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  • Latin name: Clotrimazolum
  • ATH code: D01AC01
  • Active ingredient: Clotrimazolum (Clotrimazolum)
  • Producer: Sedate Health Care (India), LLC Farmakor Production, LLC Ozon (Russia), GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals S.A. (Poland), PAO Fitofarm, PAO NPTs Borshchagovsky HFZ (Ukraine), Farmaprim SRL. (Republic of Moldova)


Gel of 1% contains in the structure Clotrimazolum in concentration of 10 mg/g, propylene glycol, a macrogoal 400, the carbomer rectified from food raw materials alcohol of 96%, glitserol, radio extract of a sage.

Composition of cream of 1%: Clotrimazolum in concentration of 10 mg/g, alcohols cetostearyl and benzylic, polysorbate 60, synthetic spermaceti, octyllauryl alcohol, sorbitan stearate, water.

Composition of ointment of 1%: Clotrimazolum in concentration of 10 mg/g, poly(ethylene oxide)s 400 and 1500, propylene glycol, methylparaben, nipagin.

Composition of solution of 1%: Clotrimazolum in concentration of 10 mg/ml (in terms of dry matter), polyethyleneglycol 400, propylene glycol, ethanol of 96%.

Structure of candles: one suppository contains 100 mg of active agent and a basis in volume necessary for receiving suppository weighing 2 g. As a candle basis with Clotrimazolum contain semi-synthetic glycerides.

Structure of tablets: 100, 200 or 500 mg of Clotrimazolum, lactose in the form of monohydrate, potato starch, adipic acid, hydrosodium carbonate, silicon dioxide in a colloid form, sodium lauryl sulfate.

Release form

  • gel of 1% (packaging of 20 and 40 g);
  • cream of 1% (tuba of 15, 20, 30 and 50 g);
  • ointment of 1% (tuba of 15, 20, 30 and 40 g);
  • solution of 1% (bottles of 15 ml);
  • vaginal suppositories 0,1 g (packaging No. 6);
  • vaginal tablets 0,1, 0,2 or 0,5 of (packaging No. 1, No. 3, No. 6; tablets are completed with the applicator).

Tablets and vaginal candles Clotrimazolum have the ATH code, other than other dosage forms of drug — G01AF02.

Clotrimazolum can be also issued in the form of granules, powder for external use, spray.

Drug is intended for local (including intravaginalny) and external use, a tablet for intake are not issued.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Clotrimazolum is derivative an imidazole.

In vitro shows high activity concerning the most pathogenic fungi which are capable to cause serious infectious complications, namely:

  • dermatophytes (Microsporum sp., Epidermophyton floccosum, Trichophyton sp.);
  • drozhzhepodobny mushrooms (Cryptococcus neoformans, Candida sp.);
  • dimorphous mushrooms (Histoplasma capsulatum, Paracoccidicides brasiliensis, Coccidiodes immitis).

Its ability to block synthesis of proteins, nucleic acids and ergosterol, necessary for construction of cellular membranes of mushrooms, is the cornerstone of the mechanism of action of Clotrimazolum. Therefore cellular covers of mushrooms are damaged, and cells perish.

In low concentration Clotrimazolum works fungistaticly. If the dose exceeds 20 mkg/ml, drug has fungicidal effect, and not only on the proliferating cells.

In case of use in high doses, promotes increase of concentration of peroxide of hydrogen in a fungal cell to toxic value and, as a result, to destruction of fungal cells

At topical administration drug is absorbed by epidermis. The highest concentration of substance is defined in a retikuloderma. Also it is capable to get into a keratin of nails.

Clotrimazolum gets to system circulation in very insignificant quantities. It is metabolized in a liver to inactive substances which are removed from an organism with excrements and urine.

At intravaginalny use from 5 to 10% of Clotrimazolum are absorbed. The absorbed substance is exposed to Metabolization in a liver. Metabolism products with bile are removed.

Indications to use: for what ointment, cream, gel, candles and the tablets Clotrimazolum?

From what ointment Clotrimazolum, gel, cream and solution help?

Drug is appointed for treatment of fungal infections of skin which are caused by mold and barmy fungi, dermatophytes and other activators, sensitive to Clotrimazolum.

They are also used as means from depriving, the caused Malassezia furfur, and an erythrasma (the activator — Corynebacterium minutissimum).

Ointment, cream, gel and solution Clotrimazolum help: from a fungus of nails (an onychomycosis, a fungal paronychia), a trichophytosis, dermatofitiya, a fungal erosion and an intertrigo, a candidiasis, a microsporia, an epidermophitia, a dermatomycosis complicated by a secondary pyoderma of mycoses.

