Allergy medicine. The main, active agent is kromoglitsiyevy acid. Medicine has membranostabiliziruyushchy effect, slows down process of degranulation of mast cells, slows down allocation of a histamine, prostaglandins, leukotrienes, bradikinin, bioactive agents. Drug warns a bronchospasm. Thanks to inhibition of the media even answer in pulmonary system forming of early and late stages of the asthmatic answer is prevented. Kromoglin is effectively applied to prevention of allergic reactions (on immediate type) at young patients (there are no chronic irreversible changes in pulmonary system). Drug is inefficient at already developed bronchospasm. At long therapy the frequency of attacks bronchial asthma decreases, the need for use of bronchial spasmolytics and glucocorticosteroids decreases, the course of a disease is facilitated. In 2-4 weeks of regular use the stable effect is noted. At single use kromoglitsiyevy acid works till five o'clock. Kromoglin is issued in the form of an aerosol, powder, solution, spray, eye drops.

Indications and contraindications:

Kromroglin appoint for prevention of a bronchospasm, attacks of bronchial asthma, at HOBL. Medicine is not applied in pediatrics, at intolerance of kromoglitsiyevy acid, at pregnancy. At pathology of renal and hepatic systems, when breastfeeding appoint with care.

Side effect:

Respiratory system: the fast-passing short wind, cough, hoarseness of a voice, insignificant irritation mucous a bronchial tree. Alimentary system: dyspepsia, dryness in a mouth, when using an aerosol are noted unpleasant feelings in a mouth. Nervous system: headaches, dizzinesses. Urinary system: insignificant disturbance in work of renal system, periodic delays of an urination. Development of an anaphylaxis, the dacryagogue, small tortoiseshell complicated, stidor breath, puffiness a century, lips is possible.

Route of administration:

Kromoglin apply it is inhalation. Capsules contain powder for inhalation, at a proglatyvaniye medicine is not effective. By means of a spinkhaler inhalation of contents from a capsule is carried out: 4 times a day (2 times in the afternoon, 1 time in the morning, 1 time in the evening). In case of need the dosage can be increased to 160 mg a day. One dose of the dosed aerosol for inhalation contains 1 mg, apply 4 times a day. After achievement of optimum therapeutic effect pass to a maintenance therapy. At heavy pathology the dosage is increased to 20 mg by 4 times a day. Sharp phase-out of drug Kromoglin is not allowed, the dosage is reduced gradually within a week, during this period the exacerbation of a disease is possible. Solution for inhalations Kromoglin is used by 4 times a day on 20 mg by means of a special inhaler. The barrel before use is carefully stirred up. The aerosol has to be in vertical position, at the same time the dosing valve to be located below.

Special instructions:

Except the described side effects rather seldom, but meet: dysuria, dizzinesses, cough, bronchospasm, headaches, puffiness of joints, dacryagogue, Quincke's disease, arthralgia, small tortoiseshell, swelling of salivary parotid glands, rash, nose congestion, nausea, throat hypostasis. During decrease in a dosage of glucocorticosteroids the patient has to be observed at the attending physician, the dosage is calculated according to the scheme: 10% of the accepted dose a week. At a dose decline exfoliative dermatitis, anemia, a periarteritis, a nephropathy, a mialgiya, hoarseness of a voice, a pneumorrhagia, pulmonary infiltrates with an eosinophilia, a polymiositis, a photodermatitis, peripheral neuritis, a pericardis is seldom noted. Kromoglin does not stop an attack of the developed bronchospasm. At research not of animals teratogenic and cancerogenic influence of drug is noted.

Medicinal interaction:

Theophylline, glucocorticosteroids, beta adrenostimulyatory and antihistamines are capable to strengthen effective effect of kromoglitsiyevy acid. At a concomitant use of drug Kromoglin and glucocorticosteroids is possible to lower a dosage of the last, and in certain cases completely to cancel. Inhalation solution Kromoglin are incompatible with Ambroxol and Bromhexine. Broncholitic drugs are recommended to be accepted just before inhalation.


  • Kromoglin of 3 mg / dose of 100 doses of 15 ml spray naz.
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