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  • Latin name: Corvalol
  • ATH code: N05CB02
  • Active ingredient: Peppermint of leaves oil (Menthae piperitae foliorum oleum) + Phenobarbital (Phenobarbital) + Etilbromizovalerianat (Ethylbromisovalerinate)
  • Producer: Farm Start, Farmak of PAO (Ukraine), Pharmstandard-Leksredstva, Tatkhimfarmpreparata, Marbiofarm, Altayvitamina, Tver pharmaceutical factory, Dalkhimfarm, Permfarmation, Yaroslavl farmfabrika, Ekolab, Drugstore Farmikon, Samaramedprom (Russia)


Composition of Corvalol in tablets: etilbromizovalerianat, phenobarbital and oil of leaves of a peppermint in proportions, according to 12:42, 11:34 and 0.88 mg / tab, and also excipients — lactose (in the form of monohydrate), a β-cyclodextrin, to atsesulfa To, Mg stearate.

Composition of Corvalol in drops: etilbromizovalerianat, phenobarbital and oil of leaves of a peppermint in proportions, respectively 20, 18.26 and 1.42 mg/ml, and also ethanol of 96%, the purified water, the stabilizer. One milliliter of solution is 26 drops.

The composition of drugs of different producers can slightly differ. So, for example, the composition of Corvalol N (in tablets is not issued, only in the form of oral drops) in addition to the specified active components includes also hop oil (concentration — 0.2 mg/ml). Drug excipients: acetate sodium trihydrate, divorced acetic acid, the purified water, 96% ethanol.

Release form

  • drops oral — on 25 or 50 ml in bottles, packaging No. 1;
  • tablets — in blisters on 10 pieces, on 1, 3 or 5 blisters in a pack.

Pharmacological action

Spasmolytic, vasodilating, sedative.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

What is Corvalol?

Corvalol is the drug having spasmolytic and soothing effect, and also facilitating approach of a natural dream.

Therapeutic effects are caused by properties of the phenobarbital thaws/tablets which are a part (means from group of barbiturates), an etilbromizovalerianata (sedative) and oils of leaves of a peppermint.


Sedation of the etilbromizovalerianat which is contained in tablets/drops is similar to effects of a valerian (Valeriana), and its spasmolytic action is implemented due to irritation mainly of receptors of a nasopharynx and an oral cavity, strengthening of braking in nervous cells of a cerebral cortex, and also in its subcrustal structures, decrease in reflex irritability in the central departments of a somatic nervous system and activity of a vasomotor center, direct spasmolytic action (local) on smooth muscles.

The last is shown in the form of undervoltage of walls of vessels and internals, mestnoobezbolivayushchy and vasodilating effects.

Phenobarbital suppresses the activating influence on bark of big hemispheres of the centers of a reticular formation located on average and a myelencephalon, reducing thus flows of exciting influences on subcrustal departments and a cerebral cortex.

It in turn causes calming, tranquilizing or sedation (expressiveness of action depends on a dose).

Corvalol reduces exciting influences on the TsNS centers which take part in regulation of a vascular tone, and also on peripheral and coronary vessels, reducing thus the general the ABP and vasospasms, first of all — heart vessels.

Oil of leaves of a peppermint contains a large amount of essential oils (including menthol (about 50%) and menthol ethers (from 4 to 9%)) which possess ability to irritate thermoreceptors (cold) of an oral cavity and to reflex expand vessels (mainly a brain and heart), removing at the same time smooth muscle spasms, and have the easy cholagogue and calming effect.

Mint oil also possesses properties of an antiseptic agent and ability to eliminate the meteorism phenomena due to irritation of receptors mucous the digestive channel and strengthening of a vermicular movement of intestines.


Absorption of drug after sublingual reception begins already in an oral cavity. Active agents of Corvalol are characterized by high bioavailability which varies ranging from 60 to 80%.

Faster development of effect (within five-ten minutes) is promoted by a tablet continence in an oral cavity or reception of drops on a sugar piece.

Corvalol begins to work in 15-45 minutes, the effect remains within three-six hours.

At the persons accepting earlier drugs of barbituric acid, duration of effect is reduced because of the accelerated phenobarbital metabolism in a liver (barbiturates induce activity of liver enzymes).

