Practically each woman, unfortunately, knows about such disease as candidiasis. It visually illustrates its prevalence. Actually the disease which is known more often under the name the milkwoman is beyond diseases of a reproductive system and can pass both in a respiratory organs, and in a digestive tract.

Candida mushrooms act as a source of an illness, as gave an origin to the name of an illness. It is quite various sort of drozhzhepodobny mushrooms in which there are over ten versions.

At the healthy woman these mushrooms are present at a certain quantity not only at a vagina, but also at flora of intestines and an oral cavity. However under favorable conditions these mushrooms can actively breed in the course of what other components of flora are forced out.

The most widespread factor promoting reproduction of mushrooms is the low level of immunity. There are also other reasons of candidiasis of which it will be a question further, but all of them directly or indirectly lower ability of an organism to counteract various diseases.

It is considered that candidiasis (and the milkwoman as its special case) rather safe diseases. The main negative impact consists in the unpleasant feelings accompanying development of mushrooms. The itch, curdled allocations, an urodynia and other symptoms of the milkwoman influence private life of the woman, sometimes making impossible the sexual relations.

Separately we pay attention that the mentioned signs can indicate more serious problems with health which bear deadly threat. HIV infection which on an initial time can prove as candidiasis can be an example.

Further we will in detail consider the most common form of a disease, that is the milkwoman. Most often understand a disease of external mucous generative organs as this term.

Milkwoman's symptoms

Before we begin to speak about symptoms of a disease, we will note that the milkwoman's symptoms at men and women differ. Very often on ignorance treatment of candidiasis is made only by the woman while both partners can be carriers of a fungal infection. At such one-sided treatment its efficiency significantly decreases, and it takes place only for administration of drugs.

Haraterny line which is proved by the milkwoman at women are curdled allocations of white color. They can be various consistence and the sizes, but their first emergence from a vagina demonstrates reproduction of mushrooms.

Less characteristic, but the same constant satellite of a disease at both floors is the itch. Women can have it continuous and intolerable therefore the patient constantly combs outside part of generative organs that not seldom comes to an end with injuries of a mucous vulva of varying severity.

One more general sign is pain during copulation or at an urination. These symptoms of the milkwoman not obligatory, that is the illness can pass also in absence of any pains in generative organs. Especially it concerns a chronic form (disease duration over two months).

As for individual signs, at women candidiasis is shown by an unpleasant sourish smell, and at men a white plaque, rashes or reddening of a balanus.

Reasons of a kandizoz

КандидозRange of possible factors which promote reproduction of mushrooms of Candida, quite wide. But all of them, are generally brought together to decrease in protective forces of an organism. And here we will list factors which can cause this decrease further.

It is known that candidiasis can develop as a side effect at reception of some medical supplies (it is about a number of antibiotics and hormonal medicines). Immunity can suffer during the corresponding diseases, HIV is basic of which.

Can lead hygiene violation of the rules, carrying underwear of the wrong size or poor quality, unfavorable conditions of environment to local development of the milkwoman. The milkwoman is a "professional" disease of women who work in rooms with the warm and wet environment.

To development of mushrooms can serve disturbance of bacterial structure of flora of intestines or vagina which causes dysbacteriosis. The hormonal changes reducing protective forces of an organism can be a consequence of pregnancy.

Diagnosis of the milkwoman

Performing inspection of the patient, the doctor first of all pays attention to whether characteristic symptoms of the milkwoman are shown. For this purpose visually existence of white allocations and a grayish plaque on mucous vaginas is defined. Existence of an itch steadily leads to raschesa, damages and grazes which are found at visual survey in the gynecologist.

Modern diagnosis of the milkwoman is based also on results of laboratory researches of the smear taken from a vagina. Candidiasis is first of all a fungus therefore microscopic examination is directed to identification of a mycelium of a fungus. If the fungus really actively breeds, its detection does not require no special exact methods of identification of separate organisms.

Diagnosis of the milkwoman can become simpler considerably thanks to full and authentic testimonies of the patient. In detail describe to the specialist all complaints, and ask for the qualified help at the first symptoms.

Treatment of candidiasis

КандидозIn order that treatment of candidiasis was effective, it is necessary to remember about the major factors promoting proliferation of mushrooms of Candida. These reasons should be minimized in every possible way.

If the milkwoman arose owing to other illnesses, then and treatment of candidiasis needs to be begun with disposal of these diseases, whether it be sexually transmitted infections or problems with immunity. It is obligatory before choosing specific drugs, the specialist has to take crops which allow to define a specific kind of mushrooms.

On the basis of results of the conducted researches the specific type of treatment and drugs is chosen. Treatment of the milkwoman has to be both the general and local. The general includes administration of drugs, suppressing microflora mucous therefore the speed of reproduction of mushrooms decreases. Is among such drugs diflazon, a mikosist and other.

In parallel with the general topical treatment of candidiasis is carried out by candles and ointments. Sometimes, at initial stages, use of local methods is sufficient for full treatment. At more started stages its efficiency increases thanks to reception of the medicines stated above.

In end we will note several features. First, both partners have to accept drugs for the general treatment even if symptoms of the milkwoman are found only in one of them. Secondly, the general treatment influences all microflora of a vagina, breaking its normal structure. Therefore in parallel on doctor's orders it is necessary to accept the drugs recovering it also.

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