Indications to use of ointment, gel, cream and solution are including infectious diseases, activators which rezistentna to nystatin and some other antifungal means.

For treatment pink depriving drug does not approach as this disease, most likely, has a virus or infectious and allergic origin, and also can be the answer of an organism to a strong shock or a nervous breakdown. Clotrimazolum is effective at fungal infections.

Ointment use Clotrimazolum, gel and cream with Clotrimazolum in gynecology is shown:

  • for treatment and prevention of the milkwoman;
  • for prevention of repeated fungal infections of a female reproductive system which develop at prolonged treatment by antibiotics or against immunodeficiency.

Also solution, gel, cream and ointment in gynecology use for sanitation of a genital tract before delivery.

Candles — from what they?

The indication to use of vaginal suppositories is the vaginal candidiasis and genital superinfections provoked by microorganisms, sensitive to Clotrimazolum. Drug is appointed to women and — after the beginning of sex life — to teenage girls.

From what tablet Clotrimazolum?

Clotrimazolum in tablets is applied to treatment of blastomikotichesky infections of a vulva and a vagina. In particular, drug is appointed at the vaginitis caused by sort Candida mushrooms (including diseases which reason strains, steady against nystatin are), the superinfections of generative organs caused by other activators, sensitive to Clotrimazolum, for sanitation of a genital tract before delivery.


Contraindication: hypersensitivity.

Side effects

Allergic reactions.

When drawing on skin the following side effects are possible:

  • burning;
  • hypostasis;
  • emergence of blisters;
  • erythema;
  • irritation of skin;
  • feeling of a pricking
  • peeling.

Topical administration at urogenital mycoses can be followed by burning, an itch, puffiness and a giperemirovannost mucous, intercurrent cystitis, emergence of allocations from a vagina, increase of an urination, pain during sexual intercourse.

At topical administration at mycoses of an oral cavity reddening mucous, the feeling of a pricking and burning in a drug site of application, irritation can be noted.

Application instruction of Clotrimazolum: Clotrimazolum for women and for men

Ointment Clotrimazolum: application instruction. How to apply ointment Clotrimazolum for men?

Before applying ointment Clotrimazolum (Acre or other producers), affected areas of a body wash out previously soap water and carefully dry.

Drug is applied on affected areas (taking small sites of healthy skin around the defeat center) with a thin layer from 1 to 3 rubles/days and slightly rubbed.

For 1 processing of the area of the size of a palm of rather 5-timillimetrovy strip of ointment.

Irrespective of the fact which activators the disease is caused, treatment after stopping of subjective symptoms is recommended to be continued within 2 weeks.

At dermatomycoses the course of treatment lasts from 3 to 4, at an erythrasma — from 2 to 4, at multi-colored herpes — from 1 to 3 weeks.

If there is no clinical improvement in 4 weeks of regular use of drug, the patient is sent for repeated microbiological research and revise the scheme of treatment.

Use of ointment at the milkwoman at women allows to block distribution of fungal cells and — at purpose of higher doses — provides their elimination. In the therapeutic purposes Clotrimazolum from the milkwoman is used by 2 rubles/days, rubbing ointment to the struck places of a crotch.

Until drug is absorbed, recommended not to dress linen.

For men a route of administration at the milkwoman and other fungal infections of generative organs (a candidosis balanoposthitis, urogenital candidiasis) the same, as for women.

Ointment is applied on a prepuce and a balanus and carefully rubbed in skin and a mucous membrane. Frequency rate of uses — 2 rubles/days.

Drug is badly absorbed in skin, and its active agent is characterized by ability to collect gradually in an upper layer of skin. Thanks to these properties high performance of ointment Clotrimazolum is provided at the milkwoman at men and women.

Cream Clotrimazolum: application instruction

Cream is intended for topical administration. At the milkwoman and other fungus diseases it is put it on struck a fate twice or three times during the day and slightly rubbed.

If mikoparazitam are surprised generative organs, for treatment for the milkwoman appoint cream at the same time to both partners. At a candidosis balanitis or a balanoposthitis cream with Clotrimazolum is applied to men as well as ointment.

Duration of a course depends on indications to use and makes from 1-2 (at a candidosis balanitis / vulvitis) till 3-4 weeks (at dermatomycoses).

For prevention of recurrence of a disease it is very important not to stop treatment within 2 weeks after subjective symptoms of an infection disappear. In the absence of improvements after 4 weeks of therapy the patient needs to see a doctor.

Vaginal cream Clotrimazolum is entered into a vagina in the portions on 5 grams of 1 ruble/days within 3 days.

