When it is possible to do the test for pregnancy

General information

Thanks to the fact that in due time tests for early definition of pregnancy were invented the woman can receive a positive take long before happy news is confirmed by the gynecologist. You can be sure that you are pregnant, in the first weeks after conception. If it is correct to use the test, it is possible to receive the most exact result.

But for this purpose it is necessary to know precisely how to do the test what to buy when to carry out it and when it is possible to learn about pregnancy. All features of express diagnosis of pregnancy, and also how to choose the best test what it is better to use during a certain period and how to understand result, is described in this article.

How works?

The mechanism of all tests for pregnancy is uniform: they define whether hormone of a chorionic gonadotrophin (HGCh) which begins to be produced in an organism after an attachment in a germ uterus contains in the woman's urine. That is at test the result is shown when HGCh appears in the woman's urine after conception.

Положительный результат "две полоски" на фото

Positive take "two strips" on a photo

Women are always interested when the test for pregnancy shows exact result. It is necessary to consider that the quantity of HGCh after conception increases every day, but right after fertilization to define that the woman managed to become pregnant, only specialists can, having conducted special research of a venous blood. In such a way it is possible to receive a positive take for five days earlier, than 2 strips will be shown by any of tests. Sometimes in the first days after conception the 2nd strip is hardly visible – it depends on sensitivity level.

At the majority of rapid tests the level of sensitivity begins with an indicator of 25 mUI HGCh. Sensitivity on some is designated by 10 mUI HGCh, but it does not have proofs. According to many druggists, such sensitive tests are only an advertizing trick. As also advertizing courses it is possible to consider that the rapid test allegedly has the highest probability of definition of pregnancy to a delay with an accuracy of 99%. And, price their rather high.

How to carry out?

When to do the test for pregnancy, each woman independently defines. But at the same time it is important to know when it is possible to do the test for pregnancy that it correctly showed exact result. The answer to a question when it is better to do the test for pregnancy after conception, depends on that, a regular or not menstrual cycle at the woman. The corresponding number of days is counted after an ovulation therefore depends on it when it is necessary to do the test.

After a delay

If it is necessary to define whether there is a pregnancy after a delay, then for what day to do the test, does not matter as from the first day of a delay it is possible to diagnose existence of HGCh in urine. In any case, producers of tests, answering a question through how many it is possible to do the test for pregnancy, claim quite so. But actually specialists say that it is necessary to define pregnancy in a week after a delay, that is after expected day of the beginning of monthly. At what delay the test defines pregnancy precisely, depends also on the level of its sensitivity.

To a delay

Nevertheless, many women nevertheless hurry to carry out the test for pregnancy to a delay, choosing highly sensitive samples which have quite good responses. However it is necessary to consider that even the most sensitive test to a delay can not always show the correct result. It is important to define correctly when it is possible to do to a delay testing that to a delay monthly reliability of result was high.

For example, if the woman has a regular cycle and makes 28 days, then if to make procedure for the 23rd day of a cycle, even sensitive jet to a delay pregnancy will not define as in blood there will be no HGCh sufficient level. Whether will show to a delay pregnancy in the 26th day of a cycle, also depends on day of fertilization and duration of a cycle etc.

At a regular menstrual cycle

When it is possible to do the analysis on HGCh or the test for pregnancy?

If the woman has a regular cycle and there are no delays monthly, then an exit of an ovum which is ready to fertilization occurs in the middle of a cycle. That is monthly begin for the 30th day of a cycle, it will be the 15th day, the ovulation at the 28th day cycle occurs for the 14th day. Its fertilization can happen for the next two days. After the spermatozoon merged with an ovum, she "travels" 4-5 more days to the place of an attachment in a uterus. Thus, those who is interested through how many the test will show result should consider that for the 22nd day of a cycle, having made blood test, it is already possible to determine growth of the HGCh level.

If to say about whether the test will show one week prior to monthly pregnancy, then the most sensitive and the most exact of them can show two strips in 4 days prior to monthly that is when in urine level more than 25 mUI. That is at a 30-day cycle the highly sensitive test can be carried out for the 26th day of a cycle though there is a probability that for the 26th day of a cycle the test will be negative. If the periods, as a rule, begin for the 28th day of a cycle, then the test is carried out for the 24th day of a cycle though even for the 28th day of a cycle the test negative can be.