The reduced metabolism of Corvalol is noted at patients with cirrhosis and elderly people. In this regard they extend the drug semi-elimination period that demands increase in intervals between receptions of tablets/drops or decrease in a dosage.

Indications to Corvalol use

Indications to use of Corvalol in tablets

Corvalol in tablets is appointed for treatment:

Corvalol — from what drops help?

Drops, as well as tablets, are applied at disorders of activity of TsNS which are followed by an acrimony, at early stages of development of an idiopathic hypertensia, at neurocirculatory dystonia, the sleeplessness which is moderately expressed to tachycardia and also to reduction of symptoms of a spasm of coronary vessels provided that they are not brightly expressed.


The following contraindications to drug use are listed in the instruction of the producer:

  • intolerance of components of oral drops / tablets;
  • hypersensitivity to bromine;
  • severe forms of HSN;
  • hepatic porphyria.

The drugs containing phenobarbital are contraindicated at a myocardial infarction (in an acute stage of development), the expressed arterial hypotension, a myasthenia, a depression, a diabetes mellitus, medicamentous or drug addiction, alcoholism, an obstructive syndrome, diseases of a respiratory path with an asthma.

It is necessary to be careful, appointing drug to patients for whom epilepsy or pathologies of a liver are diagnosed.

Side effects

Side effects of Corvalol are shown in a look:

  • digestive disturbances (weight in epigastric area, locks; against prolonged treatment by drug nausea, abnormal liver functions, vomiting are possible);
  • disturbances of a nervous system (ataxy, nystagmus, weakness, lack of coordination of movements, delay of reactions, fatigue, paradoxical excitement, hallucinations, slight dizziness, cognitive disturbances, headaches, drowsiness, confusion of consciousness, decrease in concentration of attention);
  • hypersensitivity reactions (including Quincke's disease);
  • skin displays of an allergy;
  • shifts in a blood count (an agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, anemia);
  • breath zatrudnennost;
  • arterial hypotension, bradycardia.

At prolonged use of drug disturbances of bone formation and development of manifestations of a bromism are possible: oppression TsNS, ataxy, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, depression, dacryagogue, purpura or acne, confusion of consciousness.

As a rule, the specified symptoms disappear after a dose decline or the termination of treatment by Corvalol.

Application instruction of Corvalol

How to accept drops?

According to the application instruction, drops accept Corvalol, having mixed drug from 50 ml of water or on a sugar piece. Optimum time of reception for half an hour-hour to food.

How many drops of Corvalol it is necessary to drip, depends on indications. A standard single dose from 15 to 30 drops. At a spasm of coronary vessels or the expressed tachycardia increase in a single dose drops is allowed till 40-50.

Recommendations how to drink Corvalol at sleeplessness the following: To add 30 drops of drug to warm water (50 ml) and to take for half an hour to a dream.

How to take a pill?

Pill of Corvalol is taken inside or sublingual. Sublingual reception is preferable when it is necessary to achieve the fastest effect.

In the application instruction of Corvalol in tablets it is specified that a standard daily dose of drug 2-3 tablets. One-time 1 tablet.

If necessary (for example, for a spasmolysis of coronary vessels) the dose is raised to 3 tablets on one reception. An admissible upper limit of a daily dose 6 tablets.

How many once a day it is possible to drink drug?

On a question as it is often possible to drink Corvalol, doctors answer that frequency rate of uses depends on indications. In certain cases rather single dose of medicine, in some tablets/drops should be drunk to 3 rubles/day.

Duration of a course is defined depending on portability and a therapeutic effectiveness of drug.

Overdose by Corvalol

Overdose is a consequence uncontrolled (frequent or too long) drug uses. Constant/prolonged treatment can result in medicamentous dependence, psychomotor excitement, an abstinence syndrome.

Overdose symptoms Corvalol:

  • oppression of TsNS;
  • dizziness;
  • confusion of consciousness;
  • drowsiness (up to deep, patholologically a dream, long on duration);
  • ataxy.

In hard cases are noted: arrhythmia, tachycardia, breath disturbances, falling of the ABP. The most serious effects of overdose: collapse, coma, death.

The death occurs at reception of 0,1-0,3 mg/kg of drug. Leads reception of more than 150 drops of oral solution to intoxication. It should be noted that for children and elderly people the threshold of toxicity of Corvalol is much lower.


