The climax at women is a peculiar transition period from reproductive age to a menstrual pause, that is the period when periods at the woman gradually stop. Mainly the first symptoms of a climax appear at the woman approximately at forty-five-year age. At this particular time hormonal function of ovaries begins to die away gradually. Gradual decrease in this function continues about five years. During this period the woman notes that the menstrual cycle becomes less regular, and thus there are other signs of a climax. But if hormonal changes in a climacteric are constants, then symptoms arise periodically and over time disappear.

Climax phases at women

Speaking about a menopause, doctors mean complete cessation of periods by this term. But a menopause also call that long interval of time in the period of which the woman notes emergence of the changes which are shown as an effect of fading of function of gonads.

In general in a climacteric three different phases are allocated. The first phase — a premenopauza: it can be counted from the beginning of fading of function of ovaries to a menopause. The second phase – a perimenopauza: this time of a premenopauza and postmenopause, at the same time joins also one year after a menopause. The third phase of a climax – a postmenopause: it is the period which comes in the woman's life after a menopause.

Each woman has to consider also that approximately for a year after approach of a menopause she has to use contraceptives regularly. The matter is that increase in intervals between monthly does not allow to determine precisely ovulation term, and pregnancy in the period of a climax can come at any time.

Symptoms of a pathological climax

Климакс The most important initial sign of a physiological menopause is the broken menstrual cycle at which, as a rule, at the woman delays of approach monthly are noted. At first the periods can be late for one week, for a month later and more. Bleedings become scanty, but in certain cases they can alternate with uterine bleedings. In that case the woman has to show consideration for all existing symptoms as similar signs can testify also to a normal current of a climax, and to development of certain diseases, in particular tumors very much. Very important when developing bleedings surely to visit the gynecologist.

If at a climax at the woman certain pathological symptoms are shown, then doctors define them as a menopausal syndrome. There are three different groups of pathological symptoms at a climax. The first group is made by psychological symptoms: the woman becomes very irritable, she is disturbed by sleeplessness, weakness, feeling of constant fear, a depression. Also appetite changes – it are observed either disappears, or becomes very strong. The second group includes cardiovascular symptoms: this display of migraine, inflow, regular developing of dizzinesses, perspiration, hypostases, vasospasm.

The third group of symptoms are endocrine manifestations. In this case it is about disturbance of work of a thyroid gland, adrenal glands. Thereof at the woman diseases of joints can develop, the cryesthesia and fatigue is shown, body weight changes.

In most cases most often in the period of a menopause inflow are shown. There is a medical statistics testimonial of the fact that inflow, anyway, are shown approximately at 75% of women during a climax. Features of inflow can be individual: as a rule, inflow begins with display of a headache or nausea then the woman feels sharp flow of warmth. Heartbeat becomes frequent, the flush appears. During inflow pulse considerably becomes frequent, body temperature can increase. Inflow can continue from thirty seconds to five minutes. Such attacks and in the afternoon, and are shown at night, and, sometimes they provoke also developing of sleeplessness. Sometimes at the woman hands and legs grow dumb, also the pricking in extremities can be felt during inflow. Such attack in certain cases is also followed by a loss of consciousness. Manifestation of an incontience of urine, and also burning in the course of an urination is in certain cases also possible. It is possible to reduce manifestations of inflow with the help of hormonal replacement therapy. But at attacks which are followed by not especially heavy symptoms unpleasant effects can be taken off, having taken a cold shower or having just taken the cold air.

Early climax

Климакс On average the menopause at the woman comes approximately at fifty-year age. In a climacteric process of a producing hormones of a hypophysis and ovaries is gradually slowed down. As a result, the woman cannot conceive and take out the kid any more.

But in certain cases the so-called early climax at which all signs arise earlier generally in view of heredity takes place: if at the woman's relatives the climax began very much early, then the chance of early approach of a menopause considerably increases. It is necessary to consider that neither the age of approach of the first periods, nor the number of childbirth or pregnancies for the period of approach of a climax influences. But at the same time addictions, for example, tobacco smoking, can become one of factors influencing the beginning of a climax. At the same time the menopause generally comes later at women who a long time accept hormonal contraceptives.

If signs of a climax are shown in time, then the woman does not feel often pathological feelings at all. At the same time at early approach of a climax of manifestation of a menopausal syndrome can be very strong and painful for the woman.

Treatment of the climax which came very much early is carried out for the purpose of removal of too heavy symptoms. Hormonal replacement therapy with purpose of estrogen and progesterone — female sex hormones is for this purpose used. At the same time climacteric process does not stop. Besides, the gynecologist can advise therapy using vegetable and homeopathic remedies.

Climax after removal of ovaries

The so-called artificial climax at the woman comes if she made operation on removal of ovaries. In that case production of hormones sharply decreases that as a result provokes manifestation of symptoms of a climax.

Signs of an artificial climax are similar to symptoms of an age physiological climax: the woman is disturbed by inflow, strong department of sweat and other symptoms. In view of the fact that the organism of the woman is not ready to so sharp changes, she hard transfers symptoms of an artificial climax. But in certain cases the climax after removal of ovaries proceeds without especially unpleasant symptoms as hormonal changes are quickly perceived by the organism adapting to new conditions.

How the woman's organism in the period of a climax changes?

