Beauty of your neck

The condition of skin of a neck gives age at once, and unlike the person whose skin can be made elastic by means of braces and differentcosmetology procedures . Unlike correction of age changes of face skin, techniques of fast rejuvenation of skin of a neck just does not exist. To support neck skin in an excellent state, it is necessary to use to it the constant efforts, to wipe daily with various lotions. It is necessary to apply regularly moistening and nutritious masks on a neck, at the same time, when you make similar procedure with the person, creams it is necessary to process also area of a decollete as over time it will be quite difficult to correct its defects.

In addition to nutrients, a neck the special gymnastics is necessary for a neck, and at daily acceptance of a shower it is necessary to do water massage of a neck. The shower needs to be directed directly to a neck, serially to each its point, it is possible to use also an alternating douche, and after bathing it is desirable to execute at once special massage of a neck, afterwards applying any nutritious cream on her skin. Regular lotions with use of cold, and then and hot water will help to recover beauty of a flabby neck, such procedure allows to take off fatigue quickly enough.

Gymnastics for a neck

The special gymnastics should be made for a neck daily, using the following exercises. At first it is necessary to cast away the head back, but during its zaprokidyvaniye it is desirable to try to cover completely an upper lip lower, and at the same time slowly to count to five. Then it is necessary to hang very slowly the head towards a thorax so that the mandible was most weakened, lips need to be closed slightly, as at naturally closed mouth.

For preservation of elasticity of skin of a neck one more exercise helps. Having raised the head exactly, in very natural situation, to squeeze the right brush in a fist, and then strongly to prop up it a chin, gradually throwing back the head back. At the same time it is necessary to open widely a mouth, putting out outside tongue, it is necessary to be in such situation about fifteen seconds, then as much as possible to weaken, hang the head down, and the mouth can already be closed.

One more simple exercise for a neck which is carried out is developed standing. The left hand needs to be taken in the right hand, to enclose close hands under the chin. Then it is necessary to hang slowly the head back that on muscles from the back of a neck resistance was shown. To stand in such look fifteen seconds, then to relax shoulders and muscles of a neck and to return the head to normal situation.

Get up in direct situation, straighten shoulders, and lower hands down, pressing them to sides. Slowly hang the head towards a thorax, and then very slowly turn it towards the left shoulder that resistance was created. Then the head leans back back, rendering compression of back muscles of a neck, then exercise repeats already towards the right shoulder similarly.

Then it is possible to straighten completely a thorax, on edges of shoulders put hands, and strongly pressing hands shoulders, extend a neck up, at the same time shoulders have to remain in the unknown direction. Then it is necessary to make a deep breath, to stiffen in this situation for several seconds, to make an exhalation and to relax. Approach a table and lean against it elbows, put hands at each other and rest against them the chin. Pressing hands on a chin, gradually raising it up that the head at the same time tested resistance, after that a chin it is necessary to press with a force on the put hands, forcing them to lower back to a table.

It is necessary to bend the right hand in an elbow to greatest possible, and a brush to embrace a neck from the back at the left. To rest the head on a hand. Use a brush of the left hand as a support for a chin, it is necessary to incline the head a little as though you carry out a nod. It is necessary only to make a deep breath, for several seconds to hold the breath, and then to throw back the head back, pressing a chin a hand. Then the chin needs to be pushed forward, to expose a mandible so that it came for upper, to make a deep entrance, then, hanging the head, to slowly exhale air.

Exercises and massage at a double chin

Красота вашей шеиAt a double chin and for prevention of its emergence it is necessary to keep up with healthy nutrition, not to overeat, and also not to sleep on high pillows. To often hold the head lowered harmfully, in this case the regular gymnastics for a neck is necessary. The following exercise will help to get rid of a double chin. It is necessary to lean against a table elbows and to lower a chin on close hands, in the direction squeeze a chin up, and then remove it back, using fingers.

After that the head can already be hung forward, carrying out roundabouts counterclockwise, gradually raising the head up, then repeat this procedure, but already towards the movement of an hour hand. The head has to lower down freely as if it falls under weight of a body weight. It is possible to execute exercise for a neck on circular rotations of the head, alternately alternating deep breaths and slow exhalations. Then to clasp a neck with hands, to make a breath and to turn the head to the left, then – to the right, and it is already possible to do an exhalation. The right hand undertake a neck from the back, put the left hand on a chin, and hang the head back. To make again a breath to raise the head, to exhale and lower it.

To get rid of a double chin, daily massage of a neck is necessary, it can be carried out in the mornings, using a soft terry towel. It needs to be moistened at first with cold water, and then to wring out carefully. Holding a towel with a chin, as much as possible pulling it hands, it is necessary to press with a force on a terry towel a chin. If you have hollows under clavicles, a sinewy and thin neck, it is possible to do the special exercises suitable for posture correction. It is necessary to put hands on shoulders, then to raise elbows and to carry out them roundabouts in one party, in another.

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