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  • Latin name: Caripazim
  • ATH code: D03B
  • Active ingredient: Papayas lacteal juice (Papaya succus)
  • Producer: LLC ATTs-Farmation, Russia


Drug consists of enzymes of the dried-up lacteal juice of a papaya, that is papain, a himopapain of A, a himopapain of B, A and V peptidase, a lysozyme – mucolytic enzyme.

Release form

Medicine in bottles in the form of lyophilisate, for preparation of solution for the external use which is getting a light shade and not having a smell is issued.

Pharmacological action

This drug possesses nekrolitichesky action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Karipazim promotes splitting of nekrotizirovanny fabrics, mitigation of viscous secrets, clots. Besides, when using drug for treatment of disturbances of a musculoskeletal system by means of an electrophoresis elasticity of sheaves and cartilaginous tissue increases, there is a resorptional effect directed to vertebral hernias and so on.

At outside use active components are not soaked up and do not show systemic action on an organism. All enzymes which are a part of this means collapse and biotransformirutsya in a liver.

Indications to use

Third-degree burns to accelerate rejection of strup and suppuration relief of wounds and necrotic fabrics.

Besides, for quite some time now drug is actively used for treatment of defeats of orthopedic, traumatologic, neurosurgical and neurologic character by means of an electrophoresis, for example:

Contraindications to use

This means should not be used for any kind of injection introductions, and also at:

  • aggravation of inflammatory processes;
  • disk hernia sequestration;
  • intolerance of drug;
  • lactations;
  • pregnancies.

Side effects

In the course of treatment by Karipazim sometimes there are allergic reactions. The intolerance of drug can be expressed by an itch, irritation, fervescence and other symptoms.

During therapy by means of an electrophoresis, between 5-8 procedures the basic disease which gradually passes can become aggravated.

Karipazim, application instruction (Way and dosage)

To prepare medicine external use will require 0,5% solution of novocaine or 0,9% isotonic solution of sodium of chloride. Then the napkin is moistened in the prepared means and imposed on the site affected with a burn then cover with a water-proof bandage. At the same time it is at the same time possible to process up to 30% of all body surface. Each 1-2 days change a bandage, eliminating the exfoliated necrotic fabrics. Duration of treatment makes 4-12 days.

As the application instruction of Karipazim reports, maintaining solution is carried out by means of an electrophoresis. Such procedure is carried out in a physiotherapeutic office of medical institution and even in house conditions if there is a special device. Usually, it is necessary to pass treatment in 3 courses, till 20-30 procedures, doing breaks 1-2 months between courses. After procedure of an electrophoresis specialists recommend to apply with the massing movements Papain-Aktiv gel until it completely is absorbed in skin.

Karipazim for an electrophoresis

According to some specialists, this method is quite efficient and is used for treatment of many diseases. It is necessary to notice that the specialist has to appoint and control this procedure. The electrophoresis allows to administer deeply the drug in hypodermics, strengthening its action, and as a result patients feel considerable simplification and even comfort.

Cases when similar therapy helped patients to avoid backbone hernias operations are known. The matter is that this way not just eliminates symptoms, and relieves of the reason of their emergence, for example, from disk hernia.

Treatment in house conditions

For performance of treatment by Karipazim by means of an electrophoresis at home, it is necessary to get advice of the specialist, to buy drug, additional ointment and the special device, for example – "ELFOR-PROF".

Before use it is necessary to study the instruction in detail.


If drug is used in the recommended dosages, then it is possible not to be afraid of cases of overdose.


In clinical practice it is not established cases of significant interaction of Karipazim and other medicines.

Terms of sale

Medicine is sold according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

For storage of this means it is necessary to choose the dry, dark, protected from children place, with a temperature more than 15 °C.

Period of validity

1 year and 6 months.

Karipazim's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

The main analog is Papain or Papayas lacteal juice. Besides, there are drugs close on action, for example – Chymotrypsin and Trypsin.

That it is better: Karipazim or Karipain?

According to specialists, Karipazim is the registered medicine which passed necessary tests and received the corresponding certificates.

As for Karipain, it is Dietary supplement with similar structure. Therefore it is not necessary to expect from it high effect.

Alcohol and Karipazim

It is known that this drug possesses local action therefore small doses of alcohol will not exert special impact on therapeutic process.


  • Karipazim lyophilisate for Preeg. solution for external use 350PE of bottles/Medflorina/Medflorin's No. 10 of Ltd company
  • Karipazim lyophilisate for Preeg. solution for external use 350PE No. 1 bottle/Vifitekh/Vifitekh of closed joint stock company
  • Karipazim lyophilisate for Preeg. solution for external use 350PE of bottle/Medflorina/Medflorin's No. 1 of Ltd company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Karipazim time. 350PE fl 10 ml, Vifitekh (г.Москва) Russia
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  • Neokaripazim por.dlya p solution nar.prim.400 PE fl.10mlinstitut Iovel Kutateladze's (Georgia) Pharmacochemistry


  • Karipazim 350 PE por.liofil.d/prig.r-r of external primas. Institute of Pharmacochemistry of Iovel Kutateladze (Georgia)
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