Effect of Corvalol amplifies at simultaneous use with HP of the central oppressing action type, alcohol, valproic acid drugs.

Phenobarbital, inducing liver enzymes, thereby accelerates a metabolism of HP which biotransformirutsya in a liver, including: cardiac glycosides, anticoagulants of indirect action; antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobic, antiepileptic, psychotropic, anticonvulsant, hormonal, peroral glucose-lowering, cytostatic, immunosuppressive, anti-hypertensive and antiarrhytmic drugs.

Phenobarbital potentsiirut effect of local anesthetics and analgetics.

Prolongation of effects of Phenobarbital is promoted by simultaneous use of IMAO. To reduction of their expressiveness — Rifampicin reception.

At the use of Phenobarbital the risk of damage of kidneys, with NPVP (increases in a combination with drugs of gold at prolonged use) — risk of an ulceration mucous a stomach and development of bleedings, with the Zidovudine — toxicity of both drugs increases.

Corvalol strengthens toxic effects of the Methotrexate.

Terms of sale

Tablets and oral drops in bottles on 15 ml and 25 ml belong to group of means of non-prescription dispensing. Bottles of 50 ml are released according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store drug at a temperature not above 25 °C.

Period of validity

Tablets are suitable for use during 2, drops during 2,5 flyings from a date of issue.

Special instructions

Existence in composition of Corvalol of phenobarbital can become the reason of development of a Lyell's disease or Stephens-Johnson's syndrome that it is the most probable in the first weeks of use of drug.

Phenobarbital and ethanol are a part of drops (56 about. %). Concentration of alcohol in the minimum dose of drug (the 15th cap.) — 254 mg that corresponds to 2,7 ml of wine or 6,4 ml of beer.

At reception of the specified substances are possible:

  • lacks of coordination;
  • disturbance of speed of psychomotor reactions;
  • dizziness;
  • drowsiness.

In this regard the answer to a question whether it is possible to drink driving Corvalol, is unambiguous — it is impossible. During treatment by drug (in any dosage form) it is also necessary to avoid work with mechanisms and activity which requires special attention and high speed of motor and mental reactions.

Whether Corvalol — advantage and harm of drug is harmful

For what Corvalol is necessary, all know. Tells quite large number of the comments left by patients about efficiency of drug. However recently there is more and more information that drug is capable not only to treat, but also to do harm to an organism.

So, than Corvalol is harmful? Contained in tablets and drops etilbromizovalerianat is a spasmolysant which, depending on the accepted dose, can have sedative or somnolent effect. The size of a dose necessary for development of somnolent effect depends on specific features of an organism.

The phenobarbital coming to an organism at reception of a standard dose of Corvalol (15-20 drops) provokes vasodilatation and causes easy sedation, without drowsing at the same time.

Oil of mint causes reflex vasodilatation and spasmolytic effect, however, at consumption in the dose exceeding 25 mg oppresses a peristaltics of intestines and causes locks.

In the majority of the countries of substance which provide therapeutic effect of Corvalol are considered as controlled substances (in the Russian Federation it is included in the list III that is the basis for restriction of its turn) and are prohibited to import. In particular, drug is prohibited to import and sale in the territory of the USA and Lithuania.

According to some narcologists, phenobarbital is a drug, and its use whenever possible should be avoided because of risk of development of accustoming and dependence on drug.

At regular use in high doses phenobarbital causes cognitive disturbances (disturbance of the speech, frustration of a short-term memory, unsteadiness of gait), serious neurologic frustration and abstinence, suppresses sexual function.

Prolonged use of Corvalol is also dangerous because of risk of possible cumulation of bromine in an organism and developments of poisoning by it.

Symptoms of poisoning can be easy, moderately severe and heavy. Lungs are shown in a look: general weakness, drowsiness, slackness, decrease in an animal force, absent-mindedness of attention, smazannost of the speech, confusion of consciousness, apathy, ataxy, conjunctivitis, depressive mood, emergence of purpura and acne, cold.

Effects of moderately severe poisoning: pathological increase in duration of a dream, hypersalivation, increase of muscular weakness up to development of paresis, decrease in the ABP, reduction of volume of the emitted urine, expansion of pupils.

