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  • Latin name: Ketonal DUO
  • ATH code: M01AE03
  • Active ingredient: Ketoprofen (Ketoprophenum)
  • Producer: Lek (Slovenia)


In 1 capsule of ketoprofen — 150 mg. MKTs, lactoses monohydrate, sodium of a kroskarmelloz, polysorbate, povidone — as excipients.

Release form

Capsules of 150 mg No. 30.

Pharmacological action

Antiinflammatory, analgeziruyushchy.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


From all representatives of NPVS has the strongest analgetic effect comparable to effect of morphine. The strong analgesic effect is explained by the peripheral and central mechanism. Synthesis of prostaglandins oppresses, braking activity of cyclooxygenase, inhibits synthesis of bradikinin.

The central action is implemented due to direct influence on the centers of pain in a thalamus. On antiinflammatory activity it is comparable with classical NPVS. It is quickly brought out of an organism therefore it without fears can be recommended to elderly patients. Capsules have two appearance of pellets (yellow and white). Drug is quickly released from white and slowly from yellow pellets that gives the fast and prolonged effect (till 24 o'clock).


It is well soaked up. Bioavailability of capsules of 90%, does not influence it meal. The maximum concentration is reached for 1,76 h. Gets into synovial fluid and significant concentration in it 30 hours remain that provides elimination of a pain syndrome a long time. It is metabolized in a liver, there are no active metabolites. T 1/2 are 2 h. It is mainly removed by kidneys and through a gastrointestinal tract. At a liver failure concentration increases twice therefore drug is appointed in the minimum dose. At a renal failure the clearance decreases.

Indications to use

  • psoriasis arthritis;
  • ankylosing spondylitis, gout;
  • pseudorheumatism;
  • osteoarthrosis
  • syndrome of Reuters;
  • posttraumatic pain;
  • headache;
  • bursitis, tendinitis;
  • neuralgia, radiculitis;
  • postoperative pain;
  • stopping of pain in oncological practice;
  • algodismenoreya.


  • aspirinovy bronchial asthma;
  • peptic ulcer in an aggravation stage;
  • bleedings from a digestive tract;
  • exacerbation of an illness Krone, NYaK and other inflammatory diseases of intestines;
  • hemophilia;
  • the expressed liver and renal failure;
  • dekompensirovanny heart failure;
  • age till 15 flyings;
  • hypersensitivity to salicylates and other NPVS;
  • pregnancy (III trimester).

The Duo ketocash with care has to be appointed at the expressed cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension, dislipidemiya, diseases of peripheral arteries, liver diseases, alcoholism, a diabetes mellitus.

Side effects

Widespread side reactions:

  • nausea, diarrhea or lock, intestines swelling, abdominal pain, vomiting, dryness in a mouth;
  • headache;
  • irritability, fatigue, sleep disorder, dreadful dreams;
  • decrease in aggregation of thrombocytes;
  • itch, urticaria.

Seldom meeting:

  • ulceration and perforation mucous a gastrointestinal tract, bleeding (at prolonged use of high doses);
  • migraine, polyneuropathies;
  • hallucinations, alalia;
  • sonitus, sight illegibility, taste change, conjunctivitis;
  • tachycardia, hypostases, arterial hypertension;
  • anemia, agranulocytosis;
  • intersticial nephrite, hamaturia (at long reception of NPVP in combination with diuretics), a nephrotic syndrome;
  • Quincke's disease, rhinitis, bronchospasm;
  • pneumorrhagia, metrorrhagia.

Tablets Ketonal Duo, application instruction (Way and dosage)

There are various dosage forms of drug: tablets in a cover (50 mg), tablets forte (100 mg), the prolonged action — retard (150 mg), capsules Ketonal Duo (150 mg) and Ketonal Uno (200 mg).

Pill of 50 mg is taken on one 3-4 time a day, the prolonged action of 1 times a day. A dose Ketonal Duo and Ketonal Uno for adults — 1 capsule a day. It is necessary to remember that the maximum dose of 300 mg. At short use about 1 capsule (150 mg) each 12 h is admissible to accept.

Drug is accepted after food, washing down with water or milk. For the purpose of decrease in gastrointestinal complications it is possible to accept blockers of a proton pomp (Omez, Rabeprazol, Lansoprazol).

The application instruction Ketonal Duo contains the warning that during treatment it is necessary to monitor function of kidneys and a liver and a condition of blood. A certain care needs to be observed at a hypertension as NPVS lead to a liquid delay.


It is shown by nausea, vomiting, vomiting with blood, abdominal pains, disturbance of consciousness, spasms, a renal failure.

The gastric lavage and use of sorbents is carried out. Treatment — symptomatic. It is possible to reduce impact on a gastrointestinal tract purpose of inhibitors of a proton pomp.


Weakens effect of diuretics and hypotensive drugs, strengthens effects of peroral hypoglycemic and anticonvulsant drugs.

Increases concentration in blood of a methotrexate, drugs of lithium, blockers of calcium channels, cardiac glycosides, cyclosporine.

The undesirable phenomena from a gastrointestinal tract amplify at simultaneous use with GKS, other NPVP.

The risk of development of bleedings arises at co-administration of anticoagulants, trombolitik, antiagregant.

At joint appointment with diuretics and APF inhibitors there is a risk of a renal failure.

NPVP reduce efficiency of effect of estrogen (Mifepristone) therefore NPVP appoint in 12 days after the termination of a course of treatment this drug.

Terms of sale

It is released according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature of storage is up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.


Capsules: Fleksen, Ketonal, Artrozilen.

Tablets: Flamaks Forte, Ketoprofen Forte, Ketonal Retard.

About Ketonal Duo

A variety of dosage forms (a capsule, an ampoule, a candle, a tablet retard, forte) allows to choose the most effective way of introduction and to pick up an adjusted dosage.

Ketoprofen — an effective remedy for treatment of pain (postoperative and oncological) about what confirm capsules Ketonal Duo. In oncology high performance when stopping pains which accompany metastasises in a bone is noted. It is often used for stopping of a bad attack of migraine, at various diseases of a musculoskeletal system, algodismenory. In general, Ketonal Duo is well had, side effects arose at long reception. Most often diarrhea, abdominal pains, an aggravation of a peptic ulcer and chronic colitis met.


  • Ketocash of a duo of 150 mg No. 30 kapsulylek D.D.

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  • Duo ketocash kaps. 150 mg No. 30, Leksloveniya
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  • Ketocash of the DUO of a capsule of 150 mg No. 20 Lek (Slovenia)


  • Ketocash of the DUO of 150 mg No. 20 kaps.
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