin D and existence of factors which are capable to connect Ca2+.

Absorption increases at deficit of Ca in an organism, and also when using a diet with the reduced maintenance of Ca2+.

In plasma about a half of the accepted dose (about 45%) is in the state connected with proteins. About 20% of substance are removed with urine, other 80% — with intestines contents.

Indications to use

10% appoint solution of calcium chloride at:

  • hypocalcemias;
  • states at which the organism feels the increased need for Sa (the period of intensive growth of an organism, pregnancy, feeding by a breast);
  • the states caused by insufficient receipt of Sa with food;
  • disturbances of an exchange of Sa (including in the period of a postmenopause);
  • bleedings of various localization and etiology;
  • states which are followed by the increased removal of Sa (secondary hypocalcemia, chronic diarrhea, etc.);
  • allergic diseases and the allergic complications connected with drug intake;
  • hypoparathyrosis;
  • dystrophic alimentary hypostases;
  • tetanies;
  • spasmophilias;
  • lead colicas;
  • hepatitis (toxic and parenchymatous);
  • diseases Gamstorp;
  • rickets;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • osteomalacy;
  • nephrite;
  • poisoning with Mg salts, fluoric and oxalic acids;
  • eclampsias;
  • weaknesses of patrimonial activity.


Use of calcium chloride is contraindicated at a hypercalcemia, tendency to fibrinferments, atherosclerosis, intolerance of drug.

Side effects

Side effects of Calcii chloridum for intake:

  • heartburn;
  • nausea and/or vomiting;
  • pain in epigastriums;
  • gastritis.

The hot prick of Calcii chloridum causes feeling of heat, bradycardia, a hyperemia of the person. At too fast administration of drug in a vein fibrillation of ventricles of heart is possible. Local reactions are expressed as a hyperemia and pain on the vein course.

Calcii chloridum, application instruction

According to the application instruction, Calcii chloridum intravenously should be entered jet (very slowly!) or drop (on 6 kap. / min.) way. Also administration of drug by means of an electrophoresis is allowed.

At drop injection of solution the single dose of drug (5-10 ml) should be parted in 100-200 ml of NaCl solution 0,9% (solution of glucose of 5%). At a jet way of introduction to the patient within 3-5 minutes enter 5 ml of calcium chloride.

Duration of a course is caused by character of a disease and expressiveness of its symptoms, and also the reached therapeutic effect.

The daily dose is selected depending on age of the patient: the adult appoint 5-10 ml/days, to children about one year on 0,5 ml/days, 1-3 years — on 1-2 ml/days, 4-6 years — 2-3 ml/days, 7-12 years — 3-5 ml/days. It is necessary to enter medicine fractionally 3-4 rubles/days.

Normal reaction on administration of solution in a vein is the feeling of heat in an oral cavity, and then and in all body.

Inside calcium chloride is accepted in the form of 5-10% solution 2 or 3 of ruble/days. To the adult appoint to one reception 10-15 ml, to the child — 5-10 ml.

Use of solution at an allergy

Deficit of calcium in an organism leads to serious violations of exchange processes and strengthening of allergic reactions.

The condition of vessels and their permeability directly depends on concentration of this microelement: the more in calcium blood, the less pronitsayema vessels, and it in turn interferes with hit of the substances capable to cause allergic reaction, in a blood stream and to their distribution on all organism.

First of all calcium drugs at an allergy are useful to children. It is explained by the fact that the organism of the child spends a huge amount of calcium for growth and forming of bone tissues. As the result, level of this microelement in all other bodies can be reduced.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to cure an allergy only by means of calcium drugs. As a rule, chloride, a gluconate or glycerophosphate of calcium are appointed in a complex with other means.

Use in cosmetology

In cosmetology very popular and effective procedure for face peel and rejuvenation of skin is the peeling with calcium chloride.

Will be necessary an ampoule with drug for its carrying out, children's soap (without dyes and fragrances) and wadded disks.

Solution is poured out in separate capacity and by means of a wadded disk applied (avoiding zones around a mouth of eyes) on previously cleared of cosmetics and day pollution, dry face skin. When means dries, procedure is repeated. Thus it is necessary to put from 3 to 8 layers of Calcium chloratum.

After drying of the last layer it is necessary to soap a wadded disk and over all layers to put on a face on massage lines soapsuds.

Important! Contact of Calcii chloridum with soapsuds has to happen on skin.

