Oftalmo's complivit

Компливит Офтальмо Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Complivit Oftalmo
  • ATH code: A11AA04
  • Active ingredient: Polyvitamins with microelements (Polyvitamins with microelements)
  • Producer: PHARMSTANDARD-UFAVITA, joint stock company (Russia)

Structure Oftalmo's Complivit

Alpha tocopherol acetate, rutoside, folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, Retinolum acetate, Riboflavinum, ascorbic acid, cyanocobalamine, thiamin hydrochloride, Luteinum, zinc, copper, zeaxanthin, selenium is a part of a tablet in a film cover.

Auxiliary components: citric acid, magnesium stearate, vivasol, talc, food sorbite, sucrose, low-molecular povidone, ludipress, potato starch.

Structure of a film cover of a tablet: yellow dye under the name "sunset", talc, a hypro rod, titanium dioxide, povidone (a low-molecular form), a macrogoal.

Release form

Vitamin drug is issued in the form of biconvex, round pink-orange tablets in a film cover with a specific smell.

Tablets on 30, 60, 90, 100, 120 pieces are packed into polymeric jars. In a cardboard pack there is an instruction from the producer and 1 jar.

Pharmacological action

Oftalmo's complivit – the combined medicine which part carotinoids of a plant origin, microelements and a complex of vitamins are.

Pharmacological action consists of effects of all active agents. The specialized technology for production of vitamin complexes allows to combine in 1 tablet several different active agents at once.

Ascorbic acid activates fabric regulation, work of hemadens, regulates coagulability of blood, collagen synthesizing processes, forming and formation of steroid hormones.

Vitamin C participates in preservation of elasticity of capillaries, regulates their permeability. At a lack of ascorbic acid body resistance at influence of various adverse factors decreases and at contact with infectious agents.

Thiamin takes part in coordination of work of endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems. B1 vitamin is a key link in energy balance of substances, transfer of an impulse on a neuromuscular way.

Riboflavinum provides normal, full visual perception. The component is directly involved in processes of synthesizing of erythropoetin, hemoglobin, and also in a fatty, proteinaceous and carbohydrate metabolism.

The pyridoxine is the main coenzyme in processes of a metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids. B6 vitamin ensures normal, adequate functioning of a nervous system (peripheral and central departments).

Folic acid has the expressed antianemic effect. In the majority of metabolic processes which are required for synthesizing of nucleic acids acts as a coenzyme.

Cyanocobalamine provides the normal growth of cells of an epithelium, positively influences a hemopoiesis, takes part in processes of synthesizing of nucleotides. B12 vitamin is required for synthesizing of a myelin. It is necessary for process of a metabolism of folic acid.

Rutoside regulates permeability of capillaries, strengthens their walls. Vitamin P promotes accumulation of ascorbic acid in fabrics, prevents oxidation, takes part in oxidizing and recovery processes, reduces expressiveness of inflammatory process, puffiness, has the expressed antioxidant effect.

Retinolum takes part in regeneration of mucous walls, integuments. Vitamin A is supported visual by function, acting as a rhodopsin component — a rhodopsin. Retinolum provides normal perception with light eye, adequate operation of the visual analyzer. It is effective at pathology of a cornea, a retina, at "night blindness" (hemeralopia).

Acetate of alpha tocopherol is necessary for tissue respiration, stable work of hemadens. Is antioxidant. Positively influences work of a nervous system, gonads and muscular tissue. Maintains stability of red blood cells — erythrocytes. Vitamin E it is proved slows down aging processes.

Zeaxanthin and Luteinum are pigments of yellow color, carotinoids which are necessary for maintenance of a retina of an eye in a normal, healthy state. They protect eyes from aggressive influence of ultraviolet radiation. Are a part of the major factors of protective system of eyes and are components of antioxidant system of a retina.

The zeaxanthin and Luteinum which are in a retina and a crystalline lens protect photoreceptors of cells from influence of the oxygen radicals forming at negative impact of various factors on a condition of eyes.

At the low level of carotinoids of an eye lose ability to resist to adverse factors, computer radiation, long visual loadings.

Selenium increases expressiveness of antioxidant effect of vitamins A, E and C, increases immunity, improves adaptation abilities of the person at aggressive influence of negative factors (ecology, smoking, stresses). Selenium is natural antioxidant.

Copper takes part in melanin synthesizing processes. In biochemical reactions copper acts as the catalyst. In processes of a hemopoiesis of copper one of the major roles is taken away. Cu is necessary for an exchange of Fe, formation of elastin and collagen.

Zinc is necessary for synthesizing of sex hormones and insulin, for healthy activity of lymphatic system and an adenoid tissue. Prevents forming of "night blindness", promotes Retinolum utilization by a retina. At a lack of Zn the blepharitis, retrobulbar neuritis develops, the color perception decreases, the risk of development of a cataract increases.

The medicine is recommended for use to patients who use contact lenses. In composition of drug all necessary components for an angenesis, corneas which are damaged when carrying contact lenses descend.

Complex action of carotinoids, minerals and vitamins protects eye fabric from negative impact of free radicals (antioxidant effect), improves visual perception.

The medicine has pronounced oftalmo-tire-tread (protective) effect.

Medicine contains the substances necessary for full support of an organism.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

In medical literature the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of a medicine is not described that can be connected with the combined composition of drug that considerably complicates process of tracking of each of components.

Indications to use

  • eye pain and fatigue which are manifestation of a syndrome of visual exhaustion at long carrying contact lenses, work at the computer, reading;
  • disturbance of twilight visual perception;
  • prevention of a lack of minerals and vitamins B organism.


Oftalmo's complivit is not appointed at:

Age restriction – till 18 flyings.

Side effects

The allergic answers stopped by antihistaminic medicines (Tavegil, Suprastinum, Tsetrin and others).

Oftalmo's complivit, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Daily on 1 tablet of 1 times a day. Time of reception of tablets – after food.

Each tablet needs to be washed down with enough water. The application instruction recommends to continue vitamin therapy within 3 months.

According to the decision of the treating doctor the repeated course can be appointed.


Non-compliance with the mode of dosing can be shown by a clinical picture of hypervitaminoses.

At one-time reception of high doses disintoxication therapy is carried out, actions for removal of the remains of a medicine from a gleam of a digestive tract for the termination of further absorption of active components are implemented.

The gastric lavage, use of enterosorbents is effective (Smekta, Absorbent carbon, Polisorb and others).


The concomitant use of the drugs containing vitamins and microelements can be shown by a clinical picture of overdose, a hypervitaminosis.

Terms of sale

Non-prescription dispensing in pharmaceutical points.

Storage conditions

Oftalmo's complivit needs to be stored in the dry place. Restriction of temperature condition – to 25 degrees.

Period of validity

2 years.

Special instructions

Reception more than 1 tablet a day is inadmissible.

During treatment perhaps temporary coloring of urine in an amber, bright yellow shade as a result of Riboflavinum metabolism – one of active components of a medicine.



Drugstore of IFC

  • Oftalmo's complivit tbl p / about the No. 30 Oaorossiya's Pharmstandard-Ufavita
  • Oftalmo's complivit tbl p / about No. 60, Oaorossiya's Pharmstandard-Ufavita
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