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  • Latin name: Canesten
  • ATH code: D01AC01
  • Active ingredient: Clotrimazolum (Clotrimazole)
  • Producer: Kern Pharma S.L. (Spain), Troponwerke (Germany)


100 grams of the cream applied outwardly contain 1 g of Clotrimazolum and such auxiliary additional substances as benzyl and cetostearyl alcohol, cetyl palmitate, octyllauryl alcohol, sorbitan stearate polysorbate 60, the purified distilled water.

One vaginal tablet can contain 100 mg, 200 mg or 500 mg of Clotrimazolum. Are auxiliary: calcium lactate, krospovidon, MKTs, lactic acid, gipromeloza, monohydrate of lactose, magnesium stearate, anhydrous colloid silicon dioxide, corn starch.

Release form

Cream Kanesten is issued in tubas weighing 20 g which are sealed in cardboard packagings.

Vaginal tablets Kanesten are issued in the blister packagings made of a foil on 1,3,6 pieces. Drug is completed with the applicator for intravaginalny introduction and sealed in cardboard boxes.

Pharmacological action

Antifungal broad-spectrum agent.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The mechanism of anti-mycotic influence of Clotrimazolum is connected with ergosterol secretion oppression that causes structural and functional disturbances of cytoplasmic membranes. Drug possesses fungistatic and fungicidal activity.

Thanks to a wide range of anti-mycotic influence drug affects both dermatophytes, and mold, barmy and dimorphous mushrooms. The minimum inhibiting concentration — 0,062-8,0 mkg on 1 ml of substrate. In addition to anti-mycotic activity at concentration of 0,5-10 mkg on 1 ml of substrate influence on gram-positive microorganisms, including streptococci, staphylococcus, and also gram-negative microorganisms is noted (Gardnerella vaginalis, Bacteroids).


As a result of researches it was established that absorption of Clotrimazolum insignificant and fluctuates from 2 to 10 percent from the used dose. Peak of plasma concentration of active ingredient less than 10 ng/ml that gives very low probability of system side reactions.

At intravaginalny use of tablets

System absorption makes no more than 10%. The metabolism occurs to inactive derivatives which are brought out of an organism. The peak of concentration of plasma Clotrimazolum does not reach the minimum border for its definition (less than 10 ng/ml) and does not cause systemic action.

Indications to use

  • the fungal infections of mucous membranes and skin associated with dermatophytes, mold, barmy mushrooms, and the other activators sensitive to Clotrimazolum;
  • the skin infections caused by Malassezia furfur and Corynebacterium minutissimum for treatment multi-colored depriving also of an erythrasma respectively;
  • candidosis vulvitis (at women), a candidosis balanitis (at men);
  • use of candles in a dose of 100 mg is effective for sanitation of patrimonial ways at identification of sensitive activators on late durations of gestation.


The established hypersensitivity to drug components.

To use with care:

  • in the first trimester of pregnancy and when feeding by a breast.

Side effects

Undesirable effects of an organism in general are shown in the form of allergic reactions and pain, local manifestations are rash and an itch of integuments.

Use of vaginal tablets can cause undesirable effects from reproductive system which are shown in the form of discomfort, burning, an itch, puffiness, a hyperemia of a vagina and external generative organs, and also in rare instances — abdominal pains.

Kanesten, application instruction (way and dosage)

Cream is applied outwardly, applying with a thin layer 0,5 cm of a strip on affected areas and carefully rub, repeating 2–3 times during the day.

Treatment duration

Maximum – 4 weeks.

Has to be defined individually depending on localization and disease severity, and also the activator:

  • treatment of dermatomycoses — 3–4 weeks;
  • erythrasmas — 2–4 weeks;
  • multi-colored depriving — 1–3 weeks;
  • candidosis vulvitis and balanitis — 1–2 weeks.

For intravaginalny use

Candles Kanesten should be entered deeply into a vagina, it is recommended — before going to bed. If the patient is not forbidden, then it is possible to use the applicator, the most convenient pose for introduction — lying on spin.

Standard dosage: 1 vaginal tablet for the night.


Use of superdoses does not cause life-threatening system and local reactions.


It is not revealed.

Terms of sale

Drug has to be released without recipe.

Storage conditions

Ambient temperature — to 25 ° Celsius.

Precautionary measures: storage out of access for children.

Period of validity

To store no more than 3 years.

Special instructions

Kanesten for treatment of nails or infections of head skin is not recommended to use ointment. To avoid contact with eyes, not to swallow!

Preventions at treatment of a candidosis vulvitis

  • treatment has to be finished prior to the beginning of periods;
  • not to apply tampons, spermitsida, other vaginal means;
  • not to make intravaginalny an irrigation.

In order to avoid a transmission of infection the partner is recommended to refrain from sexual contacts. When using latex products, including condoms and diaphragms, their functional capacity decreases (in connection with existence of excipients, especially, of stearates) and influences their safety.

To children

Experience of use in pediatrics is absent.

  • Ointment Kandisang (in addition possesses antibacterial action, including Tr_chomonas vag_nal_s).
  • Solution  – is applied to an external comment of Candide only in dermatological practice, differs only in a form of release and the list of excipients.
  • Imazol – a krempasta which can be also applied at a candidosis diaper dermatitis.

About Kanestena

  • drug available, efficient;
  • effectively helps at various fungal infections;
  • convenient form of release and scheme of treatment;
  • almost safe – does not cause system undesirable effects.

Kanesten's price where to buy

The average price of cream Kanesten, a tuba of 20 mg – 200-215 rubles.


  • Kanesten of the tab. of levers. 500 mg No. 1 Bayer (Germany)
  • Kanestenbayer (Germany)


  • Kanesten of the tab. of levers. 100 mg No. 6
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