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  • Latin name: Coldrex
  • ATH code: N02BE51
  • Active ingredient: Ascorbic acid (Ascorbic acid), Caffeine (Caffeine), Fenilefrin (Phenylephrine), Paracetamol (Paracetamol), Terpin hydrate (Therpinhydrate)
  • Producer: Glaksosmitklyayn Dangarvan (Ireland)


The composition of Coldrex includes the following active agents: Phenylephrinumcaffeine, ascorbic acid, paracetamol, terpin hydrate.

Additional components: corn starch, povidone, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearic acid, potassium sorbate, dye yellow decline of FCF (E 110), talc.

Release form

Medicine is issued in tablets on 6 and 12 pieces in blisters. Besides, there is a drug in the form of syrup, bags of powder and in other forms of release, but it carries other names, for example, Coldrex Knight, Bronkho's Coldrex, etc.

Pharmacological action

Drug helps to eliminate symptoms of cold and ORZ.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The composition of Coldrex influences features of action of means. Paracetamol an analgetic which action is caused by inhibition of synthesis of prostaglandins in TsNS. It influences the center of thermal control in a hypothalamus.

Ascorbic acid helps to compensate shortage of vitamin C which happens at the beginning of viral infections. It promotes strengthening of an organism and normalization of permeability of capillaries.

Terpin hydrate increases bronchial secretion and is effective as an expectorant.

Caffeine is a strong stimulator of TsNS, belongs to group of methylxanthines, promotes vasodilatation, reduces aggregation of thrombocytes, stimulates secretory activity of a stomach, strengthens analgeziruyushchy effect of paracetamol, activates the vasoconstrictive centers, and also increases diuresis.

Phenylephrinum a sympathomimetic antiedematous. It reduces hypostasis mucous a nose and helps to facilitate breath.

Paracetamol is easily absorbed in a gastrointestinal tract. Active component biotransformirutsya in a liver and is excreted with urine.

Ascorbic acid is quickly absorbed in a gastrointestinal tract and transported on fabrics. It contacts proteins of plasma for 25%. The rest of ascorbic acid is removed with urine.

Caffeine is easily absorbed after internal use. The maximum concentration of active agent in plasma is noted 1 hour later. Semi-removal time — about 3,5 hours.

Phenylephrinum is unevenly absorbed in a gastrointestinal tract. At oral administration its bioavailability significantly decreases. It is almost completely excreted with urine.

Indications to use

The tablets Coldrex help to eliminate symptoms of cold and ORZ: temperature increase, a fever, feeling of a congestion of a nose, a pharyngalgia, a headache, painful feelings in joints and muscles.


Children cannot apply medicine till 6 flyings, and also in the following cases:

Side effects

If to take medicine in the recommended dosages, usually it is well transferred by an organism. At long use in the established doses hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic action is noted. Besides, the use of tea or coffee during drug intake can strengthen the negative reactions caused by caffeine use (sleeplessness, a nervous tension, a cardiopalmus, an acrimony, a headache, a digestive disturbance).

In rare instances the tablets Coldrex cause the following side reactions:

At emergence of side effects it is necessary to see a doctor.

Application instruction of Coldrex (Way and dosage)

For those who take the pill Coldrex the application instruction recommends the following scheme of reception: 2 tablets 3-4 times a day for adults, 1 tablet 3-4 times a day to children of 6-12 years. The course is expected 3-7 days.

The application instruction of Coldrex reports that it is not necessary to take more than 8 pill within one day.


At overdose it is necessary to stop use of medicine even at good health and to address the specialist. The following symptoms of overdose are possible: pallor, nausea, obtusion of feeling of hunger, vomiting, gepatonekroz, disturbance of functions of a liver.

Toxic impact on an organism at adults perhaps after reception of 10-15 g of paracetamol. At the same time increase of activity of transaminases of a liver is observed. As treatment the gastric lavage and reception of Absorbent carbon, and also introduction of donators of SH groups later 9 hours and N-Acetylcysteinum in 12 hours is appointed.

At overdose by caffeine pains in epigastriums, a frequent urination, arrhythmia, vomiting, tachycardia, sleeplessness, nervous irritability, concern, an alarming state, a tremor and spasms are possible. Therapy is symptomatic. In hard cases of arterial hypertension use of alpha blockers is shown.

Use of ascorbic acid in doses can make osmotic diarrhea, sick and abdominal pains much. Therapy is symptomatic, the artificial diuresis is shown.

Overdose by terpin hydrate causes disorder of work of a gastrointestinal tract. Therapy is symptomatic.