The instruction on solution

Before application of Clotrimazolum skin should be washed up warm soap water (in particular sites between fingers) and it is good to dry up. Processing of affected areas is carried out by 2-3 rubles/days. The amount of solution has to be sufficient for uniform drawing on all struck surface.

At damage of skin of feet solution liquid Clotrimazolum needs to be applied a coxa of each washing.

Solution is the most preferable dosage form at an onychomycosis. It is connected with the fact that it has the best getting properties.

At fungal infections of an oral cavity affected areas of mucous process a wadding stick or a tampon on which previously apply drops (for processing of each ear enough from 10 to 20 drops). Frequency rate of procedures — 3-4 rubles/days.

After drawing Clotrimazolum within an hour it is necessary to abstain from the use of food and drinks.

Drops Clotrimazolum are also effective at the onomikoz caused by barmy mushrooms. Drops enter into an ear with the help turundochek: the twisted wadded flagellum is moistened in solution and 3-4 rubles/days put for 5-10 minutes in acoustical pass. Treatment lasts from 3 to 4 weeks.

The instruction on gel

The route of administration of gel is similar to an ointment route of administration. Means is applied on the epidermis of 2-3 rubles/days affected with mikoparazita and rubbed the easy movements.

Feature of this dosage form is that gel is well distributed on skin and is also well absorbed in it. It allows to use drug including for processing of hardly accessible body parts.

Intravaginalno gel is applied as well as cream with Clotrimazolum: 1 rubles/days on 5 grams. A course of treatment — 3 days.

Vaginal tablets Clotrimazolum: application instruction

In the absence of other purposes of the tablet Clotrimazolum of Acre and synonymous to them drugs at the milkwoman and other fungal infections of generative organs apply:

  • within 3 days on 1 tablet of 2 rubles/days;
  • within 6 days on 1 tablet of 1 ruble/days.

How to enter the vaginal tablets Clotrimazolum? Before introduction the tablet is taken out from packaging and moistened with the cooled boiled water. It is necessary to administer the drug in the situation "lying on spin" with the legs bent in knees.

That the tablet was completely dissolved, and Clotrimazolum worked, the wet environment is necessary (otherwise not dissolved parts can get enough sleep outside). Therefore the tablet is entered into a vagina as it is possible more deeply. To optimum carry out procedure before going to bed.

Treatment needs to be stopped prior to the beginning of periods. Menstrual allocations will wash away drug, and it will not have the necessary effect. During treatment by vaginal tablets it is not necessary to use tampons, spermitsida, intravaginalny syringings and any other vaginal products.

For sanitation of a genital tract before delivery to the woman once enter 200 mg of Clotrimazolum.

At pregnancy drug is contraindicated in 1 trimester. On later terms Clotrimazolum has no adverse effect on fetation, however use of the applicator can be accompanied by certain risks.

The instruction on candles

Candles from the milkwoman are applied intravaginalno. The drug should be administered deeply in a vagina, on one daily within 6 days. Carrying out a repeated course perhaps after consultation of the doctor.

Candles at the milkwoman and other urogenital mycoses do not apply Clotrimazolum during menstrual bleeding. Treatment has to be complete till its beginning.

At pregnancy drug in this dosage form is used from the 2nd trimester and in situations when the expected advantage for mother exceeds possible risks for a fruit.

Responses allow to draw a conclusion that drug quickly destroys colonies of mushrooms and eliminates unpleasant symptoms of mycoses. The low price and a wide choice of dosage forms belong to other its advantages.


When drawing on skin and intravaginalny use of risk there is no acute intoxication as Clotrimazolum gets to a system blood stream in very small quantities.

At accidental reception of Clotrimazolum nausea, anorexia, vomiting, a gastralgia, liver dysfunction are inside possible. The pollakiuria, hallucinations, drowsiness, skin allergic reactions are in rare instances noted.

In this case to the patient appoint enterosorbents and a symptomatic treatment. The gastric lavage is carried out in situations when the life-threatening dose was accepted within the last hour, and also in the presence of visible symptoms of overdose (nausea, dizziness, vomiting).


At simultaneous use with half-yen antibiotics (Amphotericinum In, natamitsiny, Nystatin) drugs mutually suppress activity of each other.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

To protect from moisture and light. Temperature of storage should not exceed 25 °C. Freezing of cream, gel, ointment or solution is not allowed.

Period of validity

Suppositories, cream, solution, gel and vaginal tablets are good for use during 3 flyings after a date of issue. A period of validity for ointment — 2 years.

Special instructions

To avoid a proglatyvaniye and hit in eyes.

At mycoses it is necessary to treat at the same time all affected areas of a body.

