The small tortoiseshell at the child

For certain, many parents will agree what to see how children have, very a serious illness. And our task consists in that by all forces to preserve children against developing of these or those illnesses. Well, and if all of them arise, as fast as possible to take all necessary measures for relief of sufferings of little "patients".

The small tortoiseshell – allergic reaction of an organism, at children arises quite often. Here it is necessary as the child can give quickly help since this illness brings incredible discomfort, causing an itch.

It is possible "to recognize" the small tortoiseshell without effort. On skin of the child watery rash of pale nacreous color develops. Blisters, as a rule, of a different form, gradually merge in larger by the size and extend on all body, especially their is a lot of on extremities. Accumulations of blisters remind the burns arising on skin after contact by a nettle, from here and the name of an illness. The reasons of emergence of the small tortoiseshell – manifestation of allergic reaction to external and internal irritants.

The contact allergy – an allergy to external irritants can be shown in the form of the small tortoiseshell after direct contact of skin of the child, for example, with synthetic materials, with linen, washed in new powder, etc. Also there is also other reaction to external irritants, for example, allergic conjunctivitis.

The urticaria as result on internal irritants, can be shown as an allergy to some food stuffs: ovalbumin, citrus, strawberry, chocolate, etc. And also as a result of impact on an organism of medicines, for example, antibiotics, various drugs in the form of syrups with the content of fragrances and krasitelny means, etc. Other example of a similar allergy is bronchial asthma.

At emergence of symptoms it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. The small tortoiseshell is dangerous by development of complications, it as a Quincke's edema – the sudden hypostasis of a mucous membrane leading to asthma.

For removal of an itch, in addition to the treatment registered by the doctor very often apply very effective "folk remedy" — relaxing baths with addition of baking soda, at the rate of 200 grams on 15 liters of water.

Section: Allergology Pediatrics (Children's diseases)