Blood in sperm

Blood in sperm at men testifies to the phenomenon which is called a gematospermiya. As a rule, if sperm comes out with blood, the man considers it as an alarming symptom. Nevertheless, very often it is not possible to find out the reason of this phenomenon. However sometimes blood in semen demonstrates development of a serious illness.

How the gematospermiya is shown?

This symptom was described even in works of ancient doctors, in particular Hippocrates. In the nineteenth century was considered that blood in sperm appears at those men who are sexually active too, constantly interrupt sexual intercourse or abstain from sexual contacts throughout too long period. Modern men, noticing that with sperm there is blood, are inclined to suspect probable development of malignant process.

Nevertheless, the statistics demonstrates that single or several times the repeating episodes of such phenomenon are possible without certain premises. Similar occurs approximately at 80% of the men who did not reach 40-year age. According to specialists if emergence of blood in semen is observed not more often than in one case on 10 ejaculations, it should not be perceived as a serious reason for concern. However the last statement does not concern those men who already were 40 years old. In that case availability of blood in sperm is a reason for comprehensive investigation, blood in semen can be a sign of emergence of a malignant tumor. To find blood in sperm the easiest by means of so-called "a test condom": sperm which was collected previously in a condom is investigated.

Two kinds of a gematospermiyatrue and false are defined. At a true gematospermiya hit of blood in sperm happens in a prostate, testicles and semyavyvodyashchy channels. At the same time semen has a brown shade. At a false gematospermiya blood appears directly in an urethra therefore she does not manage to mix up with sperm, and in semen only blood streaks are found.

Why there is blood in sperm?

Сперма с кровьюBlood in sperm at men appears owing to the different reasons which are in certain cases connected with serious diseases. If blood is emitted with sperm after sexual intercourse, that is probability that bleeding came from generative organs of the woman, and the symptom was noticed mistakenly.

The reasons of emergence of sperm with impurity of blood are sometimes connected with bleeding in urinary tract of the person. To understand that such symptom means, at suspicion on bleeding it is important to conduct careful research of ureters, kidneys, a bladder and only after that to appoint treatment. Sometimes at bleeding in urinary tract blood appears in urine and sperm.

Sometimes release of sperm with blood is shown at disturbances of functions of a prostate. At the man prostatitis, and also other diseases connected with disturbance of work of seed bubbles, deferent ducts, ejaculatory channels, appendages of testicles, directly testicles can develop.

One of the most common causes why blood in sperm appeared, development of inflammatory processes or infections is. It can be both bacterial, and viral infections. What to do in that case, only the doctor after comprehensive inspection can define.

Availability of blood in sperm sometimes accompanies diseases which are transmitted sexually. One more serious reason — the injuries got both in life and at various medical manipulations. Most often temporary traces of blood appear after a prostate biopsy. Emergence together with blood sperm at injections in seed bubbles or a prostate is possible, at implementation of local blockade of nerves, crushing of stones in ureters.

Blood appears at obstruction, that is when blocking channels of urinogenital system. In that case blood vessels are sometimes damaged. At damages and weakness of blood vessels blood also gets to sperm.

At benign tumors instead of sperm at the man liquid with blood can be also emitted. At the same time at malignancies (a tumor of seed bubbles, a bladder, a small egg) in sperm both impurity, and clots can appear.

Blood in semen can periodically appear at a vesiculitis, an epididymite, an orchitis. The increased arterial pressure, liver diseases, leukemia, HIV can be other reasons of emergence of blood in sperm of the man.

Sometimes blood with sperm is not the only symptom. It is accompanied by other signs indicating development of certain diseases. It can be a swelling in a scrotum, the burning at an urination increased by the ABP and temperature, etc.

How to get rid of blood in sperm?

Как избавиться от крови в спермеIf together with sperm blood at the man appears several times in a row, he needs to report to the doctor about all cases of emergence of blood, and also about symptoms which accompany this phenomenon. The doctor performs inspection, a palpation of seed cords and testicles, rectal inspection of a prostate. Also to the patient carrying out a spermogram and laboratory analyses is appointed.

If at the patient the oncological disease develops, then modern methods of research allow to reveal it already at an early stage. One of informative researches in this case is the analysis on definition of a prostatic specific antigen.

At detection of an oncological disease it is important to begin its timely treatment as only the full course of therapy at an early stage provides a positive take. Nevertheless, it is necessary to consider the fact that oncological diseases of urinogenital system, in particular, a prostate cancer, often at first proceed asymptomatically. When the man begins to think of why in sperm blood, can come already the second stage of a disease.

Thus, treatment of a gematospermiya consists in immediate purpose of therapy of that disease which provoked manifestation of this symptom. For example, if prostatitis is found in the patient, the complex of antibacterial treatment is carried out. Existence of adenoma of a prostate demands decrease in obstruction of urinary tract, etc.

If blood in semen is found or blood after sperm owing to varicose expanded veins of a prostate is found, coagulation is carried out them. At persistent bleedings owing to cysts use of an endoscopic technique is possible.

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