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  • Latin name: Contractubex
  • ATH code: D03AX
  • Active ingredient: Extract of bulbs of onions (Aliicepaesquamae extract), Heparin (Heparin sodium), Cordianine (Allantoin)
  • Producer: MerzPharmaGmbH&Co. KGaA (Germany)


The structure of 100 g of ointment includes the following active components:

  • onions extract – 10 g;
  • heparin – 5000 IU (international units);
  • cordianine – 1 g.

As excipients are used:

  • sorbic acid;
  • DROM 2700 perfume;
  • methyl-4-hydroxybenzoate;
  • polyethyleneglycol 200;
  • the purified water.

Release form

Pharmaceutical drug in the licensed points of sale is delivered in the form of watery light brown gel for external use in aluminum tubas on 20 or 50 g. The cardboard pack contains 1 tuba and the application instruction of medicine.

Pharmacological action

Ointment of Kontraktubeks possesses the following set of therapeutic properties:

  • anti-proliferative;
  • smoothing;
  • softening;
  • antiinflammatory.

Biologically active agents which contain in onions extract considerably reduce allocation of local mediators of an inflammation in a zone of putting gel and slow down, and at times and completely liquidate allergic manifestations. On site keloid cicatrixes, thanks to braking of process of a mitosis and oppression of formation of extracellular matrix substances (generally proteoglycans), growth and reproduction of cellular elements decreases that allows to control growth of cicatricial fabric.

Also bactericidal impact on integuments is inherent in onions, that is potentiality of infection with pathogenic or conditionally harmful microflora is liquidated. Thus, the risk of postoperative complications, possible suppuration in the place of a mechanical injury, a postburn wound or other defects of skin decreases.

Key property of sodium salt of heparin thanks to which the chemical compound is actively used in medicine is its antitrombotichesky influence on macro - and a microcirculator bed. However in dermatology this biological component is applied in a type of its anti-proliferative and antiinflammatory effects. That is such physiological mechanisms as are blocked:

  • excessive reproduction of cellular and fabric structures of connecting fabric;
  • puffiness development;
  • pain syndrome;
  • local temperature increase;
  • arterial hyperemia in the pathological center.

Separately It should be noted that under the influence of heparin saturation of the damaged integument water improves that is shown in mitigation of kollagensoderzhashchy components and structures of the substituting connecting fabric. Such therapeutic effect provides a cosmetic type of the hem which is limited to integument height, its elasticity and approach to physical parameters of the normal, unimpaired skin.

Cordianine, first of all, accelerates epithelization of a wound surface, that is promotes its fast healing thanks to what entrance gate for an invasion of infectious activators are closed, and healing happens much quicker. The keratolytic effect of the operating component stimulates trophic processes as it is facilitated their receipts to places of the increased requirement. Also biologically active agent possesses emollient property, that is under its influence the itch and unpleasant feelings decreases during fabric scarring.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

In the course of clinical trials it was revealed that Heparin, one of the operating medicine components, within 4 hours gets into connecting fabric in the quantity necessary for rendering therapeutic effects. Biochemism of this process is promoted by extract of bulbs and Cordianine. System absorption in the main blood stream at topical administration of ointment is not observed.

Indications to use

  • hypertrophic or atrophic cicatricial growths;
  • ankiloza of joints;
  • keloid cicatrixes;
  • palmar fibromatosis at chronic alcoholic hepatitis;
  • cicatricial changes of integuments after an acne or a furunculosis;
  • traumatic contractures of sinews;
  • deformations of skin after burns;
  • extensions after pregnancy;
  • education prevention patholologically the changed hems in the postoperative or posttraumatic period.


  • the hereditary or acquired intolerance of compound components of pharmaceutical drug;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • trichomycoses;
  • the increased individual sensitivity to acting or to excipients of medicine (including to parabens);
  • man's alopecia (baldness);
  • skin rashes at children.

