Colloid silver

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  • Latin name: Collargol
  • Active ingredient: Silver colloid (Silver colloid)
  • Producer: Pharmaceutical preparation (Russia), TsHLS-VNIHFI (Russia)


The composition of medicine includes colloid silver and albumine.

Release form

Means is issued in the form of soluble powder in water which forms colloidal solution of Colloid silver.

In drugstores already ready drops in eyes or in a nose with this drug are on sale. However the druggist needs to explain in advance, for what purpose you need this means. Proceeding from it, it will be able to define in what proportions to dissolve powder.

Drops of transparent color, have a slight smell. As a rule, they are on sale in special bottles with a tinted glass.

Pharmacological action

These nasal and eye drops represent the disinfecting means.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The composition of drug causes its action. Medicine exerts impact on an organism as an antimicrobic, antiseptic agent. It prepares on the basis of silver.

Indications to use

Medicine is used as antiseptic drug for treatment of purulent wounds, blennore, a venereal ulcer, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, adenoides, an inflammation of lymph nodes, and also inflammations in a bladder.


Solution is allowed for use by everything. It should not be used only to people with an allergy to silver or albumine. Besides, if there is a need to apply it to small children, it is necessary to consult with the specialist.

Side effects

Undesirable side effects after use of medicine are not revealed.

Application instruction of Colloid silver (Way and dosage)

For the purpose of washing of purulent wounds, Colloid silver the instruction advises solution to apply outwardly. For this purpose part 0,2–1,0% solution.

For the purpose of washing of a bladder and an urethra, and also for enemas at bacillar dysentery Colloid silver of 2% and 1% is used.

At blennory and purulent conjunctivitis medicine is applied in the form of 2-3% of drops or ointment.

Besides, drops in a nose of 2-5% are appointed at long cold, adenoides, purulent rhinitis.

At an erysipelatous inflammation, furuncles, a lymphangitis, a venereal ulcer the application instruction of Colloid silver recommends to use it in the form of 5-15% of ointment. Means is rubbed in skin. Dosages for adults – 3 g, for children of 5-8 years 1 g on 2 or 3 times a day is appointed.


About use of drug in the raised doses there are no data.


Significant interaction with other drugs is not revealed.

Terms of sale

Medicine in drugstores is on sale without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to keep means in densely closed banks of orange glass in the place which is well protected from penetration of light.

Period of validity

Period of storage of medicine – 5 years.


Protargol is considered the main analog of this means. Active ingredient in both drugs matches.

Colloid silver or Protargol – what is better?

Differences of Colloid silver and Protargol are often discussed at forums. These means are similar among themselves. They possess the knitting, antiinflammatory action. However specialists unambiguously answer that efficiency of the first drug is higher. It possesses more expressed antiseptic action.

About Colloid silver

About Colloid silver confirm efficiency of this drug. Patients report that he quickly helps to cope with conjunctivitis, an inflammation of lymph nodes, cold. About Colloid silver say also that means can be applied at syphilis. It is efficient at early stages.

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