Skin itch

The itch of skin is a state at which the person feels burning desire actively to comb different sites of integuments.

How the skin itch is shown?

The severe itch of skin of a body can testify to different diseases of skin. The skin itch on all body sometimes is a symptom of diseases of skin — small tortoiseshells, eczemas, itches, or can be an independent illness (an idiopathic itch). The person feels a periodic or constant severe itch of skin of hands, legs, other body parts. On those sites which itch, raschesa are noted, skin can redden. Such patient has, as a rule, a dry skin of a body. The itch of skin can be shown constantly or pristupoobrazno, and depending on such manifestations a certain treatment of an itch and erubescence of a body practices.

As a rule, more intensive the itch becomes evening, and sometimes it is intolerable. Skin rash and an itch, reddening and an itch on skin are often combined. At some diseases the expressed itch and a peeling of skin is noted.

The itch of integuments is subdivided on generalized (extends on all body) and localized (in a certain place). The generalized itch can be felt by the patient constantly whereas the localized itch arises periodically and develops on site sting, and also in external genitals, an anus, pilar sites of the head.

There is one more classification of an itch of skin. It is subdivided into a physiological itch (a consequence of crawling and stings of insects) and a pathological itch (it is shown at skin diseases, and also at some general diseases and special conditions of a human body).

Why the skin itch is shown?

Проявления кожного зудаThe reasons of a skin itch at children and adults are connected with diseases of skin or with the general diseases of an organism. Symptoms of a skin itch at its generalizirovanny form are shown at intolerance of some types of food, at reaction to changes of temperature condition, at reception of some medicines. Often generalized itch is a consequence of development of a serious illness. In particular, the skin itch at a diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, a leukosis, malignant new growths is noted, etc. Symptoms of a generalized itch of skin are present also at some psychological diseases. At people of old age the itch is a consequence of dryness of integuments which is noted owing to lowering of functions of sebaceous glands.

If the person has a question why face skin itches, or he tries to define the reasons of an itch of skin of legs, then the speech already goes about the localized itch. Such manifestations are connected with the local reasons. It can be stings of insects, local allergic reactions, defeat by worms, hemorrhoids (a proctal itch), candidiasis, prostatitis, diseases, sexually transmitted (an itch in generative organs), seborrhea (a head itch), etc.

The severe itch of skin of legs, shins develops at the person owing to a xeroderma, infections which affect upper sites of integuments, allergic reactions. Also skin itch standing can arise owing to influence of the parasitic infections caused by fungi, mites. Initially the skin itch standing develops in the place of defeat – on stupnyakh, shins, between legs, the area later struck can increase.

Often skin itches and is shelled owing to development of allergic reactions to certain irritants. Allergen can be as food, medicine, that and external irritants owing to which influence on skin pruritic red spots on skin and pruritic rashes appear.

Sometimes at the woman the skin itch at pregnancy is periodically noted. As a rule, this phenomenon is characteristic of later terms of incubation of the kid. Skin most of all itches at night. This phenomenon is connected with serious changes in functioning of an organism of future mother. In particular, an important role is played by change of hormonal balance. The stomach skin itch at pregnancy is shown in connection with severe stretching of skin. However it is necessary to consider that at pregnancy development of different skin diseases therefore it is necessary to consult with the doctor at the first suspicion is possible.

How to get rid of a skin itch?

Кожный зуд на рукахIf skin itches and itches, then the patient has to address first of all the dermatologist that the specialist defined what disease became the skin itch reason. It is necessary to address the specialist if the itch of integuments proceeds more than two weeks and also if very strong discomfort owing to an itch appears. It is important to consult with the doctor at distribution of an itch of skin on all body, and also in the presence of other symptoms — weaknesses, fatigues, etc.

Treatment of an itch of skin on a body is carried out after exact establishment of the reason of its emergence. Different methods of therapy of diseases at which the skin itch develops are applied. First of all, this treatment of a skin itch medicines. However it is impossible to use any a skin itch ointment without preliminary purpose of such means the doctor. You should not use thoughtlessly folk remedies as only the specialist can define expediency of use of any drug.

It is important to provide also the corresponding conditions, for normal regulation of a metabolism in an organism. This healthy nutrition, healthy lifestyle, timely treatment of the chronic centers of an infection.

For reduction of symptoms at a severe itch of skin it is necessary to avoid combing of those places which strongly itch. If combing nevertheless cannot be avoided, it is necessary to scratch at least through clothes or any fabric. It is the best of all to close area of a body which scratches a bandage or clothes. On the struck area it is possible to apply ointments, lotions which were appointed by the doctor.

On the struck area of a body it is possible to impose the compresses prepared with soda solution. Also a body it is possible to process solution 3-5% of vinegar. If all body itches, it is possible to take a bath with baking soda from time to time, water has to be warm.

It is necessary to select clothes very carefully. It is better that those articles of clothing which adjoin to a body were made of organic cotton which will not irritate skin. It is necessary to wash a body with children's soap or other means which does not have as a part of dyes or fragrances. After washing skin needs to be moistened by means of special means. You should not use deodorants, spirits, cosmetics which can irritate pruritic skin too.

Кожный зуд на ногахIf the itch of skin of legs is noted, then treatment is carried out depending on that problem which caused this phenomenon. At defeat the fungus uses proitivogribkovy drugs with local influence. Also some national methods of treatment practice. The people having an itch of skin of legs should choose very carefully footwear, at the same time without buying footwear from artificial skin, and also to refuse leg deodorants.

If display of an itch of skin is connected with allergic defeats, for treatment antihistaminic drugs are used, it is also important to prevent influence of allergen on a human body. To lower histamine level in skin, administration of drugs Tavegil, Zirtek, Loratidin, Suprastinum is appointed.

At emergence of an itch in a zone of an anus and in generative organs it is necessary to be washed away, at least, twice a day by warm water with soap, and also every time to make a careful podmyvaniye after defecation. At an itch in an anus ointments with antiinflammatory effect are used to remove acute symptoms. But for carrying out full treatment it is necessary to address the specialist proctologist.

The people suffering from the expressed skin itch, as a rule, are very irritable therefore by it reception of sedatives for the purpose of calm of a nervous system of the person in parallel can be appointed.

The pregnant woman needs to tell the gynecologist about itch symptoms then the doctor will appoint means for simplification of a state. It is recommended to take several times a day a shower then to grease a body with the moistening milk. The doctor can sometimes advise reception of some means stimulating work of a liver of a gall bladder. Sometimes the itch at pregnant women is shown owing to reaction of an organism to a certain food stuff. In that case it is necessary to find out what became the reason of such reaction and to exclude this product from a diet.

At a skin itch on pilar part of the head it is necessary to establish the reason of this phenomenon initially. In certain cases for this purpose it is only enough to watch closely way of life to understand why skin itches and scratches.

Sometimes the simplification of a state requires carrying out complex treatment. But in certain cases considerably cosmetic procedures, for example, correctly picked up mask from a head skin itch help to improve a situation. If head skin itches, also rinsing by broth of an onions peel, solution of apple cider vinegar practices. In more detail how to get rid of erubescence of the head, an itch and a peeling, the specialist will tell.

One more problem which often disturbs women, and sometimes and men – a face skin itch. Not always in that case creams and the moistening means help. Sometimes the itch of the person is connected with allergic reactions and other diseases. Therefore at a constant itch of the person it is better to consult with the doctor.

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