Administration of drug together with MAO inhibitors, and also within 14 days after their cancellation is prohibited. Medicine is also contraindicated during use of tricyclic antidepressants or beta-blockers. The caffeine combination to MAO inhibitors can strongly increase arterial pressure.

Speed of absorption of paracetamol is increased Metoclopramidum and Domperidon, besides, it decreases under the influence of Colestyraminum.

Anticoagulating effect of coumarins can increase during paracetamol use. The risk of emergence of bleeding increases. It is also capable to reduce efficiency of diuretics. And in combination with the Isoniazid the probability of development of a hepatotoxic syndrome increases.

Febrifugal effect of paracetamol decreases under the influence of barbiturates. It cannot also be combined with alcohol.

Ascorbic acid raises extent of absorption of Penicillin, and also reduces effect of Heparin and anticoagulants of indirect action. At interaction with salicylates the probability of development of a crystalluria increases.

Absorption of vitamin C is worsened by peroral contraceptives, and also alkaline drinks, fruit and vegetable juice.

Caffeine increases bioavailability of analgetics, and also exponentiates action of adrenomimetik, Xanthine and psychogogic drugs.

Cimetidinum, Isoniazid and hormonal contraceptives strengthen effect of caffeine, and it, in turn, reduces effect of anxiolytics, opioid analgetics, somnolent and sedative medicines. Besides, it is the antagonist of drugs of adenosine and ATP. Caffeine is also capable to raise extent of absorption of Ergotamine from a digestive tract and to reduce the content of lithium in blood, and in combination with thyritropic means increases thyroid effect.

Phenylephrinum combination to MAO inhibitors provokes hypertensive effect, Digoxin and cardiac glycosides cause disturbance in cardiac performance, tricyclic antidepressants increase probability of development of diseases of CCC, sympathomimetics and anti-hypertensive means increase risk of emergence of negative side reactions from CCC. Therefore it is not desirable to take the pill Coldrex together with the above-stated drugs.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

To store at the room temperature in the dry place.

Period of validity

4 years.

Coldrex at pregnancy (and lactations)

It is not desirable to accept Coldrex at pregnancy. Anyway it is necessary to do it only after consultation with the doctor. During breastfeeding it is not recommended to accept a medicine also.

About Coldrex

About Coldrex mainly positive. Those who accepted this means, note its efficiency. Drug removes unpleasant symptoms of cold in the shortest possible time. About Coldrex report that temperature decreases, pharyngalgias disappear and there passes the fever.


  • Coldrex hotry lemon No. 10 of a time.
  • Coldrex about Vit. with tablet No. 12
  • Coldrex hotry medical-lemon No. 10 of a time.
  • Coldrex hotry lemon No. 5 of a time.
  • Coldrex maksgrip lemon No. 5 of a time.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Coldrex Maksgripp lemon of a time. in a pack ice. No. 10 Glaxosmithklineispaniya
  • Coldrex Hotr Limon and honey pack ice. 5 g No. 10, Glaxosmithklinevelikobritaniya
  • Coldrex tbl No. 12, Glaxosmithklinevelikobritaniya
  • Coldrex Maksgripp lemon of a time. in a pack ice. N5 Glaxosmithklineispaniya
  • Coldrex Hotr Limon about Vit. About a pack ice. 5 g No. 10, Glaxosmithklinevelikobritaniya
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  • Coldrex hotremskb (Spain)
  • Coldrex Hotr Limon powder 5g No. 10glaksosmitklyayn SK (Great Britain)
  • Coldrex hotrem10
  • Koldreksglaxosmithkline Dangarvan (Ireland)
  • Coldrex maksgripp lemon No. 10es Kaye Bee of SK (Great Britain)


  • Coldrex maksgripp wild berries of a time. No. 10glaksosmitklyayn
  • Coldrex maksgripp wild berries of a time. No. 10glaksosmitklyayn
  • Coldrex maksgripp wild berries of a time. No. 10glaksosmitklyayn
  • Coldrex maksgripp wild berries of a time. No. 10glaksosmitklyayn
  • Coldrex maksgripp wild berries of a time. No. 10glaksosmitklyayn


  • Coldrex Hotr with taste of a lemon of 5 g No. 10 por.d / solution for intake pak.smithkline Beecham Consumer Healthcare (Great Britain)
  • Coldrex Maxi Gripp with taste of a lemon of 5 g No. 10 por.d / solution for intake a pack ice. Smitklyayn Bichy S. A. (Spain)
  • Coldrex No. 12 of the tab. Glaksosmitklyaynkonsyyumerkhelsker (Ireland)
  • Coldrex Hotr with taste of a lemon and honey No. 10 por.d / solution for intake pak.smithkline Beecham Consumer Healthcare (Great Britain)
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