Coffee improves memory

Coffee positively influences memory of the woman. Such pleasant information for lovers of coffee drinks the other day was announced by scientists from France. In particular specialists defined that women aged after 65 flyings which got used to drink not less than three cups of coffee a day had less problems with memory.

Researchers received such results, having held testing which was made two times with a four-year interval. It was confirmed that caffeine considerably improved memory of elderly women who regularly drank three cups of this drink. It is interesting that such pattern was not noted at men who took part in testing. Earlier scientists from Japan defined that caffeine allows to reduce twice probability of development of cancer of large intestine in women. However, for achievement of such effect it is also necessary to drink not less than three cups of this drink a day.

According to physicians, caffeine affects thus only a female organism because of its more expressed sensitivity to different stimulators in comparison with the man's organism.

And here it is not necessary to expect to either men, or women that coffee can making sober to affect the person who took alcoholic drinks. Scientists from Templsky university (Philadelphia) published results of the researches conducted in laboratory on experimental rodents. Experimental mice used caffeine and alcohol both separately, and together. Rodents received ethanol in that quantity which caused in them intoxication. When at the same time mice also received caffeine, the perception of environment at rodents did not change. At the same time alcohol reduced the stimulating and exciting effect of caffeinic drinks on an organism. As a result animals relaxed and became less susceptible to dangers even more.

According to scientists, it is extremely undesirable to people to practice such combination as it can lead to the wrong decisions and unpleasant effects. The person who used coffee and alcohol loses ability to estimate adequately own condition and can take, for example, the wheel, apart from himself drunk.

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