Strawberry will protect from an old age and oncological diseases

Strawberry is not only most tasty berry which appears at the beginning of flying, but also incredibly useful food stuff. Recently scientists declared that she is capable to fight against origin and further development of oncological diseases in a human body. Scientists from Spain and Italy conducted joint researches which result was conclusion that strawberry is capable to protect a human body from oncological illnesses, and also to slow down aging processes. During research volunteers every day for two weeks ate on a half of kilogram of berries of strawberry. It became clear that the use of strawberry which grew on beds during the summer period increases the content of antioxidants in blood of the person to a maximum. In turn antioxidants are capable to resist in an organism to oxidation processes. As a result, the probability of emergence and progressing of oncological illnesses decreases.

Besides, the regular use of strawberry is capable to make positive impact on a condition of an organism of those who are inclined to diseases of cardiovascular system. Under the influence of strawberry red blood cells live more long span. Researchers from California reported what contains in strawberry fizetin — strong antioxidant which can suspend degenerative processes in a brain. Therefore, under its influence at the person memory improves, and also there is a cogitative activity more dynamically. At the same time the wild strawberry increases the level of dopamine which improves attention and memory in an organism.

And here bananas, according to scientists, can help to cure flu and a hypertension, and also to considerably improve digestion and even to relieve the person of a depression. The matter is that this fruit contains B6 vitamin under the influence of which in an organism serotonin – happiness hormone. By the way, the Japanese researchers claim that bananas are also capable to protect an organism from development of cancer illnesses.

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