Foam continues to be rubbed until on a face pellets do not begin to be formed and the feeling of a poskripyvaniye of skin will not appear. The final stages of a peeling — washing by warm water, a face pack and drawing the moistening means.

The mask is done on the basis of the grass broth (is possible to use broths of a sage, a camomile, a calendula or mint) pounded to a pyureobrazny condition of banana and oat flakes of a fine crushing.

Skin after the rolls procedure dehydrated and inflamed, and such mask well calms her and removes an inflammation. For strengthening of antiinflammatory properties of structure it is possible to add 3-5 drops of oil of a tea tree to it. It is possible to dry skin a little, having added a small amount of children's powder to a mask.

The mask is left on skin for 5-10 minutes (it should not dry up). After the structure will be washed away, put the soft moisturizing cream on a face.

Frequency of use of Calcii chloridum for the person depends on skin type. Women with dry skin are recommended to repeat procedure not more often than 1 time in 1,5-2 months. If skin belongs to normal type, "roll" can be done every month. If skin is inclined to fat content, procedure can be carried out and every 2 week.

Most of women leave very good About a peeling with calcium chloride, claiming that at the cheap cost of drug procedure yields just stunning result: skin is cleared of black points and for a long time gains dullness, its relief is considerably leveled, and a time is pulled together.

Nevertheless, there are also those whom drug, to put it mildly, disappointed: someone did not see noticeable improvements, and for someone procedure ended even with the address to the doctor.

Cosmetologists speak of "roll" Calcium chloratum well. But warn that it is necessary to carry out procedure carefully. If skin dry, drug has to be applied on the crude skin and over a layer of vegetable oil and cosmetic soap: in the beginning the person is oiled, then apply soapsuds and only then solution on it (drug can be applied with the massage movements by finger-tips).

And, of course, before starting experiments, it is necessary to check skin for sensitivity to drug.


At overdose are possible:

  • strengthening of side effects;
  • tachycardia;
  • oppression of cordial activity.

Treatment: symptomatic.


Drug is appointed in a complex with antiallergenic means.

Solution should not be applied along with tetracyclines.

Reduces action of blockers of calcium channels in case of use in a complex with them. Simultaneous use with quinidine can provoke delay of intra ventricular conductivity and increases probability of development of toxic effects of quinidine.

Because of a possibility of strengthening of cardiotoxic action during treatment cardiac glycosides do not recommend to enter calcium chloride solution parenterally.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Ampoules with solution have to be stored at a temperature of 15-15 °C.

Period of validity

Five years.

Special instructions

Drug is not intended for introduction to a muscle or under skin. Five-percent and more strong solutions of calcium chloride render a strong irritant action and are capable to provoke a necrosis of fabrics.

At introduction to a vein there is a feeling of heat (arising in an oral cavity, it gradually extends on all body). Earlier this effect was used at determination of speed of a blood-groove. In such a way registered time between the moment of introduction to a vein of Calcii chloridum and emergence of feeling of heat.

Cottage cheese from milk and calcium chloride

To prepare cottage cheese, milk (200 ml) within two minutes is heated in the microwave oven, and then mixed from 50 ml of solution of Calcium chloratum and again sent to the furnace for 30 seconds. At the same time it is necessary to watch that milk did not escape!

From ready cottage cheese it is necessary to merge serum.

Such product is recommended to be given to children with weak bones and to the children having rickets.


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  • Calcii chloridum of 10% solution for injections of 10 ml No. 10 of an ampoule (MHFP) of Moskhimfarmpreparata to them N. A. Semashko of joint stock company
  • Calcii chloridum of 10% solution for injections of 5 ml No. 10 ampulydalkhimfarm joint stock company
  • Calcii chloridum of 10% solution for injections of 10 ml No. 10 ampulymikrogen NPO Federal State Unitary Enterprise (Immunopreparat) Ufa

Drugstore of IFC

  • Calcii chloridum solution for in 10% 10 ml No. 10, the Slavic drugstore of Ltd company (г.Москва) Russia
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  • Calcium hloridgalichfarm (Ukraine, Lviv)
  • Calcium of hloriddarniyets (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Calcium hloridgalichfarm (Ukraine, Lviv)


  • Calcii chloridum of 10%/5 ml No. 10 solution for in.amp. Darnitsa (Ukraine)
  • Calcii chloridum of 10%/5 ml No. 5 solution for in.amp.
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