In the most hard cases the barbituric coma develops. At the person breath disturbance develops, reflexes cease to be defined, there is no consciousness, acute cerebrovascular insufficiency which signs are develops:

  • falling of the ABP;
  • emergence of the rattles heard at distance in lungs;
  • tachycardia;
  • the increasing cyanosis of an integument which extends from tips of ears of a nose, a nasolabial triangle and comes to an end with the general cyanosis.

Progressing of heart failure quite often comes to an end with a fluid lungs.

Lethal dose of drug 0,1-0,3 g/kg (on average about 20 g). It is necessary to remember that reception leads more than 100 mg/kg of phenobarbital to a lethal outcome.

At slight poisoning it is enough to wash out to the patient a stomach (to pure washing waters), to give it an enterosorbent (any, in the absence of its intolerance) in the dose equal to a third of the highest daily dose. Use of salt laxatives, a cleansing enema, reception are also reasonable enveloping to be drunk.

Because of danger of fast increase of weight of a state without fail it is necessary to call the ambulance.

At severe intoxication when the patient has signs of lack of cordial activity, before arrival of the doctor carry out an indirect cardiac massage and do an artificial respiration.

Poisoning effects even at timely assistance can be rather serious — from severe forms of dermatitis to an acute heart, respiratory or renal failure.

The greatest number of deaths at poisoning with drugs is observed from drugs which part derivatives of barbituric acid of long action are. Weight of effects is defined by a dose of the accepted substance, weight of poisoning, timeliness of the taken measures.

Whether Corvalol reduces pressure?

So far as concerns treatment of the patients suffering from fluctuations of pressure, the question "Corvalol Increases Pressure or Lowers?" is very actual.

Researches of scientists showed that Corvalol lowers pressure. In this connection in emergency situations special medicines which are intended for treatment of arterial hypertension can use it as an alternative.

How to drink and how many a thaw to measure at supertension?

If pressure sharply rose, and there is no other hypotensive drug in the house, doctors recommend to measure 45 drops of oral solution Corvalol in 100 ml of hot water and to drink off this medicine. Improvement of a state is usually noted approximately in half an hour.

How to prepare heart troubles medicine and vessels in house conditions?

At pathologies of heart, a hypertension, a varicosis the peony, a valerian, Corvalol, a hawthorn, a motherwort, mint and an eucalyptus are very effective.

For preparation of medicine spirit tinctures are used in the following proportions: Tincturas Valerianae, a motherwort, a peony and a hawthorn on 100 ml, Tinctura Eucalypti 50 ml, mint tincture 25 ml, Corvalol 30 ml, carnation spice 10 columns.

All ingredients pour out in a bottle of dark glass, cork a bottle and place in the dark place for 2 weeks. Medicine has to be drawn at the room temperature.

Take means of 3-4 rubles/day for half an hour to food on 30 drops on each reception, previously having parted the specified dose in 0,5 glasses of water. The last reception has to be before going to bed. Drink medicine courses lasting 30 days, with week intervals between them. Treatment is continued before emergence of improvement.

The combination of a motherwort, hawthorn and valerian promotes improvement of cerebral circulation, elimination of effects of a stroke and heart attack, hemopoiesis improvement, and also the thrombogenesis warns.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs with the close mechanism of action: Amizyl, Bromisoval, Valemidin, Valerian, Valocordin, Doppelgerts Melissa, Kalii bromidum, Korvaldin, New Passitum, Notta, Passifit, Persen, Simpatil, Songa Knight, Bromcamphora, Tsirkulin, Deksdor.

That it is better: Corvalol or Valocordin?

Valocordin is a drug on the basis of an etilbromizovalerianat (18,4 mg/g), phenobarbital (18,4 mg/g), mint oil (1,29 mg/g), hop oil (0,18 mg/g), 96% ethanol (469,75 mg/g), the purified water (411,97 mg).

It is possible to notice that the difference as a part of Valocordin and Corvalol is very insignificant. The only difference is that the first contains a small amount of oil of hop which possesses the calming and spasmolytic action.

Specialists on a question, than Valocordin differs from Corvalol, answer that drugs are absolutely identical. Both of them quickly eliminate unpleasant feelings and heartaches, and also at timely use are capable to prevent an attack of stenocardia and a myocardial infarction.

