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  • Latin name: Carsil
  • ATH code: A05BA03
  • Active ingredient: Silymarinum
  • Producer: JSC Sofarm (Bulgaria)

Karsil's structure

22,5 mg of Silymarinum (dry extract of fruits of a spotty thistle) are a part of the 1st tablet.

Additional ingredients: K 25 povidone, monohydrate of lactose, wheat starch, microcrystallic cellulose, magnesium stearate, polysorbate 80, mannitol (E 421), talc, hydrosodium carbonate, krospovidon, atsetilftalat cellulose, glycerin, sucrose, diethyl phthalate, acacia, titanium dioxide (E 171), gelatin, macrogoal 6000, brown Opalyuks of AS 26586 (dye).

Release form

The company of "Sofarm" lets out medicine Karsil in the form of tablets in a cover, on 80 pieces in a pack.

Pharmacological action

Anti-toxic, gepatoprotektorny.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Karsil is the remedy relating to group of gepatoprotektor (according to Wikipedia, come from Latin where "hepar" is a noun – a liver, and "protecto" a verb – to protect). Karsil for a liver acts as an active vegetable component of tablets the Silymarinum possessing anti-toxic and gepatoprotektorny action and representing a complex of flavonolignan (silikristin, silidianin, isosilibininum, Silibininum) which extracts from fruits of a spotty thistle.

It is for certain proved that anti-hepatotoxic efficiency of Silymarinum is shown thanks to its ability to competitive interaction in a membrane of hepatocytes with toxins, for the corresponding receptor complexes that leads to stabilization of the membrane and, as a result, to braking of processes of forming of hepatic fibrosis and a steatosis. Silymarinum participates in regulation of cellular metabolic and other processes by means of correction of permeability of membranes of cells, oppression 5-lipooksigenazny a flow, mainly B4 leukotriene and interaction with reactive free oxygen radicals. Silymarinum activates proteinaceous synthesis (functional and structural proteins) and biosynthesis of phospholipids in affected hepatic cells (normalizing lipid metabolism), strengthens their membranes, shows antioxidant action, connecting free radicals, thereby protecting cellular structure of a liver from destructive influence and promoting its recovery.

Effects of flavonoids to which also Silymarinum belongs, are defined by their antioxidant qualities and are directed to microcirculation improvement. Clinical manifestations of these effects are expressed in decrease in weight of objective and subjective symptomatology and stabilization of functional indicators of a liver (activity of bilirubin, gamma-globulin, transaminases). The summed-up result of effects of Silymarinum is significant improvement of the general condition of the patient and essential decrease in frustration from the alimentary system, and at patients with problems of assimilation of food because of diseases of a liver high-quality improvement of appetite is observed.

At oral administration there is a slow absorption of Silymarinum in a gastrointestinal tract. Drug is characterized by enterohepatic circulation and does not collect in a human body. Distribution in fabrics and bodies takes place rather intensively with detection of the greatest concentration in a liver and insignificant concentration in kidneys, heart, easy and other bodies.

Metabolic transformations of Silymarinum by conjugation take place in a liver. As metabolism products in bile sulfates and glucuronides are found. Average Т½ Silymarinum equals to 6 hours, removal most part (about 80%) is carried out with bile in the form of sulfates and glucuronides and in some insignificant (about 5%) degrees with urine.

Indications to Karsil's use

Indications to Karsil's use are damages of a liver of toxic character at patients with cirrhosis and her inflammatory diseases of a chronic current.


Contraindications to Karsil's reception are conditions of acute intoxication (poisoning) of various origin and age till 5 years.

Also, before accepting Karsil, it is necessary to be convinced of lack of personal hypersensitivity to Silymarinum or other components of drug.

Side effects

As a rule, prevention or treatment with Karsil's use is transferred without any complications or negative effects, only in rare instances or at personal high sensitivity observed the side below-stated effects: nausea; increase in an alopecia; dyspepsia; skin itch/rash; diarrhea; strengthening of the disturbances connected with vestibular system.

These negative phenomena have passing character and disappear completely after the end of therapy.

Tablets Karsil, application instruction

The application instruction of Karsil provides exclusively peroral (inside, "through a mouth") reception of tablets, considering all contraindications to their use. Tablets need to be swallowed whole and to wash down 100-200 ml of water.

How to accept Karsil – to food or later?

In the official instruction to tablets there is no information on influence of meal on pharmacokinetic indicators of Silymarinum, what in itself lack of a basic difference between options has to mean as to drink it – to food or later. However in recommendations to use of Silymarinum in other HP (for example, in the instruction on Darsil) there are instructions on its reception after food, and some other sources (the websites, forums) advise absolutely opposite. In this case it is worth specifying this moment at the doctor appointing drug and to rely on his experience and qualification.

Dosing modes

At drug intake patients is more senior than 12 years in case of its use for treatment of pathologies of a liver of a lung or average nature of weight appoint 1-2 tablets (22,5-45 mg) three times at 24 o'clock. In difficult situations increase in a dosage twice is possible, keeping the frequency of receptions.

At therapy of children (5-12 years) daily dosing is defined according to their weight and makes respectively 3 mg on kilogram of body weight. The daily dose established thus is divided into 2-3 equilibrium receptions at 24 o'clock.

Duration of treatment is established proceeding from a disease state and its weight and, on average, takes 3 months.


