Computer syndrome

The concept "computer syndrome" it is accepted to designate today a special state which it is impossible to call a disease in the usual sense this concept. In the official list of diseases of such illness does not exist. However modern human life is directly connected with long stay at the computer owing to what specialists ophthalmologists even more often listen to complaints of people to some unpleasant phenomena which arise as a result of long stay behind the computer monitor. In view of such features there were direct premises to forming of new concept among the list of diseases of eyes which doctors designate as a computer visual syndrome.

What is a computer syndrome?

The computer visual syndrome is a state at which the person complains of constant fatigue of eyes, headaches, visual acuity loss. Sometimes eyes redden, and there is a constant feeling in the opinion of a foreign body. The described symptoms take place at the person who a long time continuously worked at the computer. At the same time there is no precisely caused time through which the patient begins to note existence of the described symptoms. In each case it is individually. Very often the period prior to similar manifestations is caused by existence of other eye illnesses, for example, of a myopia. Also similar symptoms are quicker shown at the people suffering from vegeto-vascular dystonia.

At development of a computer syndrome most of people very long period suffer from symptoms and at the same time do not ask for medical assistance. Thereof the situation can strongly be aggravated. Often at the progressing computer syndrome at the person the constant redness of eyes takes place, sight considerably worsens, there are problems when reading. Only then the person begins to analyze what reasons provoked this state.

Reasons of a computer syndrome

Компьютерный синдромForming of sight of the person happened in the gradual, evolutionary way. And to work with the image on the computer monitor it was not prepared at all. The main reason of development in the person of a computer visual syndrome is a continuous fixing of a look on the computer monitor owing to what blinking frequency considerably decreases. So there is a drying of the lacrimal film on a cornea of eyes that, in turn provokes reddening of eyes and other unpleasant symptoms. There is an opinion that in the course of work at the computer blinking of eyes at the person happens about 10-15 times less often, than at other usual occupations. Forced blinking is impossible in the constant mode therefore the increased frequency of breaks in work will be more real way out. One more exit – regular use in the course of work of drops which prevent drying of a cornea.

There is a number of distinctions of the screen and natural image. So, the image on the screen always self-shining, it has much more smaller contrast, at the same time still decreasing in view of lighting from the outside. Besides, the image on the monitor is not continuous: it is made by pixels — discrete points. This image, besides, has no clear boundary as difference of brightness at pixel smooth.

In the course of work of people constantly moves a view from the keyboard of the screen, and sometimes and on the text on paper. Therefore, load of sight considerably increases. At the same time also incorrectly organized workplace can aggravate a situation. It is very important that the distance from the screen to eyes was correct, it is necessary to choose optimum screen brightness, to prevent hit of patches of light from other sources on the monitor, etc.

Also constant static character of a pose which remains in the course of work, and also constantly repeating movements is not less dangerous. Thereof the person can suffer over time and from frustration of skeletal and muscular system. So, cervical osteochondrosis is shown by headaches, the throbbing pain in eyes, sight misting, emergence of iridescent circles and "goosebumps" before eyes sometimes appears.

The monitor which is not a sample of modern equipment can also negatively influence the person working behind it a long time. An accessory factor of risk for emergence of a computer syndrome is also existence of a large number of other computers and electric devices in the room.

Symptoms of a computer syndrome

Компьютерный синдромGenerally symptoms of a computer syndrome are shown at people who carry out the main part of day to operating time behind the computer monitor. All complaints conditionally subdivide into symptoms "visual" and "eye ".

Visual symptoms mean continuous misting of sight that leads to the general decrease in its sharpness. At a view of objects of people can see their bifurcating, it is very difficult to it to refocus sight on the objects located in the distance, and back. During reading the patient feels fatigue very quickly. The image and letters on the screen of the display begin to blur.

Eye symptoms mean a burning sensation in eyes, feeling of emergence by centuries of grains of sand, pain near eye-sockets and a forehead. At the patient eyeballs redden, he feels pain during their movement. Sometimes the patients suffering from a computer visual syndrome claim that feelings are similar to burning of eyes. All described symptoms are not constants: they can be combined differently, however always arise after long sitting at the computer. If the patient is, for example, in the fresh air, then similar complaints practically do not arise.

These phenomena are called sometimes the term "an asthenopia "that in a literal translation designates "lack of force of sight".

All mentioned complaints to some extent take place at most of the people who are regularly working behind the computer monitor. However their expressiveness and frequency of manifestation directly depend on that, how long the person works behind the monitor without pauses, and also from nature of its work. So, part of users of computers note emergence of such symptoms after two-hour sitting behind the monitor. Most of people notes such manifestations in four hours. Six hours of sitting later behind the computer screen these symptoms are present already at each person.

To a lesser extent load of eyes is shown in the course of reading texts from the screen. Stronger loading arises at input of the text. High level of the general exhaustion is provoked by work in the dialogue mode. During the work with computer graphics there is a special type of load of eyes of the person.

Компьютерный синдромAlready at the very beginning of active implementation of personal computers in life and work of the person specialists ophthalmologists worked on search of objective changes of sight at the people spending much time for the personal computer. Initially it was talked that at them Bol diseases of a cataract and glaucoma were often fixed. But owing to carrying out more careful researches the similar theory was not confirmed. Today it is precisely known that organic pathologists of eyes of the person do not arise as an effect of long stay behind the computer screen. Developing of short-sightedness or progressing of short-sightedness which was diagnosed for the patient earlier can only become negative result of long work at the computer. Also at some people display of temporary short-sightedness which is also called false short-sightedness is possible. Except this illness the people who are working hard at the computer can have shifts of balance of muscles of eyes, decrease contrast sensitivity of sight, other functional disturbances also take place. Similar pathologies arise not only at active PC users, but also at people whose work is accompanied by visual and intense work.