At an irregular menstrual cycle

Результаты проверки на беременностьProvided that the woman has an irregular cycle, it is initially necessary to know ovulation time. It is in that case difficult to define when there was an ovulation, and, respectively, through how many after an ovulation to do the test. It is possible to define the ovulation period:

  • using the test for an ovulation;
  • on the level of basal temperature (it increases);
  • on manifestation of signs of PMS (whether this sign can show an ovulation, depends on specific features of a female organism).

Having defined what time of an ovulation, it is necessary to add by this day 12 days then growth of HGCh by birth on condition of pregnancy is already found. The test for pregnancy with high sensitivity can be done for the 15th day.

But the results received after a delay will be the most exact. That is consider that if you have a delay of 5 days to do the test there is already a sense.

In what time of day to do?

When it is possible to make testing, to strips, as a rule, do not write to instructions. That is, regardless, when and how to make, the test all the same will show 2 strips at pregnancy. But gynecologists often say that it is better to use it in the morning when night urine gathered. On the earliest terms accuracy will be in that case higher. When carrying out in the afternoon the urine which was less concentrated and therefore mistakes are possible, and the test at pregnancy will be negative. The similar situation can occur if to carry out this procedure in the evening. To make more and more precisely in the afternoon or in the evening, to the woman it is necessary to abstain about four hours before it from an urination. Also during this period it is necessary to drink less liquid that urine was more concentrated.

Whether it is possible to do the test for pregnancy in the evening, depends also on the term of expected pregnancy. The explanation why it is necessary to do in the morning, is clear: concentration of HGCh in night urine is higher. But if term is already several days more, to do in the morning or in the evening the test, has no such value. Therefore, whether the answer to a question it is obligatory to do in the morning the test, it is ambiguous.

How it is correct to make the test for pregnancy?

Women have many questions concerning use of tests:

  • whether it is possible to do to a delay of monthly?
  • how to make?
  • whether positive it will be if to carry out still to monthly, etc.

All these questions will be answered by the gynecologist. Besides, how to use the test for pregnancy, it is possible to learn, having watched video, and also to consider how it is correct to use, in pictures.

Except recommendations about an occasion of whether it is possible to do in the afternoon through how many it is possible to make after expected conception and from what day the test shows pregnancy, there are general rules of use of tests.

Как правильно сделать тест на беременность, фото

As it is correct to make the test for pregnancy, a photo

So, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • it is necessary to store the test in those conditions that are designated on packaging;
  • packaging should not have damages;
  • the expired product cannot be applied;
  • on a question whether it is possible to reuse — the answer negative;
  • it is necessary to open at once before beginning procedure;
  • it is better to carry out on night urine;
  • it is necessary to observe sterility: to wash hands before carrying out, to use pure capacity for urine;
  • before an urination the woman has to be washed away and wiped dry;
  • it is necessary to carry out an urination to pure capacity;
  • use is carried out strictly according to the instruction: lower in urine to that level which is appointed, to maintain that time which is recommended, to estimate result only when it is recommended the manufacturer.


Now there are many different versions of tests. The price of a rapid test can be different. But all producers promise high reliability of results.

Actually, whether will show result a test strip, depends on its correct use, and also on as far as the test highly sensitive. Therefore important accurately to understand, what of tests supersensitive and when each of them shows exact result.

Now the most popular tests having high reliability it is Evitest and Frautest. They are made in Germany, they have average cost, and seldom show false results. These popular producers (Frau, Evitest) let out different types of tests. For example, the test for pregnancy of Evitest has several variations: tablet jet and strip test. Evitest's sensitivity depends on a version. However, if any of products of Evitest is used, the application instruction has to be observed very accurately. Except tests for pregnancy also the test for an ovulation is made. In general the instruction on Evitest is rather simple and available therefore Evitest Plus, Evitest One each woman in any conditions can use and receive the most exact result.

In general whether will show result to a delay the test, depends because whether correctly it is used by the woman. From what day shows result, depends also on sensitivity and quality of a strip. The greatest probability to receive reliable result when carrying out testing in the first days after a delay.

The price of the test for pregnancy also matters. The cheapest of them respectively — with cheap reagent.

Strip test

These tests popular and inexpensive, them it is possible to use from the first days of a delay. The test looks as a paper strip on which the layer with antibodies in HGCh is applied.

