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  • Latin name: Xalatan
  • ATH code: S01EE01
  • Active ingredient: Latanoprost
  • Producer: Pfizer MFG. Belgium N.V. (Belgium)


1 ml of eye drops contains 50 mkg of active ingredient latanoprost.

Auxiliary components are: chloride, hydrophosphate and dihydrosodium phosphate, chloride benzalkoniya, and also injection water.

Release form

Is issued in the form of eye drops in a special bottle.

Pharmacological action

Glaucoma medicine.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Analog of Pgf2alfa. Active agent – latanoprost.

Ksalatan increases outflow of watery moisture through an eyeglobe choroid that leads to decrease in intraocular pressure.

Drug does not influence amount of the produced watery moisture, does not make impact on a blood-ocular barrier.

Minor change of diameter of a pupil is in certain cases noted.

Medicine reduces intraocular pressure in 4 hours after use. The effect lasts days.

Indications to use

Ksalatan appoint with the increased intraocular pressure. Drug is effective at an open-angle form of glaucoma.


Ksalatan is contraindicated at intolerance of a latanoprost, feeding by a breast, at pregnancy. Latanoprost it is not applied in pediatric practice.

Side effects

Conjunctiva hyperemia, feeling of a foreign body in an eye, the epithelial, tranzitorny, dot erosion asymptomatically proceeding. At persons with a pseudo-aphakia, an aphakia with a crystalline lens in an eye anterior chamber macular hypostasis is registered. Hyperpegmentation of an iris, a stable heterochromia, reversible increase in a palpebral fissure, an allergy is possible.

Eye drops Ksalatan, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Medicine is dug in on one drop in a konjyuktivalny bag of the affected eye. Desirable time of use – in the evening. At the admission doubling of a dose is not allowed, drug continues to be accepted according to the scheme.

Frequent use leads to decrease in efficiency. At a combination therapy the interval between uses has to make not less than five minutes.


At overdose the hyperemia of an episclera, a conjunctiva, irritation of mucous membranes of an eye is noted.

Treatment is posimptomny, the antidote is not developed.


Use with beta adrenoblockers, holinostimulyator, karboangidraza inhibitors, Epinephrinum leads to the additive reaction, intraocular pressure decreases.

Ksalatan is incompatible with medicines in the form of the eye drops containing tiomersat (the precipitation test is registered).

Terms of sale

The recipe is required.

Storage conditions

In the dark place, unavailable to children, at a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius.

After opening of a bottle monthly storage of drug is allowed at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

No more than three years.

Special instructions

Ksalatan increases quantity of a pigment of brown color in an iris that leads to gradual change of a shade of eyes. Such effect is registered at persons with the mixed iris (yellowy-brown, blue-brown, green-brown, gray-brown and other similar options) and is explained by increase of content of melanin with structure of stromal melanocytes of an iris. In most cases pigmentation of a brown shade is located concentrically around a pupil, extending to the periphery of an iris of eyes. In this case part or even all iris gets more expressed brown shade. At intensive change of a shade of eyes treatment by drug Ksalatan is stopped.

At persons with evenly painted eyes of brown, green, gray, blue color change of a shade of eyes is registered very seldom even after two years' use of medicinal drops. Discoloration of eyes can be irreversible. The doctor is obliged to warn the patient about this side effect.

Chloride a benzalkoniya which is absorbed at contact with lenses is a part of medicinal drops. Contact lenses can be established only 15 minutes later after an instillation. Use of medicinal drops at the established contact lenses is inadmissible.

Seldom the short-term and fast-passing side effect in the form of "a veil before eyes" meets.

It is not recommended to drive the car.

Ksalatan's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs it is possible to call drugs: Arutimol, Glaumol, Iotim, Kuzimolol, Niolol, Normatin, Okumed, Fumigated, Oftan Timolol, Timolol.

About Ksalatana

Effective drug at glaucoma, stabilizes intraocular pressure, prevents an aggravation of symptoms of eyes. It is necessary to remember that medicine is applied until the end of life.

Drops Ksalatan are applied to growth of eyelashes. Responses demonstrate the valid existence of such side effect of this drug. However, it is necessary to remember that all this medicine, and you should not apply it in the doubtful purposes, the risk for health can be essential.

Besides, the medicine has serious side effects, for example, reddening of eyes and sometimes irreversible discoloration of an iris.


  • Ksalatan of 0,005% of a drop eye 2,5ml No. 3 bottle-kapelnitsypfayzer Farmasyyutikelz
  • Ksalatan of 0,005% of a drop eye 2,5ml bottle-kapelnitsapfayzer Farmasyyutikelz

Drugstore of IFC

  • Ksalatan kap.gl. 0.005% fl 2.5ml, Pfizer MFG Belgium N. V.Бельгия
  • Ksalatan kap.gl. 0.005% fl 2.5ml No. 3, Pfizer MFG Belgium N. V.Бельгия
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  • Ksalatanpfizer Manufacturing Belgium (Belgium)


  • Ksalatan of 0,005% 2,5 ml of a drop glazn.
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