Xantinoli nicotinas

Ксантинола никотинат Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Xantinol nicotinate
  • ATH code: C04AD02
  • Active ingredient: Xantinoli nicotinas
  • Producer: Moscow chemical pharmaceuticals of N. A. Semashko (Russia), Aveksim of joint stock company (Russia), Irbitsky himfarmzavod (Russia), Dalkhimfarm (Russia), CJSC Binnofarm (Russia), Novosibkhimfarm (Russia)


1 tablet contains 150 mg of active component of Xantinoli nicotinas.

1 ml of solution for injections contains 150 mg of active component of Xantinoli nicotinas, and also injection water.

Release form

The medicine is issued in the form of solution, in the tableted dosage form.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Medicine possesses properties of niacin and medicines of group of theophylline: improves collateral circulation, expands a gleam of peripheral located vessels, makes the expressed antiagregantny impact, strengthens process of synthesizing of ATP and oxidizing phosphorylation.

The principle of influence is based on substrate stimulation of synthesis OVER - phosphate and OVER, on increase of intracellular maintenance of tsAMF, on blocking of phosphodiesterase and adenosine receptors.

Xantinoli nicotinas improves food of fabrics, their oxygenation, microcirculation. At prolonged use strengthening of activity of lipoproteinlipase is noted, concentration of atherogenous lipids and cholesterol decreases, processes of a fibrinolysis are activated, the anti-atherosclerotic effect is noted, aggregation of thrombocytes decreases, viscosity of blood decreases.

The medicine reduces expressiveness of effects of a cerebral hypoxia, strengthens cerebral circulation, promotes increase in the IOC, strengthens reduction of a myocardium, reduces OPSS.

"the nicotinosimilar syndrome" which is shown a sharpening of sensitivity of flavoring and olfactory feelings at the expense of a hyperesthesia of mucous membranes of oral and nasal cavities is characteristic of medicine.

Indications to use

Xantinoli nicotinas is appointed at a Raynaud's disease, a Thrombangiitis obliterans (an obliterating thromboangitis), at obliterating atherosclerosis of vessels of extremities, at a retinopathy, Menyer's syndrome, at migraine, decubituses, trophic ulcers of a shin, at a posttromboflebitichesky syndrome, at acute thrombophlebitis (at damage of superficial or deep veins), at a diabetic angiopatiya, cerebrovascular insufficiency, at Bushke's scleredema, a scleroderma, disturbance of cerebral circulation, at atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain, at a gipertriglitseridemiya, a hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis of coronary arteries, at puerperal and pre-natal asphyxia of a fruit, at a dermatosis against the broken trophicity of vascular genesis.


Xantinoli nicotinas is not appointed at the glaucoma expressed to pathology of renal system at pregnancy, arterial hypotonia, a peptic ulcer of a digestive tract in an aggravation stage, at a mitral stenosis, intolerance of active agent, at acute bleeding, the HSN dekompensirovanny form, at acute heart failure, at an acute myocardial infarction.

Side effects

The application instruction of Xantinoli nicotinas indicates the following possible side effects: heat, falling of level blood pressure, dizzinesses, gastralgia, loss of appetite, diarrhea, nausea, weakness, hyperemia of integuments.

Application instruction of Xantinoli nicotinas (Way and dosage)

Medicine is applied intramusculary, intravenously (kapelno, struyno) or inside.

The instruction on tablets

Tablets are recommended to be swallowed entirely. Scheme of reception: three times a day on 150 mg. In certain cases the quantity of a medicine is increased to 300-600 mg (one-time reception). At positive dynamics the dosage is gradually reduced. Duration of therapy makes not less than two months.

Xantinoli nicotinas solution, application instruction

Intramusculary medicine is entered in the form of 15% of solution on 2-6 ml within 2-3 weeks.

Intravenously drug is poured struyno by 1-2 times a day on 2 ml in the form of 15% of solution (the patient has to lay down on a couch on procedure time). Duration of treatment is 5-10 days. Intravenous drop injections carry out with a speed of 40-50 thaws/minute. Previously 10 ml of 15% of drug part in sodium chloride solution (0,9% 200 ml) or in dextrose solution (5% 200-500 ml).

When diagnosing acute disorders of blood supply of fabrics in addition to parenteral administration at the same time appoint a medicine in the tableted dosage form three times a day on 300 mg.


Use of Xantinoli nicotinas in big dosages conducts to a hyperuricemia, increase of level of enzymes of a liver, change of tolerance to glucose for a long time. At overdose vomiting, epigastric pain, falling of a blood pressure is noted.

Posimptomny therapy is recommended.


Xantinoli nicotinas cannot be applied with MAO inhibitors. With extra care the medicine is appointed at simultaneous therapy strophanthin (sharp strengthening of effect is noted), hypotensive drugs (sympatholytics, alpha adrenoblockers, ergot alkaloids, beta adrenoblockers, ganglioblokator).

Terms of sale

The recipe is required.

Storage conditions

In the place, dark, unavailable to children, at a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

No more than three years.

Special instructions

Purpose of drug Ksantinol Nikotinat in the first trimester of pregnancy is inadmissible. In the second and third trimester medicine is applied on condition of careful supervision over the patient.

Purpose of a medicine in large numbers causes dizzinesses and falling of level of arterial pressure.

It is necessary to avoid hit of drug on mucous membranes, in eyes.

It is not recommended to appoint to drivers.

Analogs of Xantinoli nicotinas

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Has no structural analogs.


  • Xantinoli nicotinas of 15% solution for injections of 2 ml No. 10 of an ampulymoskhimfarmpreparata to them N. A. Semashko of joint stock company
  • Ksantinola nikotinat-UBF 150 mg No. 10 tabletkiuralbiofarm joint stock company
  • Xantinoli nicotinas of 150 mg No. 60 tabletkiusolye-Sibirsky chemical plant of joint stock company
  • Ksantinola nikotinat-UBF 150 mg No. 50 tabletkiuralbiofarm joint stock company
  • Xantinoli nicotinas of 15% solution for injections of 2 ml No. 10 of joint stock company ampoule/NHFZ/Novosibkhimfarm

Drugstore of IFC

  • Xantinoli nicotinas tbl 150 mg No. 60, Usolye-Sibirsk. HFK of joint stock company (Irkutsk.obl.) Russia
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  • Ksantinola nikotinatgalichfarm (Ukraine, Lviv)
  • Ksantinola nikotinatgalichfarm (Ukraine, Lviv)
  • Ksantinola nikotinatmonfarm (Ukraine, Monastyrishche)
  • No. 60kiyevmedpreparat tablet 0.15g Xantinoli nicotinas (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Xantinoli nicotinas solution for infection. 15% of amp. 2 ml No. 10monfarm
  • Xantinoli nicotinas solution for infection. 15% of amp. 2 ml No. 10monfarm
  • Xantinoli nicotinas solution for infection. 15% of amp. 2 ml No. 10monfarm
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