Houseplants protect office workers from diseases

Houseplants can not only give esthetic pleasure, but improve physical human health which work at offices. Research of the Norwegian scientists demonstrates to what employees of offices who constantly suffer from stresses take sick-lists less often if indoors there is a large number of window plants.

Specialists conducted long supervision over 305 workers who worked at three different offices, in each of which there was a different quantity of houseplants. When scientists carried out comparison of these data, found out that the more plants of people could observe, sitting in the workplace, the less often it took the sick-list.

This pattern is explained by the fact that plants and special microbes which contain in the earth can neutralize unhealthy the person organic components which are in air.

Besides, scientists noticed that those staff of offices near which workplaces there is more number of pots with flowers better and more effectively carry out the direct duties.

Long ago it is known that plants in rooms increase humidity indoors, clear it of harmful components and improve the general microclimate in the room.

In particular, thanks to "help" of plants in rooms concentration of benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene (THE), ammonia, acetone, toluene, a xylol decreases. All these substances indoors allocate coverings, the varnished furniture, etc.

Increasing humidity in the room, flowers interfere with development of flu, SARS and other diseases in people who are there. To improve the general microclimate, it is enough to have one pot with a flower on 10 meters of the area. Most effectively such plants as a chlorophytum, a geranium, a dragon tree, a ficus, a citrus purify air. Can increase humidity: cyperus, cissus, fatsia, hibiscus, monstera. The myrtle, rosemary, a chlorophytum have bactericidal effect.

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