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  • Latin name: Complivit Mama
  • ATH code: A11AA04
  • Active ingredient: Polyvitamins + Minerals (Multivitamins + Multiminerals)
  • Producer: PHARMSTANDARD-UFAVITA (Russia)

Composition of Complivit Mother

Active components are a part of a tablet in a film cover: alpha tocopherol acetate, a thiamin hydrochloride, ascorbic acid, ergocalciferol, Retinolum acetate, nikotinamid, folic acid, calcium pantothenate, Riboflavinum, cyanocobalamine, a pyridoxine hydrochloride, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc, iron in the form of a fumarat, copper.

Additional components: stearic acid, povidone, talc, dye azoruby, titanium dioxide, macrogoal 4000, hypro rod, sucrose, calcium stearate, tropeolin Oh, citric acid, potato starch, colloid silicon dioxide.

Release form

Complivit Mother for pregnant women and the feeding women is issued in the tableted look.

Oblong, biconvex brown tablets with a pink shade (on a break – yellow-gray color with multi-colored impregnations) are packed into polymeric banks on 30 and 60 pieces.

In a cardboard pack there is an instruction from the producer and 1 polymeric can with tablets.

Pharmacological action

Complex action a medicine is provided with effects of all components which are a part of Complivit Mother.

The specialized production technology allows to combine in 1 tablet several vitamins, minerals, macro - and microelements.

Acetate of alpha tocopherol is anti-hypoxanthomas and is capable to make positive impact on a condition of muscular tissue, a nervous system, gonads.

Vitamin E prevents hemolysis development, supports a stable condition of red blood cells — erythrocytes. On early durations of gestation acetate of alpha tocopherol can lead a shortcoming to an abortion.

Acetate of Retinolum participates in processes of synthesizing of lipids, proteins (proteins), mucopolysaccharides. Vitamin A takes active part in the majority of oxidation-reduction processes in an organism.

Retinolum normalizes a current of an ovogenesis, a spermatogenesis, promotes growth and development of a placenta, exerts positive impact on a differentiation and development of embryonal fabrics (including bone system, epithelial structures).

Regulates bone growth, provides integrity of structures of epithelial fabric, normalizes visual perception (color, twilight), takes part in processes of forming of rhodopsins.

The hydrochloride of thiamin takes active part in work of a nervous system, in carbohydrate metabolism acts as coenzyme.

Riboflavinum is the main catalyst of processes of visual perception and cellular respiration.

The hydrochloride of a pyridoxine participates in processes of synthesizing of neuromediators and in an exchange of proteins, acting as coenzyme. Long reception of oral contraceptives exhausts a B6 vitamin reserve in the woman's organism. Use of a medicine during pregnancy allows to fill the lack of a hydrochloride of a pyridoxine caused by reception of contraceptives.

Cyanocobalamine is necessary for synthesizing of a myelin, participates in processes of a hemopoiesis, normal growth, development of an epithelium, synthesizing of nucleotides.

B12 vitamin takes active part in a metabolism of folic acid.

Nikotinamid is necessary for tissue respiration. PP vitamin participates in carbohydrate and fatty exchanges.

Ascorbic acid provides maturing of red blood cells — erythrocytes, influences formation of hemoglobin, supports a healthy condition of bone system, cartilaginous tissue, teeth. The lack of vitamin C reduces body resistance to influence of infectious agents, reduces resistance to inflammatory processes.

Ca pantothenate participates in processes of oxidation, acetylation, acting as the main part of coenzyme A. B5 vitamin contributes to normalization of processes of regeneration of endothelial and epithelial fabrics, promotes their creation.

Folic acid at early stages of incubation of pregnancy reduces risk of forming of maxillofacial defects and defects of laying of a neurotubule at a fruit. Folic acid is required for a normal current of an erythrogenesis, participates in processes of synthesizing of nucleotides, amino acids and nucleic acids.

Iron provides transportation of oxygen to fabrics, takes part in processes of an erythrogenesis. At pregnant women prevents development of anemias (the effect is pronounced in 2 and 3 trimesters).

Copper strengthens walls of arteries and veins, prevents development of osteoporosis, hypoxia of fabrics and bodies, anemias.

Manganese prevents forming of an osteoarthritis, renders antiinflammatory effect.

Zinc provides full and healthy forming of a skeleton of a fruit, takes part in a gormonoobrazovaniye (including insulin). Prevents development of pre-natal anomalies, it is necessary for fabric regeneration. Together with Retinolum promotes forming of healthy visual perception (color and twilight sight).

Magnesium warns a preeclampsia, spontaneous delivery, premature birth. Possesses sedation, stabilizes a blood pressure.

Phosphorus is the ATP component — a source of cellular energy. Strengthens a mineralization and promotes strengthening of teeth, a bone tissue.

Calcium takes part in regulation of work of cardiovascular system, in transfer of neuromuscular impulses, in reductions of smooth muscle fabric and skeletal muscles. Contributes to normalization of processes of coagulability of blood, participates in forming of bone system.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Complex effect of drug is result of net effects of all components therefore to give an assessment to pharmacokinetics and it is not possible to make observation over a pharmacodynamics.

By means of biological researches and special markers it is impossible to trace all components.

Indications to use

Complivit Mother is appointed for treatment of deficit of mineral substances and vitamins:

The medicine can be applied also to prevention.


Complivit for pregnant women is not appointed at the following states:

  • B12-scarce anemia (pernicious form);
  • hypervitaminosis And;
  • MKB (concrements in an urinary path);
  • the excess maintenance of Fe and Ca in an organism;
  • individual hypersensitivity;
  • children's age.

Side effects

Allergic answers (are stopped by reception of antihistaminic antiallergic means).

The instruction on Complivit Mother (A way and a dosage)

On 1 tablet every day. Preferable time of reception — during food or right after a breakfast.

Each tablet needs to be washed down with necessary amount of liquid.

The application instruction recommends to determine vitamin therapy duration in an individual order.


Non-compliance with the mode of dosing and reception of the raised doses of a medicine is shown by symptomatology of hypervitaminoses.

Treatment is directed to prevention of further absorption of components from a digestive tract (a vomiting call, a gastric lavage), purpose of enterosorbents and carrying out disintoxication actions.


Speed of absorption of ftorkhinolonovy antibiotics and Tetracycline from a digestive tract is slowed down since the medicine contains in the structure Ca and Fe.

Ascorbic acid is capable to increase expressiveness of negative reactions and pharmacological effect of sulfanamide antimicrobic means.

In certain cases the crystalluria against joint therapy is registered. Colestyraminum and antiacid means containing Mg, Ca, Al slow down absorption and absorption of Fe.

Thiazide diuretics promote development of a hypercalcemia.

Terms of sale

Non-prescription dispensing.

Storage conditions

In the dry place. The producer limited temperature condition – to 25 degrees.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

The daily amount of acetate of Retinolum should not exceed 5000 ME at pregnancy incubation that needs to be considered at treatment of this group of patients.

The concomitant use of other vitamin complexes for the prevention of development of overdose, a hypervitaminosis is inadmissible. Riboflavinum can give to urine a specific amber, bright yellow shade that does not demand cancellation of a medicine and is safe manifestation of therapy.

(The application instruction, the price, responses and another) watch additional information in appropriate sections.



  • Complivit Mother vitamins No. 60 TABLETKIKOMPLIVIT
  • Complivit Mother vitamins No. 30 TABLETKIKOMPLIVIT

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  • Complivit Mother tbl p / about No. 60, Oaorossiya's Pharmstandard-Ufavita
  • Complivit Mother tbl p / about No. 30, Oaorossiya's Pharmstandard-Ufavita
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