Side effects

As a rule, even at prolonged use of ointment of adverse effects it is not observed, however at some patients the following side reactions were noted:

  • From integuments: an itch (testifies about restructuring of fabric of hems), an erythema, an atrophy of normal skin, local hyperpegmentation, telangiectasias, the small tortoiseshell, unpleasant feelings (burning, tension or irritation of investments), single papules.
  • From immune system: local allergic manifestations on the hypersensitivity reaction mechanism.
  • General disturbances: puffiness and pain in a site of application of pharmaceutical drug.
  • Infectious damages of skin: superficial pustular rashes.

The instruction to Kontraktubeks (A way and a dosage)

Gel is used for external use. Medicine is applied on defect of integuments with a small layer in 0,5 cm and rubbed before full absorption. The recommended area of single-step use of drug – 20-22 cm, and the frequency of such manipulation has to make 2-3 times a day for rendering the expected therapeutic effect. At recently formed cicatricial fabric the conservative course of treatment makes 4 weeks.

Ointment of Kontraktubeks, application instruction

In separately hard clinical cases, for example, at old hems, the high density of connective tissue elements or at a palmar fibromatosis can increase efficiency of use of pharmaceutical drug by means of an occlusive bandage. At first it is impregnated with medicinal ointment and only then imposed, it is recommended to do it for the night as activity of reparative processes increases with dominance of parasympathetic system. At old or extremely dense hems the course of conservative sanitation should be prolonged till 6 months, and at a specific type of a contracture – and for all 12 months.


Overdose cases are not described by medicine in medical literature, at manifestation of adverse effects of conservative treatment it is necessary to see the attending physician or the qualified dermatologist immediately.


Ointment of Kontraktubeks is completely compatible to other medicines of local and general type of action.

Terms of sale

Non-prescription dispensing.

Storage conditions

Gel of Kontraktubeks should be stored in dry, unavailable to children of a younger age category at a temperature not above 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

4 years.

Special instructions

During conservative actions for disposal of cicatricial fabric which was formed recently it is necessary to avoid ultra-violet radiation, the general or local influence of cold and intensive massage as it can influence adversely efficiency of use of medicinal ointment.

Kontraktubeks's analogs

Pharmaceutical ointment is not the cheapest in the market of cosmetics of similar action therefore the bulk of attempts to replace it with other medicine is reduced to search of less expensive drugs in the form of gels or creams. Of course, for Kontraktubeks analogs exist cheaper, however substantiality of their therapeutic effect not always reaches necessary level.

As a rule, in similar situations choose one of the following drugs: Ayekol, Algofin, Vinilin, Vundekhil, as the price of analogs of Kontraktubeks from this list is considerably lower than original drug.

Kontraktubeks or Dermatiks – what is better?

Dermatiks – silicone gel for prevention of formation of cicatricial fabric which consists of mix of polymeric organic compounds on the basis of silicon. Its therapeutic effects consist in maintenance of physiologically normal water balance of integuments, smoothing and reduction of speakers of parts of dense connecting fabric. Also pigmentation skinand unpleasant feelings of an itch, as a rule, accompanying proliferation of fibroblasts is liquidated.

Dermatiks, as well as Kontraktubeks, does not allow to get rid completely from unpleasant, time of the disfiguring defect of an integument, however as palliative measures has good therapeutic effect. It should be noted that Dermatiks is easily applied even on difficult sites of skin (including joint surfaces and the person) and quickly dries.

Kontraktubeks or Mederma – what is better?

Mederma is a pharmaceutical drug close on structure to medicinal ointment of Kontraktubeks, however having and the unique features, allowing to implement a little different therapeutic properties. The main effects of Mederma are fibrinolitic and antiinflammatory, respectively it is more reasonable to use medicine at an acne or an acne illness, effects of laser polishing or cryotherapy, elimination of small damages of integuments.

Mederma and for elimination of hypertrophied sites, keloid cicatrixes in posttraumatic and postoperative leaving is appointed, however, as well as Kontraktubeks, pharmaceutical means has no evidential base of efficiency of such use from the point of view of traditional medicine.


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