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  • Latin name: Clindacin
  • ATH code: G01AA10
  • Active ingredient: Clindamycin (Clindamycin)
  • Producer: Quinacrine (Russia), Farmaprim (Republic of Moldova)


1 dose (5 grams) of cream includes 100 mg of phosphate of clindamycin. In addition: 1 / 2 propylene glycol, sodium benzoate, castor oil, poly(ethylene oxide), emulsifier.

1 candle (suppository) includes 100 mg of phosphate of clindamycin. In addition: semi-synthetic glycerides (on the type "Suppotsir", "Vitepsol", "Estarinum").

Release form

The remedy Klindatsin is made in the form of vaginal cream in aluminum tubas on 20 grams (with 3 applicators in a set) or 40 grams (with 7 applicators in a set), and also in the form of suppositories on 3 pieces in a pack.

Pharmacological action

Local antibacterial (wide range).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Klindatsin including a linkozamidny antibiotic as active ingredient – clindamycin, is the local means used in gynecology for treatment of a bacterial vaginosis (vaginosis) of bacterial genesis. The mechanism of action of local dosage forms of drug (cream, candles) is directed to disturbance of processes of the intracellular proteinaceous synthesis in a microbic cell happening at the level of big ribosomal subunit 50S.

The action spectrum of clindamycin is rather wide. In average doses bacteriostatic efficiency of drug in relation to many microorganisms is shown. In higher dosages clindamycin is characterized by the bactericidal action directed to destruction of some bacterial strains.

The main activity of clindamycin is observed concerning the microorganisms leading to forming of bacterial vaginoses including: Mobiluncus spp. (mobilunkus), Gardnerella vaginalis (gardnerella vaginalis), Bacteroides spp. (bacteroids), Peptostreptococcus spp. (peptostreptokokk), Mycoplasma hominis (mycoplasma hominis).

To influence of clindamycin strains of Candida albicans (milkwoman) and Trichomonas vaginalis (a vulval trichomonad) are insensitive.

Intravaginalnoye (in a vagina) single administration of clindamycin in a dose of 100 mg leads about 4% of drug (about 4 mg) to system absorption. Plasma Cmax of clindamycin equals 20 ng/ml.

Indications to use

Cream and candles Klindatsin are shown to use for the purpose of topical treatment of the bacterial vaginoses which developed owing to influence of microorganisms, sensitive to clindamycin.


Both dosage forms of Klindatsin are contraindicated to the women staying on the I trimester of pregnancy and also patients with personal hypersensitivity to clindamycin or lincomycin.

Side effects

Some patients at Klindatsin's use felt at themselves development of the negative by-effects including: feeling of an itch in a vagina, formation of makulo-papular rash, developing of urticaria, development of a cervicitis or colpitis (vaginitis), vulvovaginal irritation, a burning sensation.

From the hemopoietic system in rare instances observed: thrombocytopenia, reversible leukopenia, eosinophilia, neutropenia, agranulocytosis.

In case of considerable system absorption of clindamycin manifestation of system side effects inherent in it, including forming of a pseudomembranous coloenteritis is possible (very seldom).

Application instruction of Klindatsin (Way and dosage)

Cream Klindatsin, application instruction

Cream Klindatsin is intended for intravaginalny use by means of the special, included in a set to medical drug, one-time applicator. The recommended single daily dosage of cream equals 100 mg of clindamycin (volume of completely filled applicator). It is the best of all to carry out administration of drug in the evening (before going to bed). Duration of a medical course, as a rule, borrows from 3rd to 7 days.

Use of the applicator

For the correct dosing and administration of cream in a vagina recommend to use the one-time applicators which are in packaging with drug and to adhere to technology of their use, namely:

  • to remove from a tube with cream a protective cap;
  • to screw the one-time plastic applicator on its place;
  • to squeeze the opposite end of a tube for full filling of the applicator (the applicator is considered completely filled when its independently moving piston reaches an emphasis);
  • lying on spin to enter the applicator into a vagina as it is possible more deeply;
  • it is accurate to press on the piston the applicator before its full emptying;
  • it is careful to take the used applicator from a vagina and to throw out it.

Candles Klindatsin, application instruction

Candles Klindatsin also use intravaginalno, with single daily administration of the 1st suppository it is desirable in the evening (before going to bed). Duration of a medical course, as a rule, borrows from 3rd to 7 days.

For the correct use of drug it is necessary to exempt one suppository from external planimetric packaging, having cut a protective film on candle contours. Then in position of a body lying, to enter suppository into a vagina as it is possible more deeply.


Because of low absorption of clindamycin owing to its intravaginalny use, the probability of overdose is extremely small.


At the combined use with clindamycin efficiency of aminoglycosides (Streptomycin), Rifampicin and Gentamycin amplifies.

Clindamycin is incompatible with Aminophyllinum, Erythromycin, Magnesium sulfate, Ampicillin, Calcium a gluconate, derivatives of diphenylhydantoin and barbiturates.

Effects of clindamycin increase the muscle relaxation caused by influence of N-holinoblokatorov.

Terms of sale

Acquisition of cream demands presentation of the recipe, candles can be bought on free sale.

Storage conditions

Klindatsin it is necessary to store cream at a surrounding temperature to 20 °C, suppositories store in temperature range of 15-25 °C.

Period of validity

Both dosage forms of drug will keep the medical qualities for 3 years.

Special instructions

In case of long use of drug allow a possibility of excess growth of microorganisms insensitive to its active ingredient, in particular mushroom strains of Candida.

The combined Klindatsin's use with other intravaginalny remedies is not recommended.

For the reason though minimum, but after all system absorption of clindamycin (about 4%), against its topical administration the developing of diarrhea demanding drug withdrawal is possible.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Klindatsin's analogs are provided by the local medical drugs used in gynecologists for therapy of similar bacterial infections: Nystatin, Polizhinaks, Synthomycin, Pimafutsin, Natamitsin, Ekofutsin.

The price of analogs of candles of this drug to differ over a wide range, for example 10 suppositories of the drug Synthomycin can be bought for 40-60 rubles, and 12 vaginal capsules of Polizhinaks already for 600-650 rubles.


  • Klindatsin of 2% cream vaginal 20gakrikhin HFK of joint stock company
  • Klindatsin of 100 mg No. 3 suppositories vaginalnyeakrikhin HFK of joint stock company
  • Klindatsin of B pro-longum of 2% + 2% cream vaginal 6gakrikhin HFK of joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Klindatsin cream of vaginas. 2% of a tube of 20 g, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
  • Klindatsin soup. vaginas. 100 mg No. 3, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
  • Klindatsin of B pro-longum cream of vaginas. 2%+2% of a tube of 6 g, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
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