Correction of age changes of the person

With age inevitably there is a process of change of an integument of the person, skin loses elasticity, becomes to the land, wrinkles develop. If at young age systematic reduction of mimic muscles does not leave noticeable marks, then in advanced age, in connection with deterioration in elasticity of skin, mimic wrinkles inevitably form. Such manifestations of an old age frighten many people, especially women.

Face zones, the most subject to forming of mimic wrinkles:

  • horizontal, sometimes in total with vertical, forehead wrinkles;
  • vertical wrinkles over a nose bridge;
  • wrinkles (goose pads) in the field of outside corners of eyes;
  • radial wrinkles in circumoral area;
  • wrinkles of a chin and gubopodborodochny folds;
  • neck wrinkles.

With age process more and more progresses, wrinkles become static and there is a need for correction of age changes of the person. Correction of age changes of the person is one of the main objectives which daily to have to solve to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons.

In modern cosmetology various techniques for correction are used, the choice of use is based on age of the person, the acceptability of a technique which is directly connected with way of life, a state of health, existence of the accompanying pathologies from internals, specific features of a mimicry at each specific person, and also, sets of other determinal factors. It can be as a surgical face lifting, a face lifting by means of threads (nitevy lifting), and nonsurgical methods of correction.

The purpose of primary reception at the cosmetologist

The main task – to develop the individual program of correction so that it as much as possible satisfied the patient's wishes. On primary reception the following tasks have to be solved:

  • accurately formulated desire of those purposes and tasks which the patient by means of the doctor is going to reach;
  • to define those medical technologies approved by Roszdravnadzor which it is possible will be used in the course of achievement of objectives;
  • establishment of existence of material support for their use;
  • examination and establishment of existence or absence of contraindications to use of the planned medical technologies.

Also it is necessary to discuss with the patient and questions of observance of measures of the general character: diet, physical culture, observance of the rational mode of wakefulness and dream, etc.

Methods of correction of age changes of the person

Surgical face lifting (lifting of eyebrows, circular face lifting, blepharoplasty)

Коррекция возрастных изменений лицаOperative measure at which pulling up of face skin, removal of surplus of skin and hypodermic fatty tissue, etc. actions as a result of which to elastic fibers of facial tissues elasticity returns is carried out. Operation happens under local anesthesia, the patient is hospitalized for 1 day. In 3-7 days of a bandage act, and recovery process which takes 1-2 weeks begins.


It is the technique based on impact of a light flow on all fabrics and layers of skin. It can supplement surgical correction of the person or precede it. It is a new and unique method for several procedures allows to smooth small wrinkles, increases turgor of skin, considerably improves complexion and shows lifting effect. Applying photorejuvenation, try to obtain disappearance of senile vascular educations and a nevus pigmentosus. Also fight against freckles which can merge in spots with age is carried out by this method, giving to the face unhealthy color.


The essence of a lipofiling consists in transplantation of own fatty tissue of the patient which allows to eliminate nasolabial folds, to correct a shape of a chin and malar areas, to model contours and the sizes of lips. The Lipofiling allows to achieve the tightening effect and to eliminate such defects as omission of eyebrows, a chin otvisaniye, degradation of face contours.

Other nonsurgical methods include: injections of botulinum toxin or skin fillers, autologous change of fat, chemical peeling, etc. Such correction of age changes of the person does not give a permanent effect and after a while it is necessary to repeat such procedures.

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