Colpitis (nonspecific vaginitis)

Colpitises (vaginit) include the whole group of diseases at which there is an inflammation in a mucous membrane of a vagina.

Vaginita are shown at modern women very often. According to data of medical statistics, about 70% of all women who conduct active sexual life were ill in due time or continue to be ill a bacterial colpitis, at the same time the number of such patients constantly increases. So wide circulation of this illness can be explained, first of all, with frequent display of various sexually transmitted infections, and also ignoring of the main standards of personal hygiene, environmental problems and mass deterioration in immunity.

Sometimes a consequence of a vaginitis at which the inflammation extends to a mucous membrane of a vagina is the vulvovaginitis. Involvement in inflammatory process also of external genitals of the woman is characteristic of this illness.

Types of a colpitis

There are several different classifications of the colpitises used by specialists in the course of establishment of the diagnosis and the subsequent treatment of patients. According to duration and nature of inflammatory process types of colpitises subdivide into an acute, subacute and chronic form. Considering type of the causative agent of an illness, the nonspecific and specific vaginitis is defined.

In the course of classification consider also age of patients: in this case distinguish a vaginitis of girls, women in reproductive and a climacteric. Besides, nature of allocations (the speech can go about a serous vaginitis, a purulent vaginitis), factors which preceded development of an illness (a puerperal, postabortive form of an illness) is considered.

Colpitis activators

Кольпит (неспецифический вагинит) Specific and nonspecific colpitises develop owing to influence of different types of bacteria. Specific colpitises provoke those bacteria which should not be found in a mucous membrane of a vagina in the healthy woman. In this case it is about a gonokokk owing to which influence the gonorrheal vaginitis develops; the mecotic colpitis is provoked by a trichomonad; chlamydias cause a Chlamidia vaginitis; under the influence of a pale treponema the syphilitic vaginitis develops; the mycobacterium of tuberculosis causes a tubercular vaginitis; the mycoplasma and an ureaplasma provokes mycoplasmal or ureaplazmenny vaginit.

Sometimes in a female vagina the mixed character of disease-producing flora is noted, that is there are also viruses, mushrooms or other bacteria. But if they are combined with the activators described above the speech all the same goes about a specific vaginitis.

Development of a nonspecific vaginitis is result of influence of so-called conditional causative organisms. At a normality of health of the woman such microorganisms are part of usual microflora of a vagina. However under the influence of certain conditions such bacteria become disease-producing.

Depending on the activator nature nonspecific vaginita subdivide into bacterial vaginita (them the streptococcus, proteas, colibacillus, staphylococcus, a gardnerella, a pyocyanic stick provokes); fungal vaginita, virus vaginita (them the herpes simplex virus, a virus of papilloma of the person provokes); the mixed vaginita.

It is necessary to consider that if at the woman the nonspecific vaginitis is shown, its symptoms are similar to a vaginitis specific. However treatment tactics at the same time differs as at a specific form of an illness it is very important to inspect and carry out treatment of all her sexual partners.

Except the described disease forms also atrophic vaginitis which is a peculiar complex of symptoms at women of advanced age, and also at those patients to whom the certain surgeries which became the reason of a premature menopause were performed separately is allocated.

Features of a chronic colpitis

Кольпит (неспецифический вагинит)If timely treatment of a colpitis was not provided or inefficient therapy was used, then the vagina inflammation gradually passes into a chronic form. If to estimate the general structure of incidence of a vaginitama, then approximately at 40% at women chronic colpitis is noted. Doctors explain a similar situation, first of all, with the fact that at a vaginitis the clinical picture not always happens completely accurate. Respectively, the patient can not address the doctor throughout a long time. At development of some forms of a colpitis of the expressed symptoms in the patient it is not noted at all, and it is possible to reveal existence of an illness only in the course of gynecologic survey and inspection on sexually transmitted infections. A certain ethical component is somewhat important: not each woman can openly speak about similar intimate problems.

Current of a chronic vaginitis long: it can quite proceed till some years, at the same time giving trouble of the patient only in certain cases, for example, afterwards of strong overcooling, in days of periods or at pregnancy.

