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  • Latin name: Klacid SR
  • ATH code: J01FA09
  • Active ingredient: Klaritromitsin (Clarithromycin)
  • Producer: Abbott Laboratories (Great Britain)


Klatsid contains WEDNESDAY in tablets active ingredient klaritromitsin and additional components: anhydrous citric acid, lactose, calcium sodium alginat, sodium alginat, K30 povidone, talc, magnesium stearate, stearic acid.

Release form

Klatsid WEDNESDAY of 500 mg is issued in the form of tablets of yellow color, an oval form which are covered by a film cover. Tablets of the prolonged influence contain in blisters on 5, 7, 10 or 14 pieces, in a cardboard box 1 or 2 blisters can be located.

Pharmacological action

Active ingredient klaritromitsin is the semi-synthetic antibiotic relating to group of macroleads. It provides antibacterial effect, entering interaction with 50S a ribosome subunit. Thus, there is a suppression of processes of protein of bacteria which show the expressed sensitivity to this antibiotic.

Thanks to a homogeneous basis of a tablet exert the prolonged impact. Active agent is released throughout a long time in the course of passing of medicine through a gastrointestinal tract.

Klaritromitsin effectively influences both standard laboratory strains of bacteria, and those which were allocated on the course of clinical practice at patients. Active ingredient of drug Klatsid WEDNESDAY actively rather large number of gram-positive and gram-negative, aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms.

Substance shows activity in relation to Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Legionella pneumophila, but on Pseudomonas spp, Enterobacteriaceae it does not influence.

The main metabolite of a klaritromitsin is 14-ON-klaritromitsin, being microbiological active metabolite. In relation to some microorganisms it renders more expressed activity in comparison with active ingredient in an initial state.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Process of a metabolism of a klaritromitsin happens in a liver. Bioavailability level drug makes about 50%. About 70% of substance contact serum proteins. In a human body klaritromitsin and its 14-IT-metabolite get into fabrics and liquid quickly. About 40% of a klaritromitsin are brought out of an organism through kidneys, another 30% — through intestines.

Indications to use

Klatsid SR is appointed for treatment of illnesses which were provoked by the microorganisms showing high sensitivity to drug. In particular, it is diseases of infectious character at which lower parts (pneumonia, bronchitis) and upper parts (sinusitis, pharyngitis) of respiratory tracts are surprised.

Also drug is used for treatment of infectious diseases of soft tissues and skin.


It is impossible to apply an antibiotic to treatment if at the person such diseases and states are noted:

  • high sensitivity to components of tablets and other drugs from group of macroleads;
  • renal failure in a severe form;
  • intolerance lactose organism, glyukozo-galaktozny malabsorption, deficit of lactose;
  • porphyria;
  • age till 18 flyings.

The concomitant use of an antibiotic Klatsid SR and the following drugs is not allowed: Pimozidum, Astemizol, Terfenadin, tsizaprid, Digidroergotamin, Ergotamine, and also with peroral forms of drugs midazolam, Alprazolam, to Triazoles.

Means is appointed with care at disturbances of functioning of kidneys, a liver, at a myasthenia gravis. It is necessary to be careful at a concomitant use of those drugs which metabolism occurs in a liver.

Side effects

Development of the following side effects at treatment by this antibiotic is probable:

  • Cardiovascular system: in rare instances — ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, the increased QT interval on an ECG.
  • System of digestion: dispepsichesky phenomena, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, stomatitis, acute pancreatitis, glossitis, candidiasis of an oral cavity, pseudomembranous coloenteritis; disturbances of functions of a liver can be noted, and also activity of enzymes of a liver increases.
  • Nervous system: dizzinesses and headaches, sleeplessness, feeling of concern, a ring in ears, spasms, hallucinations, a depression, psychotic frustration, a disorientation.
  • Urinary system: intersticial nephrite.
  • Skeletal and muscular system: mialgiya.
  • Sense bodys: change of sense of smell or taste, hearing disorder.
  • Displays of an allergy: small tortoiseshell, anaphylactic reactions, itch and hyperemia of integuments, rash.
  • Laboratory indicators: growth of level of creatinine in blood, thrombocytopenia, a hypoglycemia.

Application instruction Klatsid SR (Way and dosage)

The application instruction Klatsid SR provides reception of tablets orally, entirely. It is desirable to accept them during food. At the majority of diseases adult patients receive on 1 tablet 500 mg once a day. If the course of an infection heavy, a fur-coat can be increased twice (two tablets once a day).