Still there are no objective certificates on overdose cases when using Silymarinum. However in a case when accidental or conscious disturbance of the dosing mode with reception of the overestimated Karsil's doses is noticed (several times there are more therapeutic) it is necessary to cause vomiting in the patient, to clear a gastrointestinal tract and to appoint sorbents. If on this background any negative symptoms which are definitely connected with overdose are revealed it is necessary to carry out the therapy corresponding to symptomatology what all range of the medical measures and medicines shown at these or those disturbances is applied to.


At the combined Karsil's reception and oral estrogen-gestagennykh of contraceptive means observed reduction of efficiency of contraceptive drugs.

In case of parallel reception with Silymarinum strengthening of effects of anticoagulants (Plaviks, Warfarin, Polokard, Klopidogrel) is possible; antihistaminic HP (Alerik, Feksofenadin, Gistafen, Diazolinum); hypolipidemic drugs (Simvastatin, Lovastatin, Vazilip, Klivas, Atorvastatin); anti-neoplastic drugs (Vinblastine, Neoben, Vincristinum, Navirel); psikholeptik (Diazepam, Nozepamum, Gidazepam, Alprazolam, Tazepamum); antifungal means (Nizoral, Ketokonazol), because of overwhelming action on P450 cytochrome.

Terms of sale

Karsil is to nonprescription HP.

Storage conditions

Without special storage conditions, at a temperature up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

From the moment of production – 2 years.

Special instructions

Before drinking drug Karsil, it is necessary to understand that treatment of damages of a liver can be effective only in case of refusal from alcohol and observance of a dietotherapy.

Because of ability of Silymarinum to show estrogenopodobny action patients should be careful at its appointment with disturbances of a hormonal background (endometriosis; carcinoma of ovaries, mammary glands, uterus; hysteromyoma; prostate carcinoma).

Starch wheat which contains in HP can include gluten (small quantity) in this connection Karsil's reception is considered safe for patients with a gluten enteropathy (Gee's disease). Other patients with an allergy to wheat (other than a Gee's disease) should not accept this drug.

Karsil includes lactose that needs to be considered at his appointment as the patient with intolerance of sugars.

Development of jaundice against reception of Silymarinum demands extraordinary consultation from the doctor.

In veterinary science Karsil also use at diseases of a liver of animals, most often for cats and for dogs. The dosage and the mode of reception is determined by the veterinarian, as a rule, by the scheme for children of 5-12 years (3 mg of Silymarinum on kilogram of body weight). For example, for treatment of a dog weighing 15 kilograms register 45 mg of Silymarinum (2 tablets of Karsil).

Karsil's analogs

The price of analogs (drugs with similar main action) Karsila varies in very wide limits. For example, drugs Simepar and Antral can be bought one third cheaper, capsules of Livolin Forte and Enerliva approximately in one price, and injection solutions, such as Ornitoks and Gepatoks, – are several times more expensive. Also It should be noted that Karsil's analogs are issued in various dosage forms (injection solution, tablets, granulates, capsules), with different quantity of medical units and frequency of use so you should not be guided by packaging cost. In the beginning it is necessary to decide on active ingredient, which precisely will be suitable for treatment of your disease state, and after to be engaged in the choice among its synonyms.

Essentiale of N or Karsil – what is better?

It is impossible to give a definite answer what of these drugs is better. Both medicines are representatives of one group – gepatoprotektor, both positively influence protection and recovery of cells of a liver, but differ on the structure (active ingredient Essentialeessential phospholipids) and to the mechanism of impact on a liver. In case of Karsil's use, first of all, protective function is traced, and effects Essentiale are more directed to recovery of cellular structure and regeneration. It is possible that at damages of a liver of difficult character use Essentiale, in particular in ampoules as efficiency of injection drugs is practically always higher than their peroral analogs will be more reasonable. In other situations can be so, as there will be enough effects of Silymarinum, and there is no sense to apply more expensive drugs. Anyway, it is necessary to leave the choice of drug to the doctor and in accuracy to observe the scheme of treatment prescribed them.

Just the same actions it is necessary to adhere at the choice between peroral drugs Karsil or Essentiale Forte to N. What it is better for patient to accept at different severity of damages of a liver, the doctor after comprehensive investigation of a problem can recommend only.

Karsil or Liv. 52 – what it is better?

As well as in the previous case of the choice between analogs of the drugs used for treatment of diseases of a liver it is necessary to understand that often the drugs intended for the solution of the same problem with health have different composition of the operating ingredients. In a case with Liv's drug. 52 it is the whole complex of vegetable substances possessing in the sum gepatoprotektivny and cholagogue action. Actually these medicines are very similar in the influence on cells of a liver and quite often replace and/or supplement each other. To be fair it is necessary to tell that most of doctors after all trust quality of products of "Sofarm" more, that is Karsilu, but not to its Indian analog — Liv. 52.


  • Karsil of 35 mg No. 80 of a drazhesofarm of the joint-stock company
  • Karsil Forte of 90 mg No. 30 of a kapsulysofarm of the joint-stock company
  • Karsil of 35 mg No. 180 of a drazhesofarm of the joint-stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Karsil drzh 35 mg No. 80, Pharmachim/Sopharmabolgariya
  • Karsil forte kaps 90 mg No. 30, Sopharma Jscbolgariya
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  • Karsil forte capsules 90 mg No. 30sofarma (Bulgaria)


  • Karsil forte kaps. 90 mg No. 30


  • Karsil of 35 mg No. 80 of a dragee
  • Карсил® Forte 90 mg No. 30 kaps.tverd.
  • Karsil of 22,5 mg No. 80 tabl.p.o.
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