Стрип-проверка Frautest Express

Frautest Express strip check

To it there is a reaction when shows the test for pregnancy. That is, when the test for pregnancy shows result, it occurs because hormone which contains in the woman's urine reacts to impregnation of a strip. As a result on the test the second strip quickly appears.


It is easy to do the test: it is necessary to take pure capacity, to collect in it a little urine. The strip is lowered in urine a tip to a tag which is designated on it, and held 10 seconds. It is necessary to lower a strip the necessary party. A result assessment — for from 1 to 10 minutes. Whether will show the second strip in the first minute, depends on the HGCh level: the its is less, the second strip appears later.

For what day shows?

From the first day of a delay.




To use not too conveniently, can be mistaken, to a delay will not show.

Modern strip tests

  • Evitest No. 1
  • FRAUTEST Express
  • Eve (can define from 1 day of a delay)
  • Secret
  • Bbtest
  • Femitest Practic
  • Femitest Practic Ultra
  • Itest Plus

Tablet test

It is made in a special box with two openings windows.

Планшетный (кассетный) - Evitest Proof

Tablet (cassette) — Evitest Proof

Works as a strip test. Also in a set there is a pipette, capacity for collecting urine.


The first step – to drop 4 drops of urine in the first window. 1-10 min. later in the second 1 or 2 strips appear.

For what day shows?

From the first day of a delay.


Inexpensive, it is easy to define result.


It is necessary to perform many operations to make.

Modern tablet tests

  • Evitest Proof
  • LadyTest-C
  • Frautest Expert
  • Sezam
  • Clearblue
  • KnowNow Optima
  • Femitest Handy

Jet test

Already the name defines the principle of action: it is possible to make it, having placed under an urine stream.

Струйный способ проверки - Frautest Exclusive

Jet way of check — Frautest Exclusive

It is important that the application instruction was precisely observed by those who use Frautest. In spite of the fact that Frautest's sensitivity and others the same type very high, can show to Frautest Exclusive a negative take if it was used incorrectly.


It is necessary to place a tip with the filter under a stream of urine or in capacity with it on 10 sec. After that in a special opening in 1-10 min. 1 or 2 strips appear.


Can define HGCh in urine in 5 days prior to a delay. On a question whether pregnancy can not show the test if conception happened, the answer negative. The jet test will show pregnancy to a delay, and also in the first days of a delay.


Convenient use, accuracy.


Price of the jet test for pregnancy high.

Modern jet tests

  • Frautest Comfort
  • Evitest Perfect
  • Frautest Exclusive
  • Femitest Jet Ultra
  • Clearblue
  • Clear View
  • Duet

Electronic test

It also call the digital test for pregnancy.

Электронный способ проверки - Clearblue

Electronic way of check — Clearblue

Responses of specialists demonstrate that it is the most modern rapid test.


It is necessary to lower the test the end with the filter in urine, to take until it becomes impregnated. It is possible to estimate in three minutes. If the positive take, appears the word "pregnancy" or the sign "+".


Shows pregnancy in 4 days prior to a delay. Thanks to high precision shows for 99% the correct result in 2 days prior to date of periods.


If to estimate sensitivity of tests for pregnancy, then electronic – the test with the highest sensitivity. There is no need to ask what most sensitive tests among electronic as all of them have high sensitivity.


Price of the electronic test for pregnancy very high. How much is such test, depends on the producer, but cost averages about 400 rubles.

The test for pregnancy of Clearblue (the so-called "blue" test), despite high cost, is very demanded. If electronic Clearblue is used, the instruction at the same time is observed, then the result will be the most exact. However this test for pregnancy which application instruction demonstrates that the received text on Klia Blya disappears after a while the woman will not be able to leave for memory as the first certificate on pregnancy. Nevertheless, to Klearbl enjoys popularity now.

Reusable digital tests

The last invention — the test with the yusb-socket which can be attached to the computer and to see result.

Цифровое USB-устройство P-Teq

Digital P-Teq USB device

20 cartridges processed by the reagent reacting to existence of HGCh in urine are included in the package. By such test it is possible to check whether there was a conception, 21 times.


Shows result in 4 days prior to a delay.


If to choose such test, it can be used many times. Some tests can check also duration of gestation. But time of conception can be learned with an accuracy of 92%.


It is very difficult to get replaceable cartridges now.

The negative test at pregnancy

The question is actual for many women whether can be at pregnancy the test negative? Whether can not show pregnancies a rapid test, patients often ask also doctors.

