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  • Latin name: Carmolis
  • ATH code: N05CM
  • Active ingredient: Mix of essential oils
  • Producer: Dr. Schmidgall GmbH (Austria), Trichema AG (Switzerland)


  • Drops Karmolis of 1 ml contain: 15:38 mg of menthol, 15 mkg of oil of a thyme, 139 mkg of anisic oil, 1.58 mg of oil of the Chinese magnolia vine, 1.58 mg of clove oil, 1.1 mg of oil of a lemon, 1.58 mg of oil of a lavender, 1.58 mg of oil of a spicy lavender, 154 mkg of oil of the Indian mint, 316 mkg of oil of a sage, 630 mkg of muscat oil. Additional substances: water, 94% ethanol.
  • Gel Karmolis contains 1 gram of drug: 10,1 mg of oil of an ordinary pine, 5,6 mg of oil of leaves of an eucalyptus, 16,8 mg of left menthol, 10,7 mg of methyl salicylate, 5,6 mg of camphor, 2,3 mg of rosemary oil, 4,5 mg of terpentinovy oil, 2,3 mg of lavender oil, 0,9 mg of oil of the Indian mint, 1,1 mg of oil of an ordinary thyme, 0,8 mg of sagy oil, 0,4 mg of anisic oil, 0,6 mg of oil of a nutmeg, 0,4 mg of clove oil. Additional substances: water, 96% ethanol, hydroxypropyl pitch, glitserol, karbopol 980, trometamol, Pemulen TR-1.
  • Karmolis cooling spray contains: limonene, propane, denatured alcohol, butane, water, mint oil, isobutane, linalyl ester.
  • Lollipops Karmolis contain the following constant components: water, izomaltit, menthol, mix of essential oils, to potassium atsesulfa, dihydrochalcone neohesperidin. Lollipops with natural honey contain also honey. Lollipops with natural honey and vitamin C contain in addition honey and ascorbic acid. Lollipops Karmolis a pro-asset with vitamin C contain in addition ascorbic acid.

Release form

Drops are a colourless liquid with aroma of essential oils, ethanol and menthol.

  • 20, 40 or 80 ml of liquid in a colourless/dark glass bottle with a dropper, 1 bottle in a cardboard pack.
  • 1,5 ml of liquid in a dark glass bottle with a plastic cover, 1 bottle with the instruction in a plastic strip packaging.

Transparent gel with strong a smell characteristic of menthol, essential oils and methyl salicylate.

  • 72 or 145 grams of gel in an aluminum tuba with a polyethylene cap, 1 tuba in a cardboard pack.

Spray represents colourless liquid with a characteristic smell of mint and menthol.

  • 200 ml of spray in a bottle with the sprayer, 1 bottle in a pack from a cardboard.

Lollipops are issued on 75 grams in the foiled soft package.

Pharmacological action

Expectorant, local irritative, antiinflammatory, mestnoobezbolivayushchy, spasmolytic, cholagogue, sedative, antiedematous, antipruritic, carminative action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drops represent multicomponent medicinal phytomeans. At intake renders spasmolytic, expectorant, antiinflammatory, sedative, carminative action, stimulates digestion. At inhalation use shows expectorant, antiinflammatory action. At outside use the local irritative effect is fixed.

Gel has mestnoobezbolivayushchy, local irritative and antiinflammatory effect.

Spray possesses the strong antiinflammatory, anesthetizing, antiedematous, calming, antipruritic action and is widely applied at treatment of defeats of a musculoskeletal system, in sports medicine, when performing an epilation, to stopping of an itch and pain from stings of insects.

Lollipops have immunomodulatory, antiseptic, antiviral, expectorant, soothing, cholagogue, antiinflammatory, anksiolitichesky, carminative, sedative, spasmolytic action. The Carmolis lollipops according to the statement of the producer are the unique soft medicine applied to treatment and the prevention of cold at a breakdown, problems with a stomach and many other frustration.

Indications to use

Indications on use on drops Karmolis

  • the dispepsichesky phenomena (weight in a stomach, nausea, a meteorism);
  • complex therapy of diseases of the respiratory tracts complicated by cough;
  • excessive nervous irritability and excitability, feeling of a nerve strain;
  • headache;
  • complex treatment of an arthralgia, mialgiya regardless of an origin, an inflammation of a sciatic nerve;
  • skin itch, stings of insects.

Indications on use on gel Karmolis

  • traumatic defeats of a musculoskeletal system and soft tissues (bruises, stretchings);
  • complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of soft tissues and joints.

Indications to spray use

  • complex therapy of diseases of a musculoskeletal system;
  • need of fast stopping of morbidity and hypostasis directly after getting injured (bruises, stretchings);
  • stings of insects;
  • before and after an epilation.

Indications to use of lollipops

  • at a motion desease in transport, eliminates nausea;
  • nonspecific prevention and therapy of flu and SARS;
  • treatment of digestive disturbances;
  • treatment of diseases of an oral cavity and gums, and also LOR-diseases;
  • migraine, frustration of a dream;
  • for increase of volume of a breath, at exhaustion, uneasiness, easing of physical effeciency at athletes.


