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  • Latin name: Caverject
  • ATH code: G04BE01
  • Active ingredient: Alprostadil (Alprostadil)
  • Producer: Pfayzer Menyufekchuring Belgium N. V (Belgium/the USA)


Powder — alprostadit, sodium citrate, lactose. Solvent — benzyl alcohol, water for injections.

Release form

Powder for preparation of injection solution in a bottle on 10 and 20 mkg in a plastic box, complete with solvent in the syringe.

Pharmacological action

Strengthening a potentiality, vazodilatiruyushchy.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Drug is analog of PgE1, has vasodilating effect mainly at the level of arterioles, muscular arteries and precapillary sphincters, and also possesses angioprotektorny and antiagregantny action. At administration of drug in cavernous bodies of a penis there is a blocking of alfa1-adrenoceptors, microcirculation and a blood stream in smooth muscles of cavernous bodies and dilatation of lacunary spaces amplifies. At the same time venous outflow is limited that stimulates an erection. The effect is shown in 10-15 minutes after introduction and to last till three o'clock.


Drug at in introduction is quickly metabolized by oxidation. As a result of processes of oxidation various metabolites which have concerning an alprostadil low biological effect are formed. Are removed by kidneys (about 90% of a dose) and with a stake. At introduction to cavernous bodies the level of the main metabolite of drug increased in peripheral blood within 30 minutes and returned to initial level in one hour after an injection. Alprostadil contacts mainly albumine (81%). The expressed linkng with leukocytes or erythrocytes is not observed.

Indications to use

  • Disturbance of an erection of a penis of various etiology (psychogenic, neurogenic, vascular or mixed).
  • In diagnosis of disturbances of an erection — at statement of pharmacological test.


  • Individual high sensitivity;
  • the age to 18 is also more senior than 75 years;
  • predisposition to a long erection;
  • structure of an urethra;
  • existence of an implant of a penis;
  • at contraindications to sex life.

Side effects

Most often the local reactions which are shown burning and a phallodynia, a hematoma in an injection site, a long erection, penis fibrosis, formation of fibrous small knots meet.

More rare — a balanitis, an inflammation, hypostasis and an itch of the place of an injection, allergic reactions, an urethrorrhagia, numbness of a penis, a painful erection, a phymosis, a dermahemia, disturbance of an ejaculation.

Treat system manifestations: increase of an urination, to the spermatotsela, an abdominal pain, desires to an urination, tachycardia, decrease in the ABP, a hypesthesia, a hyperhidrosis, a myasthenia, rash, a generalized itch, dryness in a mouth, nausea, spasms of gastrocnemius muscles.

Kaverdzhekt, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The drug is administered vnutrikavernozno in the minimal effective dose which is picked up individually before emergence of a steady erection lasting not more than one hour and sufficient for full sexual intercourse. At selection of a dose the patient has to be under supervision of the doctor until disappearance of an erection. In case of inefficiency of the picked-up first dose high can be entered not earlier than one hour, and in case of inefficiency of the second dose, next higher, it is possible to enter not earlier than days.

At erectile dysfunction of neurogenic genesis the initial recommended dose makes 1.25 mkg. At the subsequent administrations of drug it is possible to increase a dose every time twice, however is no more than on 5 mkg, until achievement of minimum effective dosage.

At erectile dysfunction of other etiology an initial dosage — 2.5 mkg which can be increased twice at each introduction before achievement of minimum effective dose however are no more than on 5-10 mkg. The scheme of administration of drug — one time a day three times a week. Maintenance therapy: in house conditions of a self-injection are entered in the dose established by the doctor.

How to enter Kaverdzhekt?

To enter vnutrikavernozno into the dorsolateral area of a proximal third of a penis. The side of a penis for administration of drug needs to be changed periodically, avoiding introduction to visible veins. Previously to process the place of a prick aseptic solution. Independent introduction of Kaverdzhekt in house conditions can be carried out only after detailed instructing of the doctor and development of equipment of a self-injection.


Long erection, priapism, phallodynia, deterioration in erectile function.


At an intra cavernous way of introduction combined use with NPVS, hypotensive HP, insulin and diuretics does not influence efficiency and safety of an alprostadil.

Drug pharmaceutical is incompatible with other HP in the form of solutions.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

At a temperature up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.


Alprostan, Prostin of BP, Vazaprostan, VAP 20, Mewes, Edeks.

About Kaverdzhekta

About drug various, sometimes opposite:

  • "… After a psychological injury there were problems with an erection. After inspection, the doctor appointed Kaverdzhekt. Pricked on a half of an ampoule in day, 3 times a week. Excellent effect".

Other patients write that Kaverdzhekt's use is ineffective. After its introduction an erection very short and for sexual intercourse absolutely unusable. Apparently, to the patient the wrong dose is picked up or selection of a dose was not carried out in general.


  • Kaverdzhekt 10 mkg 1 ml No. 1pfayzer Farmasyyutikelz

Drugstore of IFC

  • Kaverdzhekt por.d/in shpr 10 mkg 1 ml (+1), Pharmacia & Upjohn/Pfizerbelgiya
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