Actually it is possible and why at pregnancy shows a negative take, is explained by some features of a female organism. The matter is that at each future mother the HGCh level increases differently. In the first two weeks of a delay perhaps negative value at pregnancy if at the woman endocrine dysfunction is noted, and also exists threat of an abortion.

Отрицательный результат при беременностиWhy does not show the test at a pregnancy delay, can speak the fact that the woman uses it very much early. Some of tests are not so sensitive.

In certain cases the woman wishing to become pregnant begins to check "situation" too early, long before expected monthly. For example, if to begin testing for the 25th day of a cycle, then at this time HGCh in blood does not reach the necessary level yet. Even if the woman has a cycle of 25 days when it is possible to become pregnant, depends on day of an ovulation therefore at negative value it is necessary to check result after a while. What test at the same time to choose, the woman solves. But it is important to consider that negative value is possible also at its misuse.

Thus, the reasons of the negative test at pregnancy can be the following:

  • Too earlier carrying out testing.
  • Disturbances in the woman's organism.
  • Wrong use of the test.

False positive results

Emergence of two strips in the absence of pregnancy is possible:

  • Within the first two months after the delivery.
  • At development of dysfunction of ovaries.
  • In a case hormone - the producing tumor.
  • If the test which period of validity came to the end is used.

Whether results are reliable if to do testing at monthly?

One more topical issue — whether can be done during monthly testing for pregnancy? Sometimes monthly proceed at the woman and after conception therefore such analysis is very actual.

Menstrual blood does not influence testing therefore as far as the test for pregnancy will show result, does not depend on periods. Be sure that even if procedure becomes with use of the urine painted in blood, it will not affect result. And, so at pregnancy two bright strips will appear.

Results at an extrauterine pregnancy

If the extrauterine pregnancy, fetal egg is attached out of a uterus. However in an organism all the same there are products of HGCh. But in that case HGCh grows slowly, and sometimes – and in general is absent. That is the usual rapid test at an extrauterine pregnancy shows 2 strips. At the same time the second strip can be hardly noticeable, indistinct if to compare to that which appears at normal pregnancy. It is necessary to consider, doing the test for pregnancy for what day it will show result at an extrauterine pregnancy: the second strip appears only after the come delay. For what day will show the test for pregnancy, depends on day of conception and specific features of a female organism.

There is a special Inexscreen test which in several weeks after a delay gives the chance to suspect that an extrauterine pregnancy. Its action is based on definition of the modified isoform which is a part of HGCh. In case of an extrauterine pregnancy the indicator is much higher less than that than 10% which are marked out at the normal course of pregnancy.

Results at the stood pregnancy

Positive or negative at the stood pregnancy there will be a result of testing, depends on time when it was carried out. So, if two accurate strips, later, in several days were initially shown, one strip became indistinct, and still several days later one strip completely was gone, it is possible to suspect that pregnancy stood. In this case it is important to visit at once the specialist who will define how to check result in this situation.

Whether the gynecologist can define pregnancy to a delay in that case, depends on research methods.

What to do is farther if result doubtful?

Regardless because, for what day of a cycle to make the test, it as a result can be doubtful. Responses which women write on each thematic forum often testify to it.

Сомнительный результат проверки на беременностьDoubts arise if it is unclear how many strips were shown. Sometimes the second strip it is visible badly, it some indistinct, indistinct. Similar occurs in the following cases:

  • The HGCh low level in an organism connected with disturbances of health of the woman.
  • The test which is already unsuitable for use (it can not work because of the expired period of validity, damages).
  • Desire to see two strips ("I am afraid that she is not pregnant"). Often the woman notes indirect signs – nausea, weight loss – and assures herself that she is pregnant.

What probability that the woman is pregnant, can confirm only blood test. Whether blood test on HGCh — in this case the answer negative can be mistaken.

But nevertheless it is possible to repeat also testing, having sustained a 2-3-day break – to make it, for example, for 31 days of a cycle if usually the periods begin for the 28th day. The second or third attempt will be successful.

What tests "deceive" most often?

How producers assured of almost absolute productivity of the products, some tests which we do, nevertheless show doubtful results.

On supervision of many women, the most frequent false negative and positive takes show such tests:

  • The test Belief (its sensitivity — 25 MME/ml);
  • Bebichek
  • Maun Amy
  • Bee-Sure
  • Be sure
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