Contraindications to reception of drops

Hypersensitivity to drug components, cholecystitis, liver diseases, a bronchospasm, disturbance of passability of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, chronic insufficiency of cordial function, a dekompensirovanny renal or liver failure, a peptic ulcer, epilepsy, alcoholism, brain diseases, a cherepnoyo-brain injury, pregnancy or a lactation, age is younger than 18 years.

Contraindications to gel reception

Hypersensitivity to components of drug, disturbance of work of kidneys, skin diseases, pregnancy or a lactation, age is younger than 12 years, open wounds, irritation of skin in the field of intended use of drug.

It is recommended to apply with care gel to the patients having bronchial asthma.

Contraindications to spray use

Hypersensitivity to drug components, pregnancy or a lactation.

Contraindications to use of lollipops

Hypersensitivity to drug components, pregnancy and a lactation, diabetes.

Side effects

The allergy to drug components, itch and irritation of skin is possible (for gel and spray).

Application instruction of Karmolis (Way and dosage)

Drops Karmolis, application instruction

At treatment of respiratory diseases of inflammatory character:

  • in the form of inhalations add about 25Yo30 of drops to 1 liter of water, mix and inhale steam, having covered with a towel;
  • orally appoint 10-20 drops to 5 times a day which part in a glass of water or apply on a sugar piece;
  • at cough drug is applied on integuments of interscapular area and a breast, rubbed, then closed warm clothes.

At treatment of dyspepsia and as a demulcent of a drop accept orally on 10Yo20 of drops up to 4 times a day which part in a glass of water or apply on a sugar piece.

At arthralgias, mialgiya, a lumbago, a sciatica drug is used outwardly Yo for grinding of painful sites. After drug rubbing in the painful site is recommended to be kept in the warm (to cover with the warming bandage).

At treatment of a headache of a drop rub in integuments of a forehead and temporal area.

At treatment of stings of insects, a skin itch grease with drug sick sites, without rubbing 2Yo3 of once a day.

Gel, application instruction

Gel is applied on the struck area to 5 times a day, then make massage of this area. The therapy course usually lasts till 15-20 days.

Spray, application instruction

Spray is sprayed as required on a surface of the cleared skin.

Lollipops Karmolis, application instruction

Lollipops rassasyvat in a mouth before full dissolution every 2 hour and so up to 10 pieces a day.


Overdose cases are not registered by drug.


There are no data on interaction with other medicines at a concomitant use.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

To store in the dark place at a temperature up to 25 °C. To protect from children.

Period of validity

5 years.

Special instructions

After external use of any form of production of drug it is necessary to wash up hands well. It is also necessary to avoid contact of drug with eyes because of high probability of receiving a burn. If similar after all occurred it is recommended to wash out plentifully an eye water.

At reception of drops and gel inside it is necessary to refrain from driving.

Spray is intended strictly for external use. It is also forbidden to be used for imposing of compresses and bandages, on extensive surfaces of skin throughout a long time.

Lollipops include sweetener which at the excessive use is capable to render laxative effect in the structure.

To children

Do not apply at children 12 years are younger.


  • Karmolis the Pro-Aktiv lollipops with vitamin C 75GKARMOLIS
  • Karmolis the Pro-Aktiv lollipops with vitamin C without sugar 75GKARMOLIS
  • Karmolis of a drop 5MLKARMOLIS
  • Karmolis of a drop 40MLKARMOLIS
  • Karmolis of a drop 20MLKARMOLIS

Drugstore of IFC

  • Karmolis of a drop fl 40 ml, Dr. A & L Schmidgalavstriya
  • Karmolis of a drop fl 5 ml, Dr. A & L Schmidgalavstriya
  • Karmolis lollipops for cough with honey for children of 75 g, Dr. A & L Schmidgalavstriya
  • Karmolis the spray cooling 200 ml, Dr. A & L Schmidgalavstriya
  • Karmolis tooth phytogel of children's 20 g, Iromedica Agshveytsariya
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  • Karmolis lollipops without А.&Л sugar 75gdoktor. Shmidgall (Austria)
  • Karmolis А.&Л lollipops 75gdoktor. Shmidgall (Austria)
  • Karmolis lollipops a pro-asset about Vit. With without А.&Л sugar 75gdoktor. Shmidgall (Austria)
  • Karmolis lollipops a pro-asset about Vit. With 75gdoktor А.&Л. Shmidgall (Austria)
  • Karmolis lollipops with А.&Л honey 75gdoktor. Shmidgall (Austria)
Section: For an oral cavity For cough
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Education: Graduated from the Vitebsk state medical university majoring in "Surgery". At university headed Council of students' scientific society. Professional development in 2010 - in "Oncology" and in 2011 - in "A mammology, visual forms of oncology".

Experience: Work in an all-medical network 3 years the surgeon (The Vitebsk hospital of an emergency medical service, Lioznensky TsRB) and in combination the regional oncologist and the traumatologist. Work farm the representative within a year in the Rubicon company.

Provided 3 improvement suggestions on the subject "Optimization of an Antibioticotherapia depending on Species Composition of Microflora", 2 works took prizes in a republican competition review of student's scientific works (1 and 3 categories).
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