Cryotherapy is based on use of the course for achievement of therapeutic effect. As showed numerous researches, the cold in small amounts really can effectively influence an organism.

In antiquity people knew about positive impact of cold and accepted bathtub ledyana, however, today the given procedure significantly promoted and changed flesh to what practically does not cause inconveniences to the patient.

Modern cryotherapy is presented in the form of the cryosauna which is filled with the cooled inert gas up to the temperature minus 150 degrees. The choice of such temperature is not accidental: the organism does not manage to overcool, and here the blanket of skin manages to cool down up to the necessary temperature.

Main advantages of cryotherapy:

  • Blood circulation improvement
  • Acceleration of exchange processes
  • Will mobilize endocrine system
  • In the course of rehabilitation

Treatment by cold is used at asthma, arthrosis, arthritis, skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis), burns, allergies, etc.

Cryotherapy is subdivided on local and the general.

Local is more often used in the cosmetology purposes, the general – in medical therapeutic. In the latter case the patient is placed in a special sauna, at the same time the head is outside, the sauna is filled cooled with nitrogen. Duration of procedure is appointed by the doctor, and usually does not exceed 10-15 minutes. Local cryotherapy is used for removal of acne rash, a keratosis, papillomas, hems, warts and other defects of skin. In this case the deep freezing of skin under pressure is used. After procedure hypostasis, a crust and others skin reaction after which disappearance there is only a pinkish spot can be formed.

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