Климакс Disturbances of a menstrual cycle are considered as the main sign that the climax already comes nearer. Approximately the fifth part of women note such disturbances as the only manifestation of a climax. Gradually monthly completely stop, but it is preceded by increase in menstrual cycles. The woman notes continuous manifestations of an atrophic colpitis – strong dryness of a vagina. Over time the state a vagina also changes: vulvar lips become thinner, in a vagina loses elasticity. Atrophic processes affect also a uterus and a neck of uterus, however it is not expressed by accurate symptoms. Also feelings of the woman change during sexual intercourse: pain in the course of sexual contact is possible, also atypical allocations from a vagina sometimes can appear.

Changes happen also in a condition of mammary glands: the breast becomes not such elastic and elastic, its form considerably changes.

In the period of a climax skin sometimes becomes thinner and vulnerable. Besides, at many women osteoporosis develops. Intensive loss of density of tissue of bone is characteristic of this unpleasant disease. The most dense bones at the woman approximately at thirty-year age. Further every year bones gradually become more vulnerable. This process proceeds more intensively when there comes the menopause period. The woman does not feel pain when fluidifying a bone, a result of such process becomes frequent osteoporosis. The risk of emergence of cracks and changes considerably increases in such state.

During a climax also cholesterol level very significantly changes: at the same time not only indicators of the general level of cholesterol, but also the maintenance of lipoproteins of low density increase. Therefore, developing of cardiac illnesses is more probable.

During a climax most of women gather on several kilograms of excess weight. However, more intensive set of extra kilos occurs also in connection with hormonal changes, and in the course of aging of an organism.

Uterine bleedings at a climax

In the period of a climax at the woman uterine bleedings which demonstrate development of serious diseases can be shown. Such pathology can arise even at development of oncological diseases therefore the similar situation cannot be ignored under no circumstances. Especially as among some the woman there is an opinion that in the period of a climax any unusual manifestations are norm. Actually it absolutely not so. According to the existing statistics, bleedings in the period of a climax are shown at more than 50% of women 45 years are more senior.

Bleedings can be shown in connection with hormonal changes in an organism, and also owing to emergence of the new growths having both the high-quality, and malignant nature.

Uterine bleeding can be rather intensive and last for several weeks or even longer. Often there is also recurrence at which intensity of bleedings considerably increases, at the same time severe bleedings can threaten not only to health, but also the woman's life. Most often bleedings are shown at the patients having disbolism, and also endocrine diseases.

During a bleeding postmenopause are always considered as the menacing symptom. Therefore at bleeding carry always out a scraping of a mucous neck and a body of the womb then histologic research of samples is made.

Therefore it is very important to conduct surely at uterine bleedings full examination and to define what became the reason of such pathology.

Treatment of a pathological climax

Климакс Treatment of a pathological climax is made using so-called drugs of gormonzamestitelny therapy which effectively eliminate a number of unpleasant symptoms of a climax. Most often use hormonal drugs in the form of tablets, other forms – ointments, candles, plasters are in rare instances used. Estrogen – female sex hormones is a part of all drugs of this type. Also the majority of such medicamentous means has as a part of a gestagena. These hormones are necessary for ensuring prevention of a hyperplasia of an endometria. However only the gynecologist can appoint similar drugs, defining from what age their reception is reasonable.

Except treatment hormonal drugs at a climax also apply therapy by some non-hormonal medicamentous means, and also physical therapy and phytotherapy. Besides, in the period of a menopause it is desirable for women to receive medical treatment for means which provide treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. If in a climacteric serious disorders of psychological character take place, then sometimes to the woman the rate of antidepressants or the calming drugs is appointed. It is very important that during the climax period, heavy for a female organism, the woman led exclusively healthy and correct life, having thrown all addictions. Its everyday menu has to be the most balanced: it is worth including in a diet as much as possible fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy products. In that case the climax at women passes much easier, without provoking manifestation of heavy symptoms.

Climax at men

Климакс Not only women suffer from essential hormonal changes in an organism. The climax at men in certain cases is also shown by the symptoms similar to climax signs at women.

However, at men the pronounced period of a menopause is not noted. As a result, all age problems at men are explained by lowering in blood. level of men's hormones — androgens (testosterone). In the course of decrease in maintenance of androgens in blood many men note manifestations of constant fatigue, weakness, a depression, and also problems in sexual life with age. The so-called man's climax, however, significantly differs from female. If at women the producing hormones stops completely, then at men in a climacteric the level of sex hormones goes down gradually.

To diagnose manifestations of a climax for men, the doctor needs to learn about all arisen symptoms, and also to perform careful inspection. Besides, research regarding the content of hormones in blood is conducted, testosterone level is defined.

To facilitate some symptoms of a climax which are shown at men treatment by means of hormonal therapy can. After a course of such treatment most of men note simplification of a state, in particular, disappearance of symptoms of a depression and fatigue, return of a sexual inclination. However it is necessary to consider that at use of replacement hormonal therapy for men the risk of display of some serious illnesses, for example, of a prostate cancer increases. Therefore before such treatment the attending physician has to resolve a question of its need. Besides, to the man, as well as the woman, in the period of a climax it is desirable to abstain from addictions and to try to lead active lifestyle, and also to watch that food was rational and healthy.

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