Strawberry is capable to slow down process of aging and to protect from cancer

Strawberry is that berry which slows down process of aging and is capable to protect from cancer as increases the level of antioxidants in blood, according to the western scientists.

Antioxidants are neutralized by the free radicals representing a basic reason of aging, reduce risk of developing of cancer, diseases warmly — vascular system and many others.

The Italian scientists conducted researches together with the Spanish colleagues, watching group of healthy volunteers to whom they gave on 500 g of strawberry for 2 weeks.
Regularly samples of blood of volunteers gathered. It was established that as a result of eating of strawberry they increased the level of antioxidants in blood and also process of destruction of red blood cells was slowed down.

Soon scientists are going to find out what has to be a day portion of strawberry for achievement of the necessary effect, and also define strawberry grades with the largest content of antioxidants.

In the people strawberry is used at treatment of a hypertension and anemia, atherosclerosis and uterine bleedings. Recommend it at obesity as it strengthens exchange processes. Strawberry contains many organic acids. One of them is capable to neutralize cancer cells when smoking. So smokers especially should use this berry.

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