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  • Latin name: Candibene
  • ATH code: D01AC01
  • Active ingredient: Clotrimazolum (Clotrimazole)
  • Producer: Ratiopharm (Germany)


B1 of of cream of Clotrimazolum of 0,01 g. Sorbitan monostearate, spermaceti, polysorbate, benzyl alcohol, cetyl stearyl alcohol, water as auxiliary components.

In 1 tablet of Clotrimazolum of 0,1 g or 0,2 g. Corn starch, lactoses monohydrate, sodium bicarbonate, adipic acid, aerosil, kopovidon, polysorbate, magnesium stearate as auxiliary components.

Release form

External use cream in a tuba of 30 g.

Solution of 1% for external use in a bottle of 40 ml.

Tablets vaginal 100 mg and 200 mg.

Pharmacological action

Antifungal, antibacterial, fungicidal.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Clotrimazolum — anti-mycotic drug derivative an imidazole. Action is connected with disturbance of synthesis important mushroom cell membrane ergosterol. As a result permeability of a membrane changes that causes a mushroom cell lysis. Besides, Clotrimazolum causes increase of concentration of peroxide of hydrogen in a cell of mushrooms to toxic level. Has a broad spectrum of activity.

In low concentration has a fungistasis, and at their increase — fungicidal. Exerts impact on dermatophytes, drozhzhepodobny fungi, erythrasmas, causative agents of a chromophytosis. Has antimicrobic effect — streptococci, Gardnerella vaginalis), trichomonads are sensitive to it staphylococcus.


Active ingredient at topical administration (cream) is badly soaked up therefore does not exert system impact. Concentration in deep layers of skin is much higher, than in hypodermic cellulose. At intravaginalny use (tablet) only 3–10% of a dose are absorbed. High concentration in a secret of a vagina remain 50 - 70 hours.

It is metabolized in a liver.

Indications to use

Kandibene's cream:

  • candidiasis of skin and nails;
  • mycoses of skin folds;
  • chromophytosis;
  • erythrasma of feet;
  • mycoses;
  • pyoderma against mycoses.

Vaginal tablets:

  • trichomoniasis;
  • genital superinfections;
  • candidosis vulvovaginitis;
  • sanitation before childbirth.


Hypersensitivity and the I trimester of pregnancy (for cream).

Side effects

At cream use:

At use of tablets:

  • itch;
  • burning in a vagina.

Kandibene, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Cream is applied only outwardly, it is applied by 2-3 times a day on the dry and cleared skin sites, slightly rub. Duration of treatment depends on localization of defeats and disease severity. The course of treatment of dermatomycoses makes 4 weeks, a chromophytosis — from 1 to 3 weeks. Fungus diseases of skin of the lower extremities it is necessary to treat 2 more weeks after disappearance of symptoms.

Drawing on skin in eyes is not recommended. At emergence of irritation treatment is cancelled. At patients with a liver failure it is necessary to control function of a liver. At treatment of onychomycoses it is more preferable to use solution as it has the best getting properties. There is no form Kandibene's ointment if you need this form of release, then it is possible to use 1% ointment Clotrimazolum (Vertexum, Russia).

Kandibene's tablets are intended only for intravaginalny use, enter them in the evening in a dorsal decubitus by means of the applicator. Use of vaginal tablets is not contraindicated at pregnancy. Pregnant women can administer the drug without applicator. The course of daily introductions is expected 6 days if tablets on 100 mg are applied. In case of Kandibene's use the 200th treatment is limited 3 days.

A repeated course is conducted according to the recommendation of the doctor. For the purpose of sanitation of patrimonial ways of rather single introduction. During periods treatment is not carried out as menstrual allocations reduce effect of drug. In parallel carry out treatment of the partner for prevention of a reinfitsirovaniye of the woman. The form of a candle of Kandibene does not exist, it is possible to use candles Clotrimazolum of 100 mg (Farmaprim, the Republic of Moldova).


Topical administration of drug even in the doses exceeding recommended does not cause overdose. At accidental administration of drug nausea, anorexia, vomiting, a stomach ache, drowsiness, allergic reactions inside develop. Treatment consists in reception of sorbents. The specific antidote does not exist.


Nystatin, Amphotericinum In and natamitsin reduce efficiency of Clotrimazolum.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature is up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

Cream 4 years.

Vaginal tablets of 5 years.


Kanesten, Amiklon, Kanizon, Candide, Imidil, Funginal, Kandizol, Clotrimazolum Acre, Klotrisal.

About Kandibena

About drug inconsistent — helps someone at the milkwoman, someone considers it as useless drug. Manifestation of the milkwoman is often noted during pregnancy that finds reflection in responses.

  • "… I have 4th time for pregnancy the milkwoman, treated Kandibene's tablets".
  • "… Used candles pimafutsin, but for a while helped me. Already in maternity hospital appointed Kandibene — in my case these tablets were much more effective".
  • "… Having tried a set of tablets and candles from the milkwoman, drew a conclusion that is more effective than all Kandibene 200. It is pleasant that it is tablets and they do not follow as candles".
  • "… Could not apply vaginal tablets as every time there was a terrible burning".
  • "… Used this drug, but helped at the milkwoman only for one and a half months".

Decrease in efficiency is connected it with the fact that Clotrimazolum is traditional drug for treatment of this disease, decades is applied in obstetric and gynecologic practice and to it decrease in sensitivity of the activator is noted. Besides, the combined infection caused by mushrooms and bacteria is quite often noted, in such cases complex drugs — Makmiror a complex, Neo-penotran and Klionum D are more effective (a combination with metronidazole).

Good results were shown by Kandibene's cream at treatment from mycosis of feet without damage of nails, and also a fungal intertrigo at children.


  • Kandibenemerckle (Germany)
  • Kandibenemerckle (Germany)


  • Kandibene of the tab. of levers. 100 mg No. 6merkle
  • Kandibene of the tab. of levers. 100 mg No. 6merkle


  • Kandibene of 200 mg No. 3 of the tab. of levers. HONEY Manufakchering Gmbh (Germany)
  • Kandibene of 1% 30 g cream in tubemerckle (Germany)
  • Kandibene of 100 mg No. 6 of the tab. of levers. HONEY Manufakchering Gmbh (Germany)
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