But at the same time the fact that at a chronic vaginitis the risk of display of the ascending infection considerably increases that, in turn there is the reason of inflammatory diseases of uterine tubes, ovaries, uterus has to disturb the woman surely. At such serious illnesses at the woman infertility can develop after a while.

Colpitis symptoms

Manifestation of symptoms of a colpitis can worsen the general quality of life of the woman considerably. First of all, the patient is disturbed by the expressed esthetic inconvenience owing to plentiful allocation is more white. It, in turn, directly influences her intimate life: sexual activity of the woman sick with a vaginitis, sharply decreases, respectively, satisfaction level from sexual life worsens.

Allocations from a vagina at a nonspecific colpitis have pathological character: they can be rather unusual, have uncharacteristic color. The smell of allocations also changes, it is expressed poorly, but rather unpleasant. In certain cases allocations from a vagina become more dense, having a creamy consistence. However allocations can also become and too liquid.

One more characteristic symptom of a vaginitis – a constant itch, unpleasant pressure sense, feeling of constant irritation in the field of generative organs of the woman. If the disease only develops, then similar symptoms can be shown only periodically. However gradually these signs gain constant character.

At sexual intercourse the woman also feels pain which can be pronounced or rather weak. But nevertheless such feelings considerably influence satisfaction from intimate proximity therefore some women sick with a vaginitis, in general prefer to avoid the sexual relations. After sexual intercourse insignificant bleeding can sometimes be shown.

Process of an urination at the patient is also complicated by a vaginitis of the woman: she can feel pain and discomfort. At the same time very often sick, considering that it develops inflammatory process in a bladder, this disease begins to treat. Respectively, the address to the specialist gynecologist drags on for long term again.

Кольпит (неспецифический вагинит)Except the general nonspecific signs of a colpitis there are also certain symptoms which are shown at some forms of a bacterial vaginitis.

The gonorrheal vaginitis is shown by allocations which have ochroleucous color, a dense consistence and the low-expressed unpleasant smell. Emergence of greenish-yellow allocations which can be foamy is characteristic of a mecotic vaginitis. At the same time in the bottom of a stomach the notable discomfort and pain sometimes appears. At a bacterial coccal vaginitis of allocation will be especially plentiful, white or yellowish, the unpleasant smell is expressed slightly. If takes place fungal damages of a vagina, allocations will be curdled, similar to white flakes.

The strong unpleasant smell of allocations is characteristic of a gardnerellezny vaginitis, at the same time allocations will be transparent.

The acute nonspecific vaginitis, besides, is expressed by some general symptoms. The patient can feel a certain slackness and weakness, body temperature can increase much more. External genitals redden, also hypostasis, a putreform plaque can be observed. At an acute phase of an illness the woman practically cannot have sex because of acute discomfort and pain.

At a chronic phase of an illness symptoms are always expressed is greased, amplifying only at an aggravation.

Diagnosis of a colpitis

It is possible to define existence at the patient of a colpitis at survey of a neck of uterus and vagina with use of a gynecologic mirror. The gynecologist defines characteristics of outward of a vagina, existence of a plaque, erosion. The kolposkopiya at which nature of changes of a mucous membrane of a neck of uterus and vagina is defined allows to receive more exact picture. Besides, microscopic examination of smears from a vagina, a neck of uterus is conducted. Precisely to identify microorganisms which are infestants bakterioskopichesky research of smears practices, and also, if necessary, crops are carried out. Sometimes at a nonspecific colpitis the diagnosis "a colpitis of not clear etiology" is made. Very often at a vaginitis the accompanying gynecologic diseases therefore for their definition by the patient often appoint carrying out ultrasonography also take place.

Treatment of a colpitis

Кольпит (неспецифический вагинит) Beginning treatment of a colpitis, the doctor selects a therapy technique so that to reach as a result of several different purposes. First of all, it is important to eliminate those factors which have to development of a colpitis. It is about excessive weight, to the wrong approach to catering services, existence of a hormonal imbalance, the chronic centers of infections.

Further the methods directed to actually treatment of a vaginitis are applied. To pick up the correct tactics of therapy, it is necessary to know about what vaginitis – specific or nonspecific – takes place at the patient surely. Besides, it is important to define whether treatment with use of antibacterial drugs is necessary.

