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Antifungal medicine. It is active concerning activators of an erythrasma, a chromophytosis. The operating component makes fungicidal impact in high concentration, and fungistatic – in small. The mechanism of action is based on decrease in production of ergosterol which is a structural main cellular membrane of a microorganism. Active agent is one of imidazole derivatives. Clotrimazolum can be applied outwardly and intravaginalno (local influence). In high concentration active ingredient enters interaction with peroksidazny substances and mitochondrial enzymes, increasing concentration of peroxide of hydrogen to the most toxic indicators for fungal cells. Medicine influences gram-positive flora, gram-negative bacteria, mushrooms (barmy, mold), pathogenic dermatophytes. Kandizol is issued in the form of cream (vaginal and for external use), solution, tablets (vaginal forms), powder.


Kandizol ointment is appointed at a dermatofitiya, a microsporia, an erythrasma, mycoses, candidiases, an epidermophitia, a trichophytosis, multi-colored herpes, dermatomycoses, balanites, a chromophytosis, at a fungal paronychia and an erosion of interdigital intervals. Kandizol capsules enter intravaginalno at trichomoniasis, a vulvovaginitis, a candidosis vulvitis. The medicine is appointed before delivery for sanitation of patrimonial ways of the woman.


Clotrimazolum is not appointed in the first trimester of pregnancy, at individual hypersensitivity to the operating components. When feeding by a breast Clotrimazolum a medicine is applied with care, estimating risks. Kandizol is not recommended to enter tablets at periods.

Side effect:

Kandizol ointment at intravaginalny introduction can cause a burning sensation. Erythematic reactions, paresthesias, a peeling of integuments, puffiness, blisters are seldom observed. Against treatment by Clotrimazolum frequent desires on an urination, allocations from a vagina, cystitis (an intercurrent form), a gastralgia, headaches, pains are possible at sexual contact, a burning sensation in the field of a generative organ at the partner.

Route of administration:

Solution, ointment, cream and lotion apply on skin with a thin layer 2-3 times a day. Drug can be rubbed easy roundabouts. Of the size of a palm apply 10-20 drops of solution of Clotrimazolum on sites or 5 mm of a column of cream from a tube. Duration of antifungal therapy – 1 month. The application instruction of Kandizol recommends to continue treatment within 14 days after disappearance of signs of a fungus disease. Therapy multi-colored depriving takes about 3 weeks, erythrasmas – 30 days. Before drawing a medicine integuments are carefully washed with warm water (better in soap solution), wiped a towel, paying special attention to intervals between fingers. Treatment of fungus diseases of skin of legs is continued by 2-3 more weeks after achievement of therapeutic effect. Kandizol capsules enter 5 grams once a day intravaginalno, deeply. The course is expected 3 days. Before delivery for sanitation of patrimonial ways of 1 times enter 1 tablet of Clotrimazolum. Treatment of an urethritis: sixfold instillation in an urethra of solution of concentration of 1% with an interval of 24 hours. Kandizol tablets at a candidosis vulvitis enter 1 time in a dose of 500 mg, or on 200 mg within three days. Treatment of a balanitis and vulvitis of a fungal origin has to include surely processing of external genitals strong solution, cream. The price of Kandizol depends on a release form (100-200 rubles).

Special instructions:

To patients with pathology of hepatic system conduct a biochemical blood analysis (showed ALT, nuclear Heating Plant enzymes). Prevention of a reinfitsirovaniye is reached by simultaneous therapy of sexual partners. Use of vaginal applicators at pregnancy is not recommended. It is necessary to protect mucous membranes of eyes when drawing Clotrimazolum. It is not necessary to put occlusive bandages. Antifungal therapy is stopped at emergence of irritation or the allergic answer. In the absence of positive dynamics within 30 days carrying out additional diagnostic methods for identification of the activator is recommended. Treatment of trichomoniasis includes oral administration of metronidazole.

Medicinal interaction:

Kandizol's efficiency decreases at treatment by nystatin, Amphotericinum In and natamitsiny.

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