Correction of a form and sizes of mammary glands

The breast is indisputable decoration of the woman. Especially attracts attention of both floors an elastic and beautiful breast which is a symbol of youth and attractiveness. The size and a form which mammary glands have are put at the gene level therefore it is initial at someone a breast big, and at someone small. Besides, the form and the size of a breast are influenced by such factors as changes of weight, pregnancy and feeding by a breast, age, hormonal changes. But some do not want to be reconciled with a size and a shape of the breast, and they are solved on operation on increase in mammary glands.

Mammoplastika is a plastic surgery on change of a shape of a breast with implants or its separate parts. Also the mammoplastika can be carried out in case of a hypoplasia – an underdevelopment of tissues of mammary glands and an aplasia when the breast is absent, inborn asymmetry of a breast, removal of a mammary gland owing to excision of a malignant tumor or if the breast drooped during the puerperal period or lactations. In the latter case the mammoplastika is combined with operation on lifting of a breast – a mastopexy.

Types of a mammoplastika

In a year more than 100 thousand operations on increase in a breast are according to the statistics made.

There are several types of a mammoplastika:

  • the increasing mammoplastika (endoprosthesis replacement of mammary glands) – the most widespread type of a mammoplastika;
  • lifting of a breast (mastopexy) – change of its form and contours;
  • the reducing, reducing mammoplastika (reduction of the sizes of mammary glands);
  • endoprosthesis replacement of mammary glands.

Коррекция формы и размеров молочных железThe modern medicine creates implants of the most different forms and the sizes, and they get out in each individual case the patient together with the surgeon. Endoprostheses happen round and a normal anatomic form that allows to pick up the necessary implants which will yield excellent esthetic result. Implants consist of silicone, and their internal part is filled with hydrogel, silicone gel or physical solution.

When carrying out a mammoplastika, implants of mammary glands are placed in several ways. It have under a mammary gland (between muscles a mammary gland), under a pectoral muscle and under a fascia.

For placement of implants use the following types of access:

  • in a fold under a breast (submammarny access);
  • around a nipple areola (periareolny access);
  • in an axillary hollow (an axillary section);
  • in upper part of a navel.

Endoprostheses do not differ to the touch, in several months after operation seams become almost imperceptible, and complications after a mammoplastika are observed only in 1-2% of cases, usually owing to entering of an infection.

Usually increase in mammary glands is normally transferred by women of all age, and several days after a mammoplastika of the patient accept a course of antibiotics and anesthetics of drugs. It is necessary to avoid big exercise stresses, a raising of weights, visit of sunbeds and saunas, and several weeks are shown to carry special compression linen.

At a mammoplastika mammary glands are not injured, its blood supply is not broken therefore women can not be afraid nurses the child or to lead a normal life, rejoicing the ideal breast.

In case of an obvisaniye of a breast operation on lifting of a breast and improvement of its outward – a mastopexy can be performed. This operation is based on correction of an aura of a nipple and its moving to higher position. Natural, connected with age changes, loss, and also hormonal changes, childbirth and feeding of the child by a breast are elasticity breast skin the reasons of an otvisaniye of a mammary gland. The mastopexy is most effective for women with not really big breast, and that who is not going to have children. In this case the effect of operation will hold on longer.

Preoperative preparation and course of operation

Коррекция формы и размеров молочных железBefore operation it is necessary to meet several important conditions, to make all necessary tests about which you will be told by the surgeon, not to smoke.

Lifting of a breast can last several hours under the general anesthesia and represents a section on a contour of a mammary gland and removal of a certain site of skin then new position of a nipple is defined. Sometimes the mastopexy can be added with endoprosthesis replacement of mammary glands.

The mastopexy is usually carried out by several methods: by a vertical section over a nipple and around an areola, a periarealny section on a dark zone of an areola or by a classical T-shaped section around an areola after which there is a hem in a form reminding an anchor. The way is chosen the surgeon depending on a state and elasticity of a breast, and also from the patient's wishes.

Among by-effects after operation it is possible to note pain, some temporary decrease in sensitivity, hypostasis, hems. It is also necessary after operation it is necessary to observe a particular treatment and to wear a special bra.

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