The keratoma is an outgrowth on skin of high-quality character. Its emergence on an integument is caused by growth of a corneous layer of an epithelium of skin. As a rule, similar tumors develop at people of mature age, after thirty-forty years. At the same time both at men, and at women the keratoma is shown also often.

Keratoma reasons

As a basic reason of emergence of a keratoma on skin specialists define excessive stay of the person with open skin under sunshine. The last especially concerns those patients who already were 40 years old. Mature skin thus shows reaction to surplus of an ultraviolet that provokes growth of epidermis and its subsequent keratinization. Owing to action of solar radiation processes of keratinization of an integument are broken already at the cellular level. And if the person notes at himself the expressed tendency to emergence of similar new growths on skin, it should avoid constantly direct hit of sunshine on skin. Surely it is worth wearing light clothes in sunny days and to regularly apply qualitative sunblock cream. The keratoma is considered very widespread disease today. However it is not an infectious illness though tendency to a keratoma can be transferred hereditarily.

Keratoma symptoms

Usually development of a keratoma in the person begins with emergence on skin of a spot which has coffee or grayish color. A spot a little convex over a skin surface. Spot surface shelled. Over time it becomes more, from above there are dense crusts which can be shelled, come off. At the same time periodically there are bleedings, the person feels pain. The keratoma can be multiple, as a rule, is located on body parts which remain open. However in this case the keratoma is first of all a cosmetic problem.

The disease becomes dangerous if the keratoma regenerates in a malignant new growth. At the same time it is impossible to predict probability of similar regeneration. In that case the keratoma can expand to especially extensive sizes and over time regenerate in planocellular cancer. Therefore taking into account the present possibility it is desirable to delete especially large, and also injured keratomas.

Types of a keratoma

КератомаSymptoms of a kreatoma can vary depending on a type of this education. So, the seborrheal keratoma (other name — a seborrheal keratosis) arises on skin as a brown or yellowish spot. After a while this spot increases in sizes, becomes more dense, darkens. On it noticeable cracks appear. This type of a keratoma is a dangerous illness because of which the person has many inconveniences. It is very noticeable cosmetic defect. Besides the patient is constantly disturbed by an itch, a peeling of its surface, and sometimes there is periodic pain. From time to time the part of a keratoma disappears, and there is an open wound with bleeding. If similar damage takes place, then the patient needs to address the specialist as there is a danger of hit in an open wound of an infection at once. Afterwards the infection can provoke serious complications.

In most cases the seborrheal keratoma is a multiple education. It arises on integuments of the person, neck, hands, legs, under indumentum.

The current of this type of a keratoma always long, at the same time an ozlokachestvleniye of education occurs rather seldom.

At statement of the diagnosis it is important to carry out the differential diagnosis with a senile keratoma, a vulgar wart, a melanoma, keratopapillomy, bazaliomy, a planocellular carcinoma cutaneum.

The senile keratoma (other name — a senile keratosis) always arises as multiple education. It has a whitish or gray shade. After a while education increases, becomes covered by plaques which become covered by a gray crust. Such keratoma can inflame. As a rule, the senile keratoma arises at those who already were thirty years old. It is shown on a neck, a face, and also from the back of brushes. In more exceptional cases the senile keratoma develops on a stomach, a forearm, a breast, a shin, a back.

The current of this type of a keratoma always long, at the same time an ozlokachestvleniye of education occurs rather seldom.

The horn keratoma (other name — a skin horn) is a formation of a conical or linear shape which arises on an integument. Has dark color, very often education on several millimeters towers over skin. The different sizes and a form are characteristic of a horn keratoma. There is such keratoma on any body parts, can be both single, and multiple. Characteristic of a horn keratoma is its ability of regeneration in a cancer tumor. Taking into account it it is necessary to treat a horn keratoma at once after its manifestation.

The follicular keratoma (one more name — a White's disease) is rather rare disease. Its symptoms – emergence on skin of small knots of pink or grayish color. Such keratomas sometimes have a diameter 1,5 centimeters. At women the White's disease is often formed under indumentum, over an upper lip.

The solar keratoma (other name — an actinic keratosis) is a precancerous illness, as a rule, shown at men of different age. Similar education appears on skin sites, open for access of a sunlight. At this state on skin there are multiple centers of an illness which become covered by dry grayish scales. The most often this illness is shown at the people having light skin. The disease slowly passes into a malignant tumor. At the same time this process often happens imperceptibly both for the patient, and for the doctor. In the course of diagnosis it is important to differentiate a disease with other types of a keratoma, and also with radiation dermatitis, vulgar warts.

Treatment of a keratoma

кератомаIn the presence at the person of any kind of a keratoma it is necessary not to hesitate with treatment and to make removal of educations as soon as possible, prior to process of their increase and keratinization. If to remove a keratoma at an early stage, then there will be no trace left on site of its emergence in general. Today several effective ways of removal of a keratoma practice

It is necessary to consider that in case of a keratoma you should not apply independent treatment at all. Such intervention can negatively affect a state of health of the patient. Owing to keratoma injuries it is capable to be transformed to planocellular cancer therefore nonprofessional treatment only increases risk of such regeneration quickly.

Before removal of a keratoma there is no need to make tests, however it is necessary to consult before operation with the specialist-dermatoonkologom. It is important that procedure of removal of education was carried out by the experienced specialist.

Most often today removal of a keratoma by means of the laser practices. This method is considered the most effective. As a rule, specialists do not reveal contraindications for similar procedure. Laser removal of a keratoma carry out once then it does not arise again.

Also removal of similar education by means of nitrogen (a cryolysis method) practices. Similar procedure is carried out without anesthesia use, at the same time the patient in the course of procedure feels only small burning. A week later after such operation the keratoma disappears independently. The smooth pinkish spot which remains on its place disappears several weeks later. Most often delete with such method a senile keratoma.

Also contactless method of removal of a keratoma with use of a radio knife practices. Advantages of this method are that fabric near a keratoma is not damaged, and after operation there is no hem.

By means of a method of electrocoagulation of a keratoma are removed with use of high-frequency current. After procedure the wound quickly heals and if it is correct to look after her, then there will be no hem left.

Traditional method of removal of a keratoma is the usual surgery which is carried out with use of a scalpel. At operation anesthesia is used. After operation the surgeon puts a cosmetic stitch in skin. In a week he acts.

Owing to removal of a keratoma sometimes there are hems and scars.

Prevention of a keratoma

To warn a course of a disease, it is very important to delete keratomas in time. For the prevention of emergence of these educations it is important not to abuse stay under sun beams. Also enough in the prevention of this illness following to rules of healthy food, enough a dream and rest is important.

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