Use of vaginal tablets if the doctor did not make other recommendations, is contraindicated in the presence of any of following symptoms:

  • acyclic vulval bleedings;
  • bloody discharge or pathological bleeding from a vagina, uterine hemorrhages;
  • dysuria;
  • pain in a stomach bottom;
  • open wounds, bubbles or ulcers vagina or vulvas;
  • any unpleasant symptoms which are associated using Clotrimazolum (irritation, reddening, burning, puffiness, etc.);
  • the fever or fever with temperature increase is above 38 °C;
  • nausea and/or vomiting;
  • vulval allocations with an unpleasant smell;
  • diarrhea;
  • brachialgias or in spin.

For the prevention of reinfection treatment is appointed at the same time to both partners. An optimum dosage form for men — cream.

At trichomoniasis in addition to drug appoint chemotherapeutic means for system treatment (metronidazole inside).

What ointment or cream Clotrimazolum is better?

The choice for this or that dosage form is made depending on indications. Ointment Clotrimazolum for women and men is appointed at diseases which are followed by the increased dryness and a peeling of skin.

As a rule, it is the skin mycoses (a trichophytosis, a microsporia), an inguinal epidermophitia, an erythrasma, a chromophytosis, separate cases of candidiasis of smooth skin, the mixed bacterial and fungal infections caused by dermatophytes.

At the becoming wet inflammatory processes it is more reasonable to apply cream which has the drying effect.

Analogs of Clotrimazolum

Synonyms of dosage forms for external use: Clotrimazolum Acre, Amiklon, Imidil, Kandibene, Kandizol, Candide, Kanesten, Kanizon, Funginal, Funugitsip.

Analogs of levers. tab.: Candide, Imidil, Kandizol, Kandibene, Funginal, Candide-B6, Kanizon, Fungitsip.

That it is better: Candide or Klotrimazol?

Candide is Clotrimazolum synonym. A basis of both drugs is the same substance therefore there are no fundamental differences between them.

Clotrimazolum or Pimafutsin — what is better?

The main component of Pimafutsinan antibiotic of antimycotic action nitamitsin. Sensitivity to drug is shown by mainly mold and barmy mushrooms (including childbirth of Penicillium, Candida, Cephalosporium, Aspergillus and Fusarium).

Pseudoallescheria boydii and dermatophytes are less sensitive to Pimafutsin. That is in situations when fungi of the sort Epidermophyton, Trichophyton or Microsporum are a cause of illness, the choice should be made in favor of the drug Clotrimazolum.

Use of Clotrimazolum is followed by hypersensitivity reactions less often. Besides, it less than Pimafutsin, provokes disturbances of balance of microflora of generative organs.


  • Clotrimazolum of 100 mg No. 6 of a tablet vaginal / Ozone/ozone of Ltd company
  • Clotrimazolum of 1% solution 15mlmedana Pharma A.O.
  • Clotrimazolum of 1% 20 g of cream/Glaxo/Glaksosmitklyayn Farmasyyutikalz S. A.
  • Klotrimazol-Akrikhin 1% HFK ointment 20gakrikhin of joint stock company
  • Clotrimazolum of 1% 20 g cream

Drugstore of IFC

  • Clotrimazolum tbl vaginas. 100 mg No. 6, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals S.Apolsha
  • Klotrimazol-Akrikhin ointment of 1% 20 g, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
  • Clotrimazolum cream of 1% 20 g, Glaxo Wellcome/Poznanpolsha
  • Clotrimazolum solution outside 1% 15 ml, Polfa/Terpol/Medana farmapolsha
  • Klotrimazol-Akrikhin tbl vaginas. 100 mg No. 6 ***, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
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  • Klotrimazolglaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals (Poland)
  • Klotrimazolglaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals (Poland)
  • Klotrimazolborshchagovsky HFZ (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Klotrimazolsynmedic (India)
  • Klotrimazolsynmedic (India)


  • Clotrimazolum cream of 1% 20gborshchagovsky HFZ
  • Clotrimazolum cream of 1% 20gborshchagovsky HFZ
  • Clotrimazolum cream of 1% 20gborshchagovsky HFZ
  • Ointment Clotrimazolum of 1% 20gborshchagovsky HFZ
  • Clotrimazolum cream of 1% 20gborshchagovsky HFZ


  • Clotrimazolum of 1% 20 g cream in a tuba
  • Clotrimazolum of 100 mg No. 6 supp.vag.farmaprim SRL (Moldova)
  • Clotrimazolum of 100 mg No. 6 of the tab. of levers.
  • Clotrimazolum of 100 mg No. 10 of the tab. of levers. Borshchagovsky himfarmzavod (Ukraine)
  • Clotrimazolum of 100 mg No. 10 of the tab. of levers. Global Farm of JV LLP (Kazakhstan)
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