It is necessary to consider also the fact that recently personal computers were very noticeably upgraded both with functional, and from the constructive point of view. Respectively, work on the screen filters protecting the person from the electrostatic and electromagnetic field is constantly conducted. However all positive changes did not make less actual a problem of negative changes of health at the person working at the computer.

As a result at the user who regularly works behind the computer screen sensitivity and to other works during which the high level of visual tension is necessary increases. It is driving the car, work with figures other.

Complications of a computer syndrome

As visible complications of this state very often there are complaints to existence of constant headaches, noticeable falling of visual acuity, progressing of a myopia. Sometimes also the person has an accommodation spasm on condition of misoperation at the computer.

The various diseases of a backbone which are shown as an effect of the wrong and long sitting in a uniform pose can become complications of a computer syndrome also. These illnesses noticeably break work of many systems of an organism. As a result at the person frustration of a nervous system, problem with the motive device, digestive organs, breath, the blood circulatory system can be shown.

Diagnosis of a computer syndrome

компьютерный синдром The specialist ophthalmologist can diagnose this state for the person. It is initially important to collect carefully the anamnesis then check of visual acuity is made during reading and afar. If the patient has a mydriatic pupil, identification of signs of a spasm of accommodation is carried out. It is also necessary to conduct examination of an eyeground of the patient, having defined in what state the optic nerve and a retina stays.

If the person complains of existence of a xerophthalmus, to it carry out the so-called test of Shirmer by which it is possible to estimate amount of the lacrimal liquid. In certain cases also carrying out an assessment of quality of a tear is necessary.

Treatment of a computer syndrome

Treatment of a computer syndrome, first of all, includes the organization of obligatory breaks in the course of work. Also as therapy of this state purpose of special glasses, by a drop for eyes is used.

Such drugs are, as a rule, harmless and do not cause allergic manifestations. It is important to consider that such drugs it is possible to use not Bol of eight-ten times every day. Medicines which influence consists in moistening of a cornea differ on degree of their viscosity. To provide prevention of a computer visual syndrome, it is possible to apply the drops having the low level of viscosity. At the same time drugs which improve sight function are suitable for intake. There are some means created on the basis of components from bilberry fruits which promote sight improvement and also strengthen walls of vessels, influence as antioxidants, protecting from adverse effect of free radicals.

If in the course of work in front of the computer monitor at the person hypostases a century, their irritation and reddening are shown, then as medicine vasoconstrictors will approach.

How to be protected from a computer syndrome?

Компьютерный синдромThere are no doubts that modern life is impossible without regular use of the personal computer. However it is necessary for the prevention of manifestation of a computer visual syndrome at an opportunity nevertheless to minimize work behind the screen of the monitor and to establish for the rule to do regular small dynamic breaks in static work at the computer.

However there is not always an opportunity to minimize process of stay in front of the computer monitor.

Therefore it is important to provide prevention of manifestation of a computer syndrome in the different directions. First of all, improvement of the image on the monitor is whenever possible necessary, having as much as possible brought closer it to natural. Optimization of key parameters of the image on the monitor is for this purpose used. Besides, it is desirable to work at Bol the modern monitor as developers constantly implement in life new ideas concerning protection of the user against a negative impact of the personal computer.

Very important point in a question of the prevention of manifestations of a computer syndrome is the correct approach to the organization of a workplace of the person and providing the rational mode of work at the computer. It is the best of all to work, sitting in a special anatomic chair, and the distance from the screen to a human face has to make not less than thirty centimeters. Ideally such distance has to make from 50 to 70 cm. The center of the screen at the same time has to be located 10-15 cm below, than the level of eyes of the working person.

It is extremely important to meet these conditions for teenagers and children as too big load of eyes at yet not created refraction can provoke display of short-sightedness.

One more important point – need to adapt eyes for the monitor. So, there are special glasses which are equipped with the progressive lenses allowing to change features of perception of the image on the display.

Glasses which have the computer spectral filter allow to make more contrast and accurate the image on an eye retina, to increase contrast and distinguishing of flowers, to block electromagnetic radiation. Use of points allows not only to take off fatigue and irritability, but also to considerably reduce number of mistakes which the person working at the computer makes in the second half of day.

In the course of work at the computer for simplification of a state it is possible to dig in periodically in eyes special drops which help to take off fatigue of eyes. These are drugs oftagel, sisteyn, vidisik and others.

Gymnastics for prevention of a computer syndrome

компьютерный синдром During breaks in work which need to be done each forty minutes it is possible to carry out periodically exercises of special gymnastics which promote strengthening of muscles of eyes.

For performance of the first exercise it is necessary to close eyes and to feel how eye muscles strain. Further the look should be translated slowly to the left, and then to the right, so as far as it is possible. Exercise repeats ten times.

For the second exercise it is necessary to narrow eyes very strongly and to strain face muscles and necks. The breath needs to be held for 10 seconds, without relaxing. Then it is necessary to inhale quickly, having opened widely eyes and a mouth. At exercise repetition five times it will help to relax eyes and to activate a blood stream.

For the third exercise it is necessary to put finger-tips on eyelids and to make ten times the fast, but easy massage movements. At the same time muscles of eyes under fingers should not be felt. Further it is necessary to have a rest blindly and to repeat massage still twice.

To execute the fourth exercise, it is necessary to sit down near a window and to cover with a hand the left eye. Holding a pencil in the right hand, it is necessary to arrange it near a nose tip. Further it is necessary to move a pencil, smoothly moving it on distance of an outstretched arm and at the same time to look at it the right eye. Then the look needs to be transferred to a far subject behind a window then to look at closer subject. Finishing exercise, it is necessary to look at a nose tip. All this should be repeated for both eyes.

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