Complivit Trimestrum

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  • Latin name: Complivit Trimestrum
  • ATH code: A11AA03
  • Active ingredient: Polyvitamins with other mineral substances (Polyvitamins with other minerals)
  • Producer: OTISIFARM (Russia)

Composition of Complivit Trimestrum

Main components: nikotinamid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, manganese, Riboflavinum, tocopherol acetate (alpha form), rutoside, magnesium, kolekaltsiferol, calcium, calcium pantothenate, folic acid, thiamin hydrochloride, ascorbic acid, thioctic acid, cyanocobalamine, Luteinum, copper, selenium, iodine.

Additional substances: calcium stearate, citric acid, sucrose, starch, talc, low-molecular povidone.

Components of a film cover: arabic gum, talc, titanium dioxide, sugar, beeswax, shellac.

Release form

Complivit Trimestrum is issued in the form of tablets in a film cover in blisters on 10 pieces. In a cardboard pack 3 blisters and the instruction.

Pharmacological action

Retinolum is necessary for full forming of the visual analyzer at a fruit, a bone skeleton, for a differentiation and division of epithelial cells, normal work of reproductive system.

Tocopherol acetate (alpha form) prevents forming of peroxide forms which damage membranes of cells. Reduces risk of development of an idiopathic hypertensia in the woman during pregnancy, provides normal development and growth of a fruit.

Thiamin prevents forming of malformations at a fruit, is necessary for synthesizing of lipids, proteins and nucleic acids.

Riboflavinum development of such defects in a fruit as splitting of the sky, deformation of extremities, heart diseases, hydrocephaly, a hydronephrosis warns. Provides the full-fledged growth and development of the child in the pre-natal period.

The pyridoxine strengthens absorption of magnesium from intestines. At reception of oral contraceptives deficit of a pyridoxine is registered. Stops toxicosis of pregnant women and prevents development of vomiting, nausea. It is necessary for work of a nervous system.

Ascorbic acid reduces risk of abortion.

Nikotinamid prevents forming of malformations at a fruit.

Folic acid participates in processes of synthesizing of DNA, RNA, amino acids. Reduces probability of a spontaneous abortion in the first weeks of pregnancy, risk of development of various pre-natal defects.

Pantothenate of calcium accelerates regenerative processes, participates in synthesizing of steroid hormones, acetylcholine.

Cyanocobalamine is necessary for full synthesizing of DNA, provides full forming of a nervous myelin cover. Prevents erythrocyte hemolysis.

Kolekaltsiferol provides full forming of a bone skeleton of a fruit and functioning of epithelial bodies.

Rutoside reduces expressiveness of puffiness at a lymphostasis, venous insufficiency. Has angioprotektorny effect.

Thioctic acid regulates carbohydrate and lipidic exchanges, improves food of cells of a nervous system, normalizes work of hepatic system. Is antioxidant, reduces a cholesterol indicator.

Luteinum protects photoreceptors from aggressive influence of oxygen radicals, ultraviolet radiation.

Iron provides normal transportation of oxygen to fabrics, is part of hemoglobin, participates in process of an erythrogenesis. During pregnancy prevents forming of anemia against a lack of Fe.

Manganese provides full ossification of a fruit, pre-natal development. Protects cells from a negative impact of peroxide radicals. Is a component of active centers of some enzymes.

Copper provides full digestion of iron, normal work of blood cells. At a shortcoming at children pathology of respiratory system forms.

Zinc is a participant of the majority of biochemical reactions, is an immunomodulator. At a lack of Zn premature children with various pathologies of bodies and systems are born.

Magnesium warns misbirths, reduces risk of development of a uterine hyper tone. Forms bone system and muscular tissue of a fruit.

Calcium is necessary for forming of a skeleton of a fruit, normal cardiac performance and a nervous system.

Selenium exponentiates effects of vitamin E, is antioxidant.

Iodine warns spontaneous abortion because of a lack of iodine of mother's organism.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The combined structure complicates an assessment of pharmacokinetics and a pharmacodynamics since even by means of biological markers it is not possible to monitor process of a metabolism and removal of active components.

Indications to use

Effect of drug is directed to completion of a lack of vitamins and minerals.

  • Complivit Trimestrum 1 trimester — can be applied during preparation for pregnancy incubation, and also till 13 weeks of the confirmed pregnancy.
  • Complivit Trimestrum the 2nd trimester — is appointed from 14 to 27 week.
  • Complivit Trimestrum the 3rd trimester — is applied from 28th week to delivery. Inclusion in lactation time is allowed.


  • hypervitaminoses;
  • MKB (existence of the diagnosed concrements to urinogenital system);
  • individual hypersensitivity;
  • anemia (B12-scarce form);
  • the increased maintenance of Fe and Ca;
  • age limit — till 14 flyings;
  • malabsorption (glyukozo-galaktozny form);
  • lack of isomaltase;
  • individual form of intolerance of fructose.

Side effects

Allergic answers at predisposed patients are observed. Seldom vomiting, nausea is registered that can speak pregnancy. Reception of tablets after food, in the second half of day allows to get rid of nausea.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

Duration of vitamin therapy is determined by the doctor.

On 1 tablet daily during food of 1 times a day. The tablet needs to be washed down with water.


One-time reception of high doses demands the qualified help including actions for desintoxication: purpose of enterosorbiruyushchy medicines (Smekta, Absorbent carbon), a timely gastric lavage, carrying out posindromny therapy for stopping of symptomatology of poisoning. Long therapy is shown by hypervitaminoses.


Absorption of Tetracycline and antibiotics on the basis of a ftorkhinolon is slowed down because of existence in vitamin drug of calcium and iron. Considerably the risk of a crystalluria at treatment increases short-range sulfanamide means. The hypercalcemia at reception of thiazide diuretic drugs is possible. Antiacid medicines interfere with absorption of microelements. The similar effect is observed at treatment by Colestyraminum.

Terms of sale

Non-prescription dispensing in pharmaceutical points.

Storage conditions

Restriction on storage temperature – to 25 degrees.

Period of validity

2 years.

Special instructions

Coloring of urine during vitamin therapy in amber, bright color is absolutely safe manifestation of treatment and does not demand cancellation of a medicine (is explained by removal of metabolites of Riboflavinum).

Reception of vitamins cannot replace the balanced, balanced diet of the woman during a lactation, pregnancy. Simultaneous use of other vitaminous complexes can cause hypervitaminoses.

About Complivit Trimestrum

About Complivit Trimestrum 1 trimester: the medicine well is transferred, is a good source of necessary vitamins and minerals during the planning and incubation of pregnancy. Seldom causes negative reactions.

About Complivit Trimestrum 2nd trimester: women leave generally positive comments, noting that against vitamin therapy overall health during pregnancy incubation improves

About Complivit Trimestrum 3rd trimester: good tolerance and safety of a medicine allow to take a pill and after the birth of the kid during his feeding for the fastest recovery of an organism after pregnancy.


  • Complivit Trimestrum 1 trimester No. 30 TABLETKIKOMPLIVIT
  • Complivit Trimestrum 3rd trimester No. 30 TABLETKIKOMPLIVIT
  • Complivit Trimestrum 2nd trimester No. 30 TABLETKIKOMPLIVIT

Drugstore of IFC

  • Complivit Trimestrum 1 trimester tbl p / about No. 30, Oaorossiya's Pharmstandard-Ufavita
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