At the majority of diseases the period of therapy is equal from 5 to 14 days.


At reception of high doses of tablets Klatsid WEDNESDAY manifestation of disturbances in functioning of the alimentary system is possible. Cases of change of a condition of mentality, a hypopotassemia and an anoxemia are also described.

It is necessary to apply symptomatic therapy to treatment. It is necessary to wash out a stomach, to provide support of the vital functions. The hemodialysis does not influence significantly the maintenance of a klaritromitsin in blood serum.


In view of high probability of development of serious by-effects contraindicated along with klaritromitsiny to accept such drugs: Pimozidum, Tsizaprid, Astemizol, Terfenadin, Digidroergotamin, Ergotamine.

A number of drugs exert impact on the level of concentration of a klaritromitsin in an organism of the patient, at simultaneous treatment which change of doses of medicine Klatsid can be required for WEDNESDAY or replacement of this drug with other medicines. These are drugs Rifabutin, Nevirapin, Efavirenz, Rifapentine, Rifampicin, Flukonazol, Ritonavir.

At simultaneous treatment klaritromitsiny and the drugs Quinidine or Disopyramidum piruetny tachycardia can develop.

With care Klatsid SR is appointed to people who receive the drugs which are initially metabolized CYP3A isoenzymes. Strengthening of side effects is in that case possible.

Klaritromitsin promotes increase in concentration of inhibitors of GMG-KOA-reduktazy (Simvastatin, Lovastatin).

At Klaritromitsin's reception and peroral anticoagulants the effect of the last can amplify.

At simultaneous treatment KlaritromitsinyTadalafily, Vardenafily or Sildenafily decrease in doses of these drugs can be required. Also reduction of doses of a tolterodin can be required.

Simultaneous treatment can lead to increase in concentration of carbamazepine or theophylline in a blood-groove.

It is not necessary to practice concomitant oral administration of Midazolam and a klaritromitsin.

Colchicine influence strengthening, especially at elderly people and at the patients having a renal failure can be noted. At such people the probability of poisoning with colchicine increases. Also effect of digoxin at a concomitant use with this antibiotic can amplify. It is important to conduct careful control of level of digoxin in blood.

Bidirectional influence of Klaritromitsin and drugs Itrakonazol, Atazanavir, Sakvinavir is noted. In certain cases correction of doses of drugs can be required.

Simultaneous treatment by Verapamil and klaritromitsiny can provoke display of arterial hypotension, bradyarrhythmia.

Terms of sale

In drugstores Klatsid SR is on sale according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

The antibiotic needs to be protected from children, to store at a temperature not above 30 °C.

Period of validity

Period of storage of an antibiotic – 5 years.

Special instructions

Strains of stafilokokk which show resistance to Oxacillinum and Methicillinum also show resistance to a klaritromitsin.

At long treatment emergence of colonies of unreceptive fungi and bacteria can be noted by an antibiotic.

In the course of treatment by antibiotics at the patient pseudomembranous colitis, both in easy degree, and in a severe form can be shown. Cases of display of pseudomembranous colitis in two months after the end of reception of antibiotics are recorded.

Analogs Klatsid SR

Analogs Klatsid WEDNESDAY of 500 mg are drugs with similar active agent. Drugs Klatsid, Klaritromitsin, Klareksid, Klabaks, Klaritsit, Klaritrosin, Klaromin, etc. are such.


  • Klatsid SR retard 500 mg No. 5 tabletkiabbott GMBH
  • Klatsid SR retard 500 mg No. 14 of a tablet
  • Klatsid SR retard 500 mg No. 7 tabletkiabbott GMBH

Drugstore of IFC

  • Klatsid SR tbl p / about pro-longum. 500 mg No. 5, Eysika Kuinboro Limitedvelikobritaniya
  • Klatsid SR tbl p / about pro-longum. 500 mg No. 7, Eysika Kuinboro Limitedvelikobritaniya
  • Klatsid SR tbl p / about pro-longum. 500 mg No. 14, Eysika Kuinboro Limitedvelikobritaniya
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  • Klatsid SR of a tablet 500 of mg No. 5abbot (Germany)
  • Klatsid SR of a tablet coated 500 mg No. 14abbot (Germany)


  • Klatsid WEDNESDAY of 500 mg No. 7 tabl.p.o.prolong.
  • Klatsid WEDNESDAY of 500 mg No. 14 tabl.p.o.prolong.
  • Klatsid WEDNESDAY of 500 mg No. 5 tabl.p.o.zamedl.vysv.
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