Gripes at newborn children

The problem of kolik at newborn children – one of the most actual on the first year of life of the child is also one of the first reasons of the request for the help to the doctor.

Gripes can arise for a number of reasons which the pediatrician helps to understand. In addition to treatment by medicines for relief of symptoms of kolik, and also for the purpose of prevention, pediatricians suggest to make some of simple, but at the same time very effective procedures.

During the day to food it is necessary to overturn the kid on a tummy, it will help to normalize work of intestines, and also will strengthen muscles of an abdominal cavity.

When feeding it is necessary to watch that excess air did not get into a stomach of the child. It is necessary to watch correctness of capture by the kid of a breast of mother. At the correct feeding by a breast the child densely takes a mouth not only a nipple, but also part of an areola. And if the kid eats mix, then the pacifier has to be an anatomic form and correspond to age of the kid. Also it is worth paying attention to quality of a small bottle which has to prevent formation of a vakkum.

After food of the child it is necessary to take in vertical position or in a pose of "column" not less than 20 minutes to provide a free exit of excess air, at the same time the child makes the characteristic whistling sound.

If gripes have an effect, i.e. the kid cries, rolls out legs, then massage of a stomach is urged to help with such situations. The kid is put on a swaddling little table and carry out by a warm palm clockwise.

It is also possible to do the following exercise: to carefully bend the child's legs in knees, to lead them to a tummy and to straighten. Exercise needs to be repeated several times.

The warm diaper which is previously ironed by the iron and folded several times helps to remove a spasm of muscles of intestines. Before placing it on a stomach of the kid, it is necessary to be convinced that a film not too hot.

All these measures are directed to simplification of release of system of digestion of the child from gases. And if they did not yield any result, then will cope with gripes and abdominal distention to the kid medicines will help: espumizan, sab a simplex, bobotik before which use it is necessary to consult with the pediatrician.

The increased gas generation can also be one of symptoms of an allergy to the lactose which is contained in mother's milk. In this case the request for the help to the specialist it is extremely necessary.

Well and, of course, mothers of babies have to adhere to the certain diet excluding the following products from a diet: grapes, rye bread, cabbage, dried fruits, bean, milk, carbonated drinks, generally, all that leads to gas generation and abdominal distention.

Have to approach a question of healthy nutrition of mother with all responsibility, t.k in addition to kolik at the kid also allergic diseases such as, for example, atopic dermatitis can be shown. Protect your children, and let your "begemotik" be not hurt by tummies!

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