Correction of a form and function of a nose (Rinoseptoplastik)

Rhinoplasty (this operation also call a rhinoplasty, correction of a shape of a nose) by right is considered the most ancient of all operative measures of esthetic character. But even more than three-thousand-year history of carrying out such operations does not influence the fact that correction of a nose and recovery of its functions is considered one of the most serious and difficult sections in plastic surgery.

Functions of a nose and rinoseptoplastik

Rinoseptoplastika – the complex operation allowing to eliminate a curvature of a nasal partition and to correct its external form. The nose carries out not only esthetic function. The respiratory system of the person begins it. In the course of passing through the nasal courses there is a heating and moistening of the inhaled air which, besides is cleared at this time. All these functions, important for a human body, are provided by a mucous membrane of a nasal cavity. Besides, the nose participates in process of sense of smell, provides ventilation and takes the important place in work of slezootvodyashchy system. Therefore for the long period the shape of a nose at representatives of different nationalities depending on climate of the place of residence formed in own way.

Wide noses at those who live in warm regions provide easier and fast process of a thermolysis. Narrow noses of northerners – the guarantee that air constantly passes through the nasal courses in rather small portions also manages to be warmed during this time. Considering these and other features, the rhinoplasty is always made taking into account that functions of a nose were not broken. Besides in the presence at the person of trouble breathing a nose they are tried to be resolved along with carrying out nasal plastics.

For whom is rhinoplasty necessary?

Пластическая операция для вашего носаThe rhinoplasty is carried out for the purpose of noticeable improvement of appearance of the person. About that how striking can be changes after plastic surgery, numerous photos demonstrate before and after. But before carrying out such intervention it is necessary to consider that neither standard rhinoplasty, nor plastics of a tip of a nose can change appearance in accuracy with that ideal which appeared at the patient in the head in advance. Before carrying out operation it is important to consider not only that, how much is such intervention, but also a state of health, and also realness of expectation of the patient. The cost of operation depends on many factors therefore the prices can vary.

Most often rhinoplasty is carried out to correct a shape of a nose or to eliminate deformations after injuries, unsuccessful operative measures. Such operation is carried out and for the purpose of rejuvenation, at the same time in parallel perform also other surgical plastic surgeries. Operation is performed at emergence of new growths, and also at a dissatisfaction with results of the previous operations.

At the same time the rinoseptoplastika allows to fix medical problems in parallel.

Indications to a rinoseptoplastika

The natural curvature of a nasal partition takes place approximately at 90% of people on the planet. The partition is bent in the course of growth as its fabrics grow unevenly. As a result, the partition is bent aside, or on it ledges appear.

The partition curvature often appears as a result of an injury which sometimes occurs even at childbirth. As a rule, because of an injury outward of a nose changes: it looks asymmetrical, displaced aside.

At a compensatory curvature of a nasal partition at the person ratio distortion of several formations of a nose is observed. That is not only a nose partition, but also sinks have irregular shape and the size. Anomalies of inborn character, an illness can be the cause of such phenomenon.

At perforation at a nasal partition at it there is an opening because of which normal respiration can be broken. Perforation appears as an effect of operations, changes, or abuses of drugs.

If at the person the partition is bent, then there is a slime outflow disturbance therefore the developments of stagnation disturbing the patient are observed. Owing to reproduction of bacteria in slime at people sinusitis, antritis, a frontal sinusitis can be shown. Breath by a nose is constantly complicated.

But even at rather normal nasal respiration of people with the bent nasal partition often snores in a dream, and in a nose it constantly forms crusts, the itch disturbs. Sometimes people with the bent partition suffer from allergic diseases, in particular, from allergic cold, bronchial asthma.

Thus, carrying out a rinoseptoplastika provides not only the solution of esthetic problems, but also improvement of overall health of the person.

Planning of a rinoseptoplastika

Коррекция вашего носаDuring the first consultation the doctor has to explain surely to the patient who wishes to make rhinoplasty as it is possible to change a shape of a nose in its case. Before planning operation, it is important to estimate age of the person. It is desirable to carry out a rhinoplasty aged from 18 till 25 flyings. It is undesirable to perform operation earlier as to eighteen-year age there is forming of an osteoarticular skeleton of a nose. Therefore, when traumatizing in the course of operation there can be various deformations later.

That plastic surgery on a nose took place successfully, it is necessary to provide the maximum mutual understanding between the doctor and the patient. Before carrying out rhinoplasty, the doctor defines whether certain restrictions in view of some specific anatomic features are necessary. So, the type and a condition of skin, a structure of cartilaginous and bone structures of a nose, a face type is important.

Besides, features of carrying out operation are influenced by features of scarring in each case. The patient's wishes are of great importance.

Before carrying out operation practice in modern clinics
the computer modeling allowing to simulate approximately future shape of a nose. However finally the type of operation is defined by the surgeon.

Features of rhinoplasty

In modern medicine several kinds of a rhinoplasty are allocated. Esthetic rhinoplasty is carried out if in the anamnesis the patient has no injuries and the nose as body functions completely normally. The functional rinoseptoplastika is shown to patients with various disturbances of functions of a nose. Carrying out a reconstructive rinoseptoplastika is reasonable if at the person the shape of a nose under the influence of certain factors strongly changes.

This operation can continue of half an hour till one and a half o'clock. Normal respiration is completely recovered in two weeks after carrying out an operative measure.

Depending on complexity of operation it is carried out both under local, and under the general anesthesia. An operative measure of this type is carried out by two methods — opened and closed. Repeated operations at which unsatisfactory results of the previous interventions improve differ in special complexity.

Postoperative period

Пластическая операция на носAfter a rhinoplasty the patient stays in a hospital about three days. In 1-2 days from the nasal courses tampons are removed, and in the first few days after their removal the nose can be still bunged up. In the first days the field of operation periodic small bleedings can be shown. 7-10 days later gypsum is removed. Hypostases after operation begin to fall down approximately for the third day. In the first months after an operative measure the patient can complain of reduced sensitivity of an upper lip and integuments of a nose. Recovery of sensitivity happens gradually without additional procedures.

After operation it is important to person to follow some rules. It is not necessary to allow even slight injuries of a nose, not to sleep-faced in a pillow, not to wear glasses for a month. It is impossible to be overstrained physically and to allow difference of temperatures. Therefore, you should not take a hot bath. Doctors also recommend to try not to sneeze.

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