Calcium Pantothenate

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  • Latin name: Calcii pantothenas
  • ATH code: A11HA31
  • Active ingredient: Calcium pantothenate (Calcium pantothenate)
  • Producer: OUCH XI HAN Oktyabr, Belgorodvitamina, HFK Quinacrine, Pharmstandard October (Russia)


Calcium pantothenate is a part of drug.

Release form

Medicine is on sale in the form of white, soluble powder, ampoules in water with 10% solution, tablets and ampoules with 20% solution.

Pharmacological action

Drug regulates calcium - a phosphorus exchange.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This means is quite often designated as B5 Vitamin or Pantothenic acid what is it and why it is necessary, it is necessary to know for understanding of the principle of effect of drug. This substance is very widespread in the nature. For example, pantothenic acid in products very often meets, the liver, an egg yolk, peas, kidneys, fish calves, yeast are rich with it.

In an organism it is in composition of coenzyme of the acetylation exerting impact on processes of acetylation and oxidation. In addition, pantothenic acid (B5 vitamin) takes part in exchange processes and synthesis of acetylcholine. In a significant amount it is in bark of adrenal glands and activates formation of corticosteroids.

Daily need of an organism for pantothenic acid about 11 mg. At considerable exercise stresses, and also during breastfeeding need for it increases to 20 mg. In an organism it is developed by colibacillus therefore it is not obligatory to consume products where pantothenic acid contains, avitaminosis because of its shortcoming is not observed.

As medicine use calcic salt of pantothenic acid. It turns out in the synthetic way. Drugs of pantothenic acid are used at various morbid conditions which are connected with disturbances of a metabolism.

Indications to use

Use of this means at polyneurites, paresthesias, eczemas, neuralgia, photodermatoses, a lupus erythematosus is shown. Besides, it can be appointed at katara of upper respiratory tracts, various allergic reactions, trophic ulcers, burns, toxicoses of pregnant women, bronchial asthma, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, pink herpes, bronchitis, an intestines atony after surgical interventions, poisoning with streptomycin or drugs of arsenic. Recently the given means is also included in complex therapy of an abstinence syndrome at treatment of alcoholism.

To define for what Pantothenic acid can be used in each case, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.


It is contraindicated to apply medicine at hemophilia and an atony which is provoked by insufficiency of potassium ions or mechanical intestinal obstruction.

Side effects

The following side effects are possible: nausea, azotemia, vomiting, heartburn, allergy. In case of intramuscular pricks there can be unpleasant feelings in an injection site and emergence of infiltrate (in isolated cases). But usually this means is well transferred by most of patients. At emergence of complications drug is cancelled.

Application instruction of Calcium of Pantothenate (Way and dosage)

Pantothenic acid is entered intramusculary or intravenously.

The dosage in 0,1-0,2 g is shown to adult patients. Injections do 2-4 times every day. Children 1-3 years for once can enter 0,005–0,1 g of medicine, from 3 to 14 years – enter 0,1–0,2 g. Injections do daily 2 times.

For treatment of dermatological diseases drug is used in a daily dosage 1,5 g for adult patients and 0,2-0,6 g for children by 2-3 times daily.

In case of an intestines atony after surgical interventions each 6 hours to adult patients enter 0,3 g. Depending on features of a disease therapy can last about two months.

The application instruction of Calcium of Pantothenate parenterally reports that adult patients should enter it 1-2 times daily in a dosage of 0,2-0,4 g. Aged till 3 flyings the single dose in 0,05-0,1 g is shown, and to children from 3 to 14 years medicine is entered by 1-2 times/days in a dosage of 0,1-0,2 g.

If necessary drugs of pantothenic acid throughout all course of therapy accept to correct side reactions of antitubercular HP.

In case of an abstinence syndrome at the people suffering from alcoholism about 0,5 g of 10% solution in day in oil or in / are entered century. And at alcoholic deliriums solution of 10% is applied. A dosage – 1 g. The course of use is expected 10 days.

Solution with medicine can be also used in the form of aerosols. It is done in case of diseases of bodies of respiratory system. Then dissolve 0,2 g of medicine on 5 ml of water and receive 4% solution. It is inhaled for 10-15 minutes every day. The course of use is expected 7-8 days.


Data on overdose are not provided.


This means cannot be used earlier, than in 12 hours after applied Prozerin and Dithylinum.

Calcium Pantothenate improves power ensuring sokratitelny function of a myocardium and therapeutic effect of cardiac glycosides. Besides, it reduces toxic influence of aminoglycosides, streptocides, drugs with arsenic and antibiotics of a streptomitsinovy row.

Terms of sale

Medicine can be on sale in drugstores without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to keep Calcium Pantothenate in the dry and protected from the sun place.

Period of validity

It is necessary to store this means not longer than 1 year. It is impossible to use it after this term.

Analogs of Calcium of Pantothenate

Analogs of Calcium of Pantothenate are very eurysynusic, but any of them should not be replaced independently, without consultation with the specialist.

The known analogs of Calcium of Pantothenate – Aminalonum, Neuronorms, Noobut, Noozam, Noofen and Vazavital. These drugs are appointed at various diseases of a nervous system. Besides, also such analogs as Olatropil, Pantogamum, Pikamilon, Semaks, Fenotropil, Tseregin, Evrizam, Omaron, Pantokaltsin, Pramistar, Fezam, Tseregin, Evrizam and so forth are popular.

About Pantothenic acid

As a rule, About Pantothenic acid positive. Patients with different diagnoses well speak of this means. Among the negative moments some of them note only emergence of undesirable reactions. In this case usually tell about emergence of an azotemia, nausea, vomiting and heartburn. Only in rare instances patients complain of pains in an injection site.

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