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  • Latin name: Collagen
  • ATH code: B02BC07
  • Active ingredient: Collagen (Collagen)
  • Producer: Belkozin (Russia), FINE Co. (Japan)


Medicine is issued in different forms. Depending on a release form collagen, vitamins and other components is a part of means.

In 100% pure drug the collagen hydrolyzate contains.

  • Animal collagen is made from leather of cattle.
  • Vegetable — is made of wheat proteins.
  • Sea collagen (fish) is produced from integuments of sea fishes.

Release form

Collagen natural is issued in different forms. In particular, in drugstores collagen liquid drinking, gel and cream with collagen for a body, powder and collagen in tablets for intake, collagen in capsules, etc. is implemented.

Collagen cosmetic is made in ampoules. Also in the form of gel it is made — vegetable.

Pharmacological action

Collagen is one of the most widespread proteins in a human body. Synthesis of this substance – process difficult, occurring gradually.

This substance is in all body tissues, it is the structural protein providing durability of fabrics. Integuments under epidermis contain two proteins – collagen and elastin.

The greatest number of this substance is present at composition of connecting fabrics. In total three different types of this substance are allocated, each of which dominates in certain body tissues. Substance of 2 type contains in the basic in a cartilage of joints, type collagen 1 and 3 generally contains in a bone tissue and in sheaves.

The hydrolyzed collagen is a gelatin which is received in the course of heat treatment of animal collagen. Nevertheless, it is widely used. At the same time it is necessary to consider, appointing a hydrolyzate that this such means which is applied for the purpose of strengthening of joints, sheaves.

At use inside actively recovers sheaves, cartilaginous tissue, reduces expressiveness of pain at diseases of joints.

Besides, intake, as well as local use, positively affects a condition of integuments, promotes increase of smoothness and elasticity of skin. Substance also positively affects a condition of nails.

Drugs with collagen promote improvement of a state at diseases of eyes, a varicosity, slow down processes of natural aging of an organism.

Vitamins C actively stimulate with collagen processes of recovery of joints and bones, influencing a condition of an organism in a complex, providing fortifying influence.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

The hydrolyzate of collagen is quickly acquired by an organism from a gastrointestinal tract, at the same time nearly 98% of substance are acquired.

Its part acquires an organism in the form of oligopeptid. These are chains of amino acids which can get to blood.

Indications to use

Before beginning reception of means, it is necessary to understand accurately what is collagen, and for what purpose it is applied. Drugs with collagen are shown to patients in the following cases:

  • for strengthening of sheaves, bone tissue, cartilage;
  • if necessary to improve process of food of muscles;
  • for the purpose of improvement of a condition of integuments, for hair, nails;
  • for prevention of a senilism of an organism;
  • if the lack of an organism of this substance is defined.


The following contraindications for reception of such drugs are defined:

It is not recommended to apply to treatment and prevention to those people for whom the fenilketonuriya – an illness at which disturbances of a metabolism of amino acids are noted is diagnosed.

Side effects

When using for treatment and prevention of such means emergence of the following side reactions from an organism is possible:

  • allergic reactions in the form of the small tortoiseshell, inflammatory processes on integuments, pressure decline, problems with digestion;
  • hypercalcemia;
  • emergence in a mouth of unpleasant smack;
  • problems with integuments (local reactions at introduction by injections).

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

How to drink or how to accept the means containing collagen, depends on recommendations of the specialist and the choice of a form of drug.

  • In tablets — about 2 tablets daily are recommended to accept.
  • In capsules — it is recommended to accept before going to bed. As a rule, the adult appoints one-time daily reception of three capsules. The course of therapy proceeds on average one month.
  • — it is recommended to accept a hydrolyzate in a dose from 10 g daily, at the same time means can be dissolved in water or to wash down with liquid.
  • As Wikipedia testifies, sports food assumes reception of collagen in the form of biological additives in a dose from 10 g every day.
  • Face cream with collagen or means for a body are put locally taking into account the instruction which is attached to such means. Collagen for the person needs to be applied carefully, having convinced that there are no allergic manifestations.
  • Drugs with collagen for joints in the form of creams are applied according to the scheme which is appointed by the doctor.


There are no data on overdose.


About interaction information is absent.

Terms of sale

It is possible to get such drugs without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to protect from access for children, to store in the dark and cool place.

At the same time air temperature, depending on a form of release of medicine, has to make from 4 to 20 degrees.

Period of validity

The period of validity of means depends on a form of release of means. It is possible to store pure collagen 3 years.

After the expiration of the specified term it is impossible to apply.

Special instructions

Collagen is a substance which is necessary for normal functioning of an organism. According to specialists, to the person rather every day to receive 5-7 g of substance.

If collagen for joints or for the purpose of prevention of other diseases of people accepts, using natural products where this substance contains, then the noticeable effect is observed not at once. At the same time it is regularly important to use products with collagen.

Nevertheless, to fill shortage of this substance, when forming a food allowance it is necessary to consider what food stuffs contain collagen and elastin. A large amount of this protein is in food stuffs: sea fish, seafood, meat of a turkey, green vegetables.

If regularly to use the products containing collagen and elastin, then gradually the condition of skin, joints, nails will improve.

It is necessary to pay attention and to the products promoting production of collagen in an organism. These are fruit (in particular, a citrus), bean, wholegrain grain, eggs.

Before beginning treatment with means which contain collagen, it is necessary to consult surely with the doctor.

In veterinary science some means with collagen for dogs and other animals are used.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Now a large number of means in different forms as a part of which collagen contains is offered. The most popular drugs of this kind – the Japanese collagen, Collagen Extra plus, Collagen the Asset, Collagen 3D (detailed information on drug Medikal Collagen 3D gives the official site of cosmetics).

The specialist has to select drug, depending on what impact on an organism is necessary for the patient (for skin, for joints, for hair, etc.).


  • Bark cream matrix with collagen and elastin evening leaving 50mlkora
  • Horsepower conditioner with collagen and B5 500mlloshadinaya provitamin force
  • Emalan hydrogel collagenic for wounds 30mlzelenaya an oak grove of closed joint stock company
  • Collagenic absorbable gelatin sponge 90kh90mm No. 10belkozin
  • Collagenic absorbable gelatin sponge 50kh50mm No. 1belkozin

Drugstore of IFC

  • Collagen Ultra plus glycosamine of a time. 8 g pack ice. No. 7 (cherry, Alina-Farma Ooorossiya
  • Bifidumbacterium ml No. 10, liquid on a hydrolyzate of collagen 10, Biot Long Layf Ooorossiya
  • Libriderm Kollagen eye cream Ooorossiya rejuvenating 20 ml, Dean +
  • Japan Gals mask with Pure5 Essential No. 7, Japan Galsyaponiya collagen
  • Collagen Ultra plus calcium - D (apple) pak.8g No. 7, Alina-Farma Ooorossiya
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  • Gel-cream Arganovy oil + collagen 400mlmarkon Avista (Poland)
  • Gel-cream Saffron + collagen 400mlmarkon Avista (Poland)
  • Filler of wrinkles NS ABSOLUT of polycollagenic 40 ml
  • Collagen extra plus
  • Collagen extra plus


  • Collagen of Ultra 75 ml gel for telayevromedservice Ltd company (Russia)
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