Contagious mollusk

The contagious mollusk is an illness of skin which has virus infectious character. In development of a disease on integuments of the person there are rashes which look as small small knots. These small knots have corporal or pink color, and in the center of such heat-spot there is a small deepening. This virus is very infectious, its distribution happens quickly enough. It is necessary to understand that the name of a disease does not confirm its parasitic character. The matter is that when pressing on the formed small knots there is a dense liquid of white color at which there are round mollyuskoobrazny little bodies. But if at the person the immune system normally functions, then the disease proceeds rather easily and does not provoke special complications.

Symptoms of a contagious mollusk

The contagious mollusk at children and adults is shown by rashes which amount does not exceed a pin head. Diameter of such small knots can make from one to ten millimeters. As a rule, does not feel pain at emergence of similar rashes of people. But if there is a mechanical damage of these rashes, then inflammatory process owing to which more expressed irritation of skin on site of rashes is observed sometimes develops. The similar inflammation can also occur as an effect of an immune response of an organism on a disease. Rashes, as a rule, are located on a face, a neck, the patient's breast. Also contagious mollusk can strike generative organs a crotch, internal part of hips.

Sometimes such small knots appear groups, sometimes – one by one. At people with the weakened immunity (it is about those who received medical treatment a tumor recently, or about people with HIV infection) on one site of skin about ten small knots which will have larger size, than at usual disease can be shown. Under similar circumstances it is necessary to involve special antiviral treatment.

It is important that the caught person did not try to influence the appeared small knots as it will only aggravate a situation mechanically.

Distribution of a contagious mollusk

Контагиозный моллюскAt emergence of rashes on a certain site of skin there is a high probability that they will extend also to other parts of integuments over time. As a rule, the contagious mollusk is transferred from the person to the person in the course of direct contact. It is also about sexual contacts, and about infection through the general sanitary products and life. Children can catch a virus even at game by the general toys in a sandbox. Most often this illness affects children aged from one year till ten years.

The person who has this infectious illness remains infectious up to a total disappearance of nodular rashes. As a rule from infection time before manifestation of an accurate enanthesis there pass from 15 to 45 days. But in certain cases the incubation interval can proceed even before half a year.

Especially quickly this disease in child care facilities extends. For this purpose, to secure people around, the sick person has to carry out some rules allowing to reduce risk of infection. Small knots cannot be combed, it is desirable to bandage all affected areas of skin constantly. If rash appeared on a face at the man, he should not have a shave until small knots do not disappear. The infected person should use only individual sanitary products. If at the patient the contagious mollusk of genitalias was shown, then up to full treatment it is necessary to avoid sexual contacts.

Most often this infectious disease is shown at children who visit child care facilities. Young people who catch an illness in the course of sexual contacts suffer from a contagious mollusk also. One more risk group – the people who are regularly visiting the fitness centers, athletes, massage therapists. The probability to catch also at those who like to be in a sauna and a bath as in the warm and wet room the virus extends especially actively is high.

To a contagious mollusk at the person only temporary immunity therefore repeated infections are possible is developed.

Diagnosis of a contagious mollusk

It is not difficult to establish the diagnosis at infection of the person with a contagious mollusk, as a rule. At the same time, mainly, the clinical picture is considered and if the doctor observes a doubtful situation, then histologic research in the course of which mollyuskovy little bodies find in cytoplasm of cells of epidermis in that case will be informative. It is important to differentiate this illness with some types depriving, warts, an epithelioma.

Also microscopic examination of contents of small knots at which the special ovoidny (mollyuskovy) little bodies characteristic of this disease, and also the keratosic cells of epidermis are found is conducted.

At too frequent recurrence of a contagious mollusk the specialist can advise the patient to undergo testing for HIV as this illness very often occurs at patients who suffer from an immunodeficiency.

However, in most cases the diagnosis can be made already on the basis of careful visual survey. If small knots strike a zone of genitalias, then patients are recommended to pass also additional researches for the purpose of detection of other diseases which are transmitted sexually, in particular, genital herpes.

Treatment of a contagious mollusk

Контагиозный моллюскThe contagious mollusk strikes only the person as his activator is Molluscipoxvirus, a pathogenic virus from group smallpox. In view of the fact that infection occurs very easily, the whole epidemic outbreaks of an illness in certain regions are sometimes noted.

The virus contains DNA therefore it is rather difficult to struggle with it. The illness is chronic, therefore, it is impossible to get rid of it completely. However avoidance of recurrence of a disease is quite possible, strengthening immunity.

To people at whom the immune system normally functions this disease is not obligatory to treat at all: approximately in 2-6 months it passes independently. But nevertheless many patients do not wish to wait for so long time, considering, first of all, the reasons esthetic. If small knots are located on genitalias, then they need to be deleted as there is rather high risk of further distribution of an illness.

The contagious mollusk which treatment of educations is carried out by the principle of therapy of other infectious diseases can be shown again after a while. In that case all procedures should be repeated to a total disappearance of small knots.

Delete a small knot, using tweezers (it the doctor has to do) then the place of its arrangement is cauterized peroxide of hydrogen and iodine. It is important that conditions during removal of small knots were completely sterile. For the next four days the place of defeat is greased with iodine every day. It is necessary to watch that change of bed linen of the patient was made regularly.

Except the way described above for treatment of a contagious mollusk use cryotherapy, diathermocoagulation, treatment by the laser. Apply to cauterization of places of defeat also a celandine. With the purpose to suspend further distribution of an infection appoint also fukortsin. Besides, complex treatment of an illness includes also means which promote maintenance of normal work of immune system, polyvitaminic complexes.

If the complicated case takes place, then in the course of treatment antiviral drugs are also used. Antibiotics at therapy of an illness are also appointed, however it is reasonable only in certain cases. So, at very strong rashes antibiotics of a tetracycline row are applied.

At treatment of children who especially often catch a contagious mollusk it is important to choose the least traumatic method for the child not to provoke a severe stress at the child. If at the doctor eats experience of treatment of a contagious mollusk, then he acts with nippers, practically without hurting.

There are also some recipes of traditional medicine applied to disposal of effects of this illness. It is possible to process small knots on skin with use by juice of a celandine, garlic bird cherry leaves. Besides, it is regularly recommended to wash their infusion turns. It is possible to apply to processing both fresh juice of a celandine, and its spirit tincture. Garlic should be pounded in gruel and to add to it a little butter. This ointment is applied on small knots several times a day.

It is also recommended to grease affected areas of skin with ointment of a calendula or usual butter.

Prevention of a contagious mollusk

Контагиозный моллюскFor the prevention of infection with this disease it is the most important to treat all rules of personal hygiene very much carefully. It is important to use only personal belongings and sanitary products, to take a shower after a sauna and the pool. If the child got sick, he needs to be isolated from other children at once. All children who visit children's institutions should be examined regularly regarding existence of damage of skin. At the first suspicions of the child show to the specialist at once.

One more important measure of prevention – the correct approach to sex life, legibility in the choice of sexual partners. At detection of a disease treatment there have to pass both partners.

If the person nevertheless got sick, he needs to treat with understanding to hygiene questions, to use only own things and to provide some isolation in order to avoid infection of close people.

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