Coldrex Maksgripp

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  • Latin name: Coldrex MaxFrip
  • ATH code: N02BE51
  • Active ingredient: Ascorbic acid (Ascorbic acid), Paracetamol (Paracetamol), Fenilefrin (Phenylephrine)
  • Producer: SmithKline Beecham (Spain)


Ascorbic acid, Phenylephrinum and paracetamol – the main components of drug.

Additional components: sodium citrate, lemon fragrance, sodium saccharinate, silicon dioxide colloid, citric acid, corn starch, sucrose, sodium cyclomate, dye curcumine.

Release form

Coldrex Maksgripp is issued in the form of powder.

Pharmacological action

This means has febrifugal, vasoconstrictive and analgeziruyushchy effect, eliminating common symptoms of cold.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Effect of drug is caused by features of the components which are its part.

Paracetamol renders febrifugal and analgeziruyushchy effect. It is quickly absorbed from a gastrointestinal tract, and then evenly distributed in organism liquids. The component biotransformirutsya in a liver with formation of metabolites. Semi-removal time – 2-3 hours.

Phenylephrinum vasoconstrictive substance which helps to get rid of a congestion of a nose and promotes simplification of breath. It is badly soaked up from a gastrointestinal tract and removed with urine.

Ascorbic acid compensates for the vitamin C deficiency. It is well soaked up from a gastrointestinal tract. Extent of communication with proteins of plasma – 25%. The component biotransformirutsya in a liver. It is excreted through kidneys.

Indications to use

Coldrex Maksgripp is applied to elimination of symptoms of cold and flu:

  • headache;
  • fever;
  • the increased temperature;
  • nose congestion;
  • painful feelings in nose bosoms;
  • joint pain and muscles;
  • pharyngalgias.


It is impossible to use medicine at negative reactions of an organism to its components and at children's age till 6 flyings. Besides, drug is contraindicated at pregnancy, a lactation, closed-angle glaucoma, a renal failure, shortage glyukozo-6-fosfatdegidrogenazy, a liver failure, a sprue, diseases of blood, a prostate hyperplasia, a thyrotoxicosis, a diabetes mellitus, some heart troubles, arterial hypertension, and also at advanced age.

With care means needs to be used at an inborn hyperbilirubinemia.

Side effects

Because of negative reaction to paracetamol there can be following side effects:

Side effects because of use of Phenylephrinum can be the following:

At negative reactions to ascorbic acid the following effects can appear:

  • erythropenia, thrombocytosis, neutrophylic leukocytosis;
  • rash, dermahemia;
  • irritation mucous gastrointestinal tract, hypopotassemia, giperprotrombinemiya.

Application instruction Coldrex Maksgripp (Way and dosage)

The instruction on Coldrex Maksgripp reports that means needs to be accepted at the first symptoms of catarrhal diseases. A usual dosage – on 1 bag four times a day. Powder needs to be dissolved in 250 ml of warm water. At will it is possible to add a little sugar to solution or honey.

The application instruction specifies that duration of treatment is expected at most 5 days.


Long reception of paracetamol in the raised dosage can cause hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic action. Abdominal pains, nausea, pallor of skin, vomiting can be observed.

Besides, heavy overdose can lead to encephalopathy or even to a coma and a lethal outcome. In addition because of damage of kidneys the necrosis of tubules, arrhythmia, pancreatitis can develop.

In case of overdose it is necessary to address surely the specialist even if there are no unpleasant symptoms. In this situation therapy symptomatic. As an antidote Acetylcysteinum is applied.


Coldrex Maksgripp is forbidden to be accepted in combination with MAO inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants and beta adrenoblockers. Besides, it is contraindicated within 14 days after their cancellation.

Paracetamol is capable to exponentiate effect of indirect anticoagulants that increases probability of developing of bleedings. Besides, at its combination to inductors of enzymes of a microsomal oxidation in a liver the probability of a hepatotoxic action increases. And inhibitors of a microsomal oxidation, on the contrary, reduce risk of hepatotoxic effect.

At simultaneous use paracetamol dulls action of diuretic means.

Speed of absorption of paracetamol increases under the influence of Metoclopramidum and Domperidon, and also decreases under the influence of Colestyraminum.

Paracetamol exponentiates effect of MAO inhibitors, ethanol and sedative medicines. Besides, Phenylephrinum combination to MAO inhibitors can cause increase of pressure. It also suppresses effect of beta adrenoblockers and anti-hypertensive drugs.

Sympathomimetic action of Phenylephrinum amplifies under the influence of tricyclic antidepressants. And at a combination to the Halothane ventricular arrhythmia can develop.

Phenylephrinum reduces hypotensive effect of Guanetidin which increases, in turn, alpha adrenostimuliruyushchee action of Phenylephrinum.

Interaction with antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, protivoparkinsonichesky HP and fenotiazinovy derivatives can lead to an ischuria, a lock or dryness in a mouth. The combination to GKS increases risk of emergence of glaucoma.

Terms of sale

This medicine is on sale in pharmacy chain without recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

Maksgripp is recommended to keep Coldrex at a temperature up to 25 °C in the place, unavailable to small children.

Period of validity

3 years from the date specified on packaging.


Opinions on this medicine, generally positive. Those who accepted drug, note its efficiency, pleasant taste and fast action. Rank existence of numerous contraindications and high price as shortcomings of means.

The price where to buy

Means cost in the packaging expected 5 bags – about 200 rubles. And the packaging price with ten bags of powder – about 310 rubles.

Drugstore of IFC

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  • Coldrex maksgripp wild berries of a time. No. 10glaksosmitklyayn
  • Coldrex maksgripp wild berries of a time. No. 10glaksosmitklyayn
  • Coldrex maksgripp wild berries of a time. No. 10glaksosmitklyayn
  • Coldrex maksgripp wild berries of a time. No. 10glaksosmitklyayn
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