Cardioasset Evalar

Кардиоактив Эвалар Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Kardioaktiv Evalar
  • Active ingredient: Extract of a hawthorn (Crataegi extract), Asparaginat of magnesium (Magnii asparaginas), Asparaginat of potassium (Kalii asparaginas), Fruits of a hawthorn (Fructus Crataegi)
  • Producer: Evalar (Russia)


Cardioasset Evalar includes hawthorn extract (leaves and flowers), hawthorn fruits, asparaginat magnesium and potassium.

Release form

In pharmacy chain tablets on 40 pieces in packaging are on sale.

Pharmacological action

Cardioasset Evalar improves cordial activity, normalizes blood circulation in vessels.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This dietary supplement helps to improve a condition of CCC. It is promoted by natural components of drug. Their combination:

  • activates blood circulation in heart vessels;
  • helps with strengthening of a cardiac muscle;
  • normalizes a cordial rhythm.

This means is also accepted as a source of the flavonoids and tannins necessary for an organism.

Indications to use

The cardioasset Evalar is applied as dietary supplement to food. It helps to normalize a condition of heart and vessels.


It is contraindicated to take a pill at hypersensitivity to their components, a lactation and pregnancy.

Side effects

At individual intolerance of components of this means the allergy can develop.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

Adult patients, and also children of 14 flyings need to accept 2 times a day during food. The single dose makes 1-2 tablets. The minimum course – 20 days. Medicine can be taken regularly, but in this case between courses it is necessary to do a break in 10 days.


Data on overdose by drug are not available.


About interaction Kardioaktiv Evalar with other drugs of data it is not provided.

Terms of sale

Medicine is available in drugstores without recipe.

Storage conditions

Tablets are stored at a temperature up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

Two years. It is impossible to apply medicine after a period of validity.


Specialists and patients characterize Kardioaktiv Evalar as safe and effective dietary supplement. They report that positive action of means is noticeable in 1-2 weeks after the beginning of a course and remains for a long time.

The price where to buy

Tablets Kardioaktiv Evalar cost about 160 rubles.

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