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  • Latin name: Co-Renitec
  • ATH code: C09BA02
  • Active ingredient: Enalapril maleate (Enalaprili maleates), Hydrochlorothiazide (Hydrochlorothiazide)
  • Producer: Merck Sharp & Dohme B.V. (Netherlands)


Ko-Renitek contains such active components as enalapril a maleate and a hydrochlorothiazide. Besides, in it there are such additional components as dye ferrous oxide yellow, starch corn prezhelatinizirovanny, starch corn, lactose water, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium stearate.

Release form

Medicine is issued in tablets which are in the blisters which are contained in packaging.

Pharmacological action

Drug is APF inhibitor and diuretic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This medicine reduces the level of ions of sodium in a vascular wall, the arterial pressure, a tone of arterial vessels, OPSS, and also increases diuresis. Hypotensive action lasts for days.

Thus, drug is effective in case of arterial hypertension. Hypotensive action of active components of medicine supplements each other. Therapy by this means is more effective in most cases at arterial hypertension, than the use of enalapril of a maleate and hydrochlorothiazide separately.

Enalapril is APF inhibitor. After absorption it is metabolized in enalaprilat. Its action leads to reduction of level of angiotensin II in plasma because of what activity of a renin of a blood plasma increases and secretion of Aldosteronum decreases. Besides, enalapril interferes with destruction of bradikinin.

Lowering of arterial pressure is accompanied by reduction of the general peripheric resistance of vessels and some increase of cordial emission. Drug increases a renal blood stream. At the same time the glomerular filtration rate if only at patients it was not initially lowered does not change.

Hydrochlorthiazidum is diuretic and anti-hypertensive means which promotes increase activity of a renin. Thus, in combination with enalapril it leads to more considerable lowering of arterial pressure. Drug withdrawal does not cause its sharp increase.

The maximum effect, as a rule, appears 2-4 hours later after use. The hypotensive effect is swept up in an hour. Duration of effect of the medicine in many respects depends on a dosage. As a rule, it lasts for days.

Indications to use

This means is shown at arterial hypertension if the combination therapy is considered the most effective.


It is impossible to apply Ko-Renitek at hypersensitivity to his components, children's age, an anury, a Quincke's edema in the anamnesis, and also a hereditary or idiopathic Quincke's edema.

With care this means is appointed at:

  • bilateral stenosis of renal arteries;
  • coronary heart disease;
  • aortal stenosis;
  • serious system illnesses of connecting fabric;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • state after transplantation of a kidney;
  • dietary food with the limited content of sodium;
  • advanced age;
  • cerebrovascular diseases;
  • chronic heart failure;
  • renal failure;
  • oppression of a marrowy hemopoiesis;
  • states to which decrease in volume of the circulating blood accompanies;
  • liver failure;
  • hyperpotassemias;
  • stenosis of an artery of the only kidney.

Side effects

Negative side reactions, according to researches, as a rule, have moderate character. Usually they do not need therapy cancellation. Side effects can be the following:

Besides, in rare instances at drug intake such undesirable manifestations as Quincke's disease of a glottis, extremities, language, person, throat, lips, Stephens-Johnson's syndrome, an intestinal Quincke's edema, a hyperhidrosis are possible.

Application instruction of Ko-Renitek (Way and dosage)

This means is applied orally on a tablet of times a day. If it is necessary, the dosage can be raised to two tablets a day.

The application instruction of Ko-Renitek recommends to control data of water and electrolytic balance. If the patient accepted diuretics before, it is necessary to wait 2-3 days before the use of tablets of Ko-Renitek. In cases when increase in urea and creatinine in blood is noted, use of means needs to be stopped.


At reception of enalapril in the raised doses lowering of arterial pressure (approximately 6 hours later after the use) and a stupor is perhaps considerable. Overdose by a hydrochlorothiazide can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes and dehydration because of excessive diuresis.


Ko-Renitek can be applied with other hypotensive drugs. Then action summing is observed. In combination with potassium additives, kaliysoderzhashchy salts and kaliysberegayushchy diuretics the hyperpotassemia is probable.

At interaction with drugs of lithium removal of lithium through kidneys decreases. The probability of lithium intoxication increases.

NPVP reduce effect of the medicine. And if they are accepted by patients with problems of function of kidneys, such combination can lead also to deterioration in work of kidneys. But these changes have reversible character.

Hypotensive effect of medicine is reduced by estrogen and ethanol. Immunodepressants, cytostatics and Allopyrinolum increase probability of a gematotoksichnost.

Terms of sale

This means is on sale according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature – to 30 °C. It is necessary to store drug in the dry place.

Period of validity

Three years.

Ko-Renitek's analogs

Ko-Renitek's analogs in drugstores are on sale the following:

  • Enalapril-HL-Zdorovye;
  • Berlipril Plus;
  • Ena Sandoz Compositum;
  • Enalapril-N-Zdorovye;
  • Enalozid;
  • Enalozid Forte;
  • Enap-N;
  • Enap-HL;
  • Enapril-N.

Responses on Ko-Renitek

Responses on Ko-Renitek testify to its efficiency. About side reactions it is reported seldom. Patients usually say that side effects pass by itself and do not demand treatment cancellation.


  • Co-renitek 20/12,5mg No. 56х10 tabletkimerk Sharp and Doum (NETHERLANDS)
  • Co-renitek 20/12,5mg No. 56 tabletkimerk Sharp and Doum (NETHERLANDS)
  • Co-renitek 20/12,5mg No. 14 tabletkimerk Sharp and Doum (NETHERLANDS)
  • Co-renitek 20/12,5mg No. 28 tabletkimerk Sharp and Doum (NETHERLANDS)

Drugstore of IFC

  • Co-renitek tbl 20/12.5mg No. 28, Merck Sharp & Dohmeniderlandy
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  • Co-renitekmerck Sharp & Dohme (Netherlands)


  • Co-renitek of the tab. No. 28
Section: Cardiovascular
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