As Corvalol is domestic drug, and Valocordin is issued the German company Krewel Meuselbach GmbH, the first is more available means (the bottle of drops of Valocordin depending on capacity costs from 130 to 300 rub whereas drops of Corvalol can be bought for 11-40 rub).

substance from group of derivatives of barbituric acid which at prolonged use causes accustoming and provokes development of medicamentous dependence.

Whether it is possible to drink morning after Corvalol?

At a hangover use of Corvalol not only is inexpedient, but also it is extremely dangerous. Accelerating the course of all exchange processes in an organism due to active release of enzymes of a liver, drug thereby promotes faster absorption of alcohol in blood and strengthens its destroying action.

Also also strengthening of sedation is noted that leads in turn to more expressed hungover syndrome.

Against the use of alcohol also the symptoms characteristic of Corvalol overdose are aggravated: strong weakness, inability to think coherently, apathy. Also the probability of development of unexpected reactions is not excluded.

Corvalol at pregnancy and a lactation

Whether it is possible to drink Corvalol at pregnancy?

In the summary to drug it is specified, as tablets, and drops are contraindicated to pregnant women.

Use of phenobarbital in the first three months of pregnancy is capable to provoke anomalies of fetation, and in the prenatal period can become the reason of a syndrome of respiratory frustration at the newborn.

Other component of Corvalol mint oil is capable to cause increase of a tone of muscles of a uterus.

If there is a question whether pregnant women can drink Corvalol, doctors answer that during pregnancy it is necessary to refuse whenever possible drug intake, and if it after all is necessary, to use the safest.

Corvalol when breastfeeding

Use of drug when breastfeeding is contraindicated.

About Corvalol

About Corvalol in tablets and drops in general good, efficiency of medicine is checked by time. However along with them it is possible to meet also negative responses. In them it is usually noted that drug really well calms, but at the same time very strongly dulls reactions and causes block.

Most of people know about Corvalol as about means for calm of heart and treatment of neurosises, however, it appears, it can also be applied as spots medicine and from herpes on lips.

At emergence of spots cosmetologists advise the talker on the basis of Corvalol in drops. For its preparation it is necessary to pound in a mortar 1 tablet of Aspirin, 1 tablet of Metronidazole (or Trichopolum) and to add 1 tablet of Levomycetinum, and then the received powder to 50 ml of drug.

The talker before use properly is stirred up. It is recommended to wipe a face after washing, it is optimum before going to bed. If to trust responses to clean inflammations, there is enough 3-4 days of use of means.

Some apply solution of Corvalol on spots pointwise. For 3-4 procedures spots considerably dry up, and the inflammation decreases.

At herpes on lips of a drop it is the best of all to use at once as soon as unpleasant symptoms appeared. The only minus of such treatment is that drug strongly overdries gentle skin therefore when using Corvalol it is worth taking care of additional care of it.

How many there are drops and the tablets Corvalol?

The Corvalol price in tablets in the Russian drugstores 100-150 rub for packaging No. 20. It is possible to buy oral drops from 11 rub.

In Ukraine the Corvalol price in tablets from 8 UAH for packaging No. 10. The Corvalol price in drops 9-18


  • Corvalol of a 25mlfarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company
  • Corvalol No. 20 of tablet/Farm Start / Farma Start of Ltd company
  • Corvalol of a 50mlfarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company
  • Corvalol No. 50 of a tabletkifarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company
  • Corvalol No. 20 of a tabletkifarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Corvalol of a drop of 50 ml, Pharmstandard-Leksredstva of joint stock company (Kursk) Russia
  • Corvalol tbl No. 20, Farm Oooukrain's Start
  • Corvalol of a drop of 25 ml, Pharmstandard-Leksredstva of joint stock company (Kursk) Russia
  • Corvalol of a drop of 15 ml, Moscow FF (г.Москва) Russia
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  • Korvalolfarmak (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Korvalol30
  • Korvalol10
  • Corvalol Nfarmak (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Corvalol ml solution 25
  • Corvalol of the tab. No. 10farmak
  • Corvalol of the tab. No. 10farmak


  • Corvalol No. 30 of the tab. Farmak (Ukraine)
  • Corvalol of 25 ml of a drop for intake
  • Corvalol of 25 ml solution for intake
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