What curative properties red wine possesses?

Long since say that red wine is useful. Why? As a result of long researches scientists established that a number of substances which interfere with development of atherosclerosis is a part of red grape wine, expand vessels and protect from a heart attack. The thin skin of grapes contains active agent the melatonin which is slowing down process of cell aging and playing a role of the antioxidant which is not allowing sick cells to damage healthy. This natural hormone contains also in cherries, bananas, onions, rice.

Besides, the drink loved by many Europeans, has also other useful properties: grape seeds contain the enzymes interfering development of cancer cells and preventing diseases of gums. Useful will be a glass of wine to the people having sleeplessness. Thanks to these properties, the Spanish scientists called wine a youth elixir. It belongs only to natural red dry wines.

However, physicians warn that the excessive use of wine leads to a heart attack and to cirrhosis, and also and to other diseases, it as alcoholism. At women overdose can lead to infertility over time. Therefore it is important not to abuse this useful, but also harmful, in large numbers, drink. For the adult man the daily dose makes about 200 ml, for women – 100-150 ml.

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