Most difficultly the nonspecific bacterial vaginitis having the chronic form will respond to treatment. The illness, as a rule, becomes aggravated after the woman had a viral infection, or it aggravated persistent infection. Thus, pyelonephritis, chronic sinusitis, caries and other diseases can cause an aggravation. In this case it is very important to apply the correct approach to treatment of the accompanying illness.

The general and topical treatment of a colpitis is in parallel appointed. As the procedures directed to local therapy washing of a vagina with use of drugs antiseptic agents is carried out (the dioxidin, nitrofurat, miramistin). Also the sticks containing antibiotics, candles with geksikony are entered into a vagina. Without fail to the patient drugs which contain cultures of the bacteria creating normal microflora of a vagina are appointed. Also at treatment of a vaginitis immunomodulators (in particular, the candles containing interferon), drugs with antihistaminic influence are surely appointed. The course of basic therapy proceeds from ten to fifteen days and is made out of a hospital.

Further the general actions owing to which the woman has to understand accurately all rules of intimate hygiene, and also take measures for strengthening of immune system of an organism follow. If at the woman the specific colpitis takes place, then system antibacterial therapy, and also obligatory inspection of all sexual partners of the patient is in that case necessary.

It is very important not to take measures for treatment of a vaginitis independently: the doctor after carrying out diagnosis of an illness has to appoint all drugs.

Except traditional methods of treatment gynecologists often practice use of some folk remedies. However it is important to understand that similar methods work only in combination with traditional techniques of therapy.

National techniques consist in carrying out washings and syringings with use of broths of a bird cherry, a camomile, a calendula. It is possible to accept sedentary trays with broths of a celandine, thyme. In the course of treatment the tampons which are plentifully moistened broth of a root of ginger or oak leaves are also used. Such tampons are put in a vagina for the night. But all these methods can be applied only if the attending physician is informed on it.

Colpitis and pregnancy

If the colpitis is diagnosed for the woman during pregnancy, then the doctor without fail considers this fact at its maintaining. Inflammations mucous vaginas at pregnant women arises rather often. At the same time it is very important to apply the correct approach to therapy as the inflammation can not only provoke a pre-natal infection, but also as a result to become the reason of not incubation of a fruit.

There are several factors promoting development of colpitises during pregnancy. First of all, the fact that at incubation of a fruit load of immune system of the woman considerably increases is more important. In a condition of an immunodeficiency at the pregnant woman the nonspecific bacterial vaginitis is shown especially often. Besides, very often in an organism of the woman there are some sexually transmitted infections at a latent stage (ureaplasmosis, clamidiosis) which are rather difficult for distinguishing. On their background the colpitis is also shown.

Treatment of a colpitis during pregnancy makes rather complex challenge for the specialist. In view of negative impact on the child use of a number of the drugs necessary for treatment of a vaginitis becomes impossible. There are contraindications and for some local methods of treatment.

If at the pregnant woman the nonspecific vaginitis develops, therapy of an illness consists in use of creams or candles with the high content of the bacteria characteristic of normal microflora of a vagina. Also use of trays with broths of a calendula and a camomile is quite admissible. It is sometimes reasonable to apply waiting tactics. But without fail the doctor has to control a condition of the woman constantly.

Prevention of a colpitis

Кольпит (неспецифический вагинит) As the preventive measures directed to the prevention of a vaginitis both specific, and nonspecific methods are used. Since young years the girl has to pay special attention to observance of all rules of personal hygiene. Podmyvaniye it has to be carried out surely with use of soft means of hygiene.

The girl it is necessary to teach to be washed away correctly since the childhood: the movements at the same time have to be directed in front back that at the same time the infection in generative organs was not brought. Considerably it is necessary to strengthen hygiene measures during periods. If the woman has a suspicion on infection of a vagina, it is necessary to refuse at once use in days of periods of tampons.

Out of doubts, a necessary measure of prevention is lack of accidental sexual bonds and obligatory use of a condom.

Not to allow immunity easing, it is necessary to treat chronic diseases of internals, inflammations of generative organs in time.

If the woman a long time has a chronic stress, or takes a long course of treatment antibiotics, she should accept surely some time drugs of lactobacilli for prevention of change of microflora of a vagina towards pathology.

Important measure of prevention is the hardening, and also prevention